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to the right Computers and CD-ROMs can help Y software strengthen kids'
reading skills. ... Also terrific is Madeline: 1st & 2nd Grade Reading Deluxe (ages
6-9, Creative Wonders/The Learning We've selected software on the assumption
that there is no one "correct" way to team to read, and that children need to both
phonics and ... Madeline is the hostess of 16 engaging reading activities that
effectively promote sight word recognition, phonics skills and read ing

Your Child Can Learn To Read Simplified Course In Phonics

Author: Margaret McEathron
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They have mechanical skill. They see the structure of forms. They have to do
something, even to building words with cards. They have to form the words
themselves in some way, with their hands (Kinesthetics). The majority of the boys
are born with aptitude for analytical reasoning. ... Approximately 100 sight-words
should be learned by the end of first grade. By then, much ... Many third grade
children that come to the Reading House know only a few of the words on the
sight word list.

Diagnosis And Correction Of Reading Problems

Author: Darrell Morris
Publisher: The Guilford Press
ISBN: 9781593856175
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grade-level readers present a diagnostic problem in that they tend to become
frustrated early on traditional reading inventories, thereby providing little
information other than that they are novice readers. ... The child needs to build
her sight vocabulary through reading and rereading appropriately leveled books,
and she needs to strengthen her decoding skills through a systematic word study

Creative Ways In Teaching The Language Arts

Author: National Council of Teachers of English. Elementary Section Committee
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It is a comparatively easy matter to start this kind of reading with first grade
children since they have had no previous experience in a reading program.
Before children can read independently, they require a sight vocabulary of
approximately 100 words. The first part of the program, therefore, should be a
readiness period devoted to helping children develop that requirement.
Opportunities, such as the following, should be provided for children to use and
learn these words: Experience ...

Exceptional Children

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After a retarded reader has a stock of 100 or more sight words, sound blending
may be started. ... A given phonetic element should not be introduced in isolation
but as a part of sight words acquired through the child's reading. ... a word to
move from left to right. • Children Learn to Read, Russell, Ginn, 1949. Russell
gives seven guiding principles for programs in phonics. These are listed: 1.
Phonetic analysis is only one of several good methods of word analysis. 2. The
program should ...


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READING IN THE SECOND GRADE Second Reader Stage—Rapid Progress
The majority of the children in second grade are rapidly becoming independent
readers. They should have opportunity during the beginning of the year to read
several primers and first readers. As in the latter first grade, this is the period for
developing special habits, skills and attitudes that will function in wide and
independent reading and in the enjoyment of good books. In the use of activities,
many needs ...

American Childhood

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Question : Do you think all children need a soon ing system whereby they can
analyze new words ANSWER : We are all aware that the letter not t word is the
ultimate unit Also, that grownups ma use of a sounding system in mastering new
won Bright children, we know, have sounding systems' their own. The study of
word parts, I believe, is essential step in the teaching of reading for the p« ticular
reason that no child can possibly master sufficiently large sight vocabulary for all
the ref ...

Pta Magazine

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From the start, the small child should find a similar fascination with books —
should experience success in reading Methods that teach a child to read
competently, with ease and satisfaction, must be used. Learning to read begins in
the first grade, if not earlier, and continues through a child's entire school
curriculum. II is a complex study of words in which the child expands his
vocabulary in many and various ways. He must be able to call from memory to
mind a large number of sight ...

Research Bulletin Of The National Education Association

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S- Teaching the A-B-C's to babies who should be playing. 6. ... One-paragraph
reading. Too little continuous silent or oral reading. 8. Stereotype procedure of
any kind. By way of general advice, Meriam 1C suggests that teachers: (1) be
informal; (2) develop reading ability thru normal activities in which reading ... 18
Experiments indicate that phonetic training is relatively ineffective during 'the first
half of Grade I.19 A sight vocabulary of 50 to 100 words is an essential