A Place For Miss Snow

Author: Jennifer Moore
ISBN: 9781524400361
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"Miss Diana Snow is everything a British chaperone should be--she finds satisfaction in order and depends wholly upon the rules of decorum as she negotiates the isle of Greece with her young charge.

The Blue Tower And Other Stoies

Author: Evelyn E. Smith
Publisher: VM eBooks
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Miss Snow raised pale eyebrows. "Is something wrong?" Tarb asked anxiously. "
Should I have put in ... She resented this creature's trying to tell her how to do her
job. On the other hand, Tarb was wise enough to realize that Miss Snow,
unpleasant though she might be, probably did know Stet well enough to be able
to predict his reactions. ... Miss Snow trailed along behind her, uninvited. And,
since this was a place of business, Tarb could not claim a privacy violation. Even
if it weren't ...

Share No Secrets

Author: Carlene Thompson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 144477882X
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As Adrienne had feared, the most active memberof the Art Colony board, Miss
Snow, was in attendance today.She opened one of the double frontdoors
andstood waiting forthem toenter, atiny, stiff smile causing crinkles on her
parchmentskinned face. The woman wastall, whitehaired, cadaverously thin,had
adarkflat eyed stare, and habitually dressed in navy blue, brown, or deep purple.
She'd always reminded Adrienne of the ominous housekeeper Mrs. Danvers
inthe novel Rebecca.

Dumb Luck

Author: Trọng Phụng Vũ
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472068043
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Both Xuan and Snow were very content. "My darling Snow," Xuan said dreamily, "
do you know why I fell in love with you?" "Because I am so honest?" "Because
you are so silly. You relied on me to ruin your respectable reputation. Why did
you place such trust in me?" Miss Snow shrugged her shoulders. "Because I am
honest! Remember when I allowed you to check whether I used rubber breasts?"
"That's right! Thanks to those rubber breasts, we came to appreciate each other's

The 20th Golden Age Of Science Fiction Megapack Evelyn E Smith

Author: Evelyn E. Smith
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 147940621X
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Miss Snow trailed along behind her, uninvited . And, since this was a place of
business, Tarb could not claim a privacy violation . Even if it weren't a place of
business, she remembered, she couldn't—not here on Earth . Advanced
spirituality, hah! Advanced pain in the pinions! Stet read the first letter and her
answer smilingly. “Excellent, Tarb—” her hearts leaped—“for a first try, but I'd like
to suggest a few changes, if I may .” “Well, of course,” she said, pretending not to
notice the smirk ...

Ministry Protocol Thrilling Tales Of The Ministry Of Peculiar Occurrences

Author: Tee Morris
Publisher: Imagine That! Studios
Size: 14.97 MB
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Miss Snow clapped a hand over Miss Kennedy's mouth before she completed the
gasped refrain. “That's enough of that, I think,” she said, not unkindly for all the
girl had gone white as a sheet and possibly twice as fragile. “The last some poor
fool had called on saints in such circumstances, they appeared.” Too much
peculiarity about the place. Such things were dangerous. When the girl swayed,
Miss Snow cupped a hand under her elbow and navigated her to the nearest

Esther S Sacrifice

Author: Esther (fict.name.)
Size: 34.28 MB
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Esther's hand trembled as she helped her into the carriage and tooV her own
place beside her. The lady was in an unusually gntr^ous frame of mind, and
Esther felt emboldened to ask her if one might sit with her at the concert. " I
intended to have iyou," answered Miriam, carelessly. "You take Miss Kentley's
place for to-night, you know." So there was to Lbe no break in the delight of the
evening. Following Miss Snow up the broad aisle, she seated herself close by
her, but in such a ...

Esther Pennefather

Author: Alice Perry
Size: 13.37 MB
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She did not resent on Miss Snow's behalf this persistent staring. lu the first place,
it was to her thinking impossible that any one having once seen Miriam should be
able to do otherwise than look at her ; and, in the second place, she regarded the
whole andience as insignificant beside her queen, as the proverbial cat whose
privilege it is to look at a king. She underrated herself in her humility. It is true her
girlish face could bear no comparison with the tropical beanty of Miriam, but it ...

The Circle

Author: Peter Lovesey
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1405519819
Size: 53.50 MB
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Miss Snow herself was supposed to goto the boat houseat eight. Was what
happened the result of Bob's turning up instead? A fit ofanger thatMiss Snow had
broken a confidence and sentsomeone in her place? He didn't think so. The fire
in the boat house must have involved some preparation. It had started from
outside, under the floor, in the space between the ground and the base of the hut.
To get a fire going there, you'd need more thana struckmatch. You'd
wantcombustible ...

Amy Snow

Author: Tracy Rees
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1784291463
Size: 41.62 MB
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'Certainly, Miss Snow, certainly. If you'll be so good as to accompany me to my
office, we can find out everything you need to know.' At the door he stops and
twinkles at me. 'Never fear, Miss Snow, we shall consult Mr Bradshaw.' I look
around for a ... Well now ...' I try to phrase my response in such a way that it
sounds as though I am just thinking through my plans, that I am going to London
because it is the most obvious place to go and not because I have a
predetermined destination.