Barbed Circles

Author: Cornel A. Vena
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462033202
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Join Cornel as he prepares to confront superhuman physical challenges in this inspiring true story of one mans quest for freedom, set against the backdrop of the 1956 Olympic Games.

Barbed Wire Baseball

Author: Marissa Moss
ISBN: 9780606381994
Size: 15.58 MB
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A tale based on the early life of Japanese-American baseball pioneer Kenichi Zenimura traces his childhood dream of playing professionally and his family's struggles in a World War II internment camp where he introduces baseball to raise ...

From Sickles To Circles

Author: Alex J. S. Gibson
Publisher: Tempus Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780752429021
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It may, indeed, have been too thick to complete (Grace 1990, 12) - Green has
seen these as blanks for barbed and tanged arrowheads (1980, 142-3, fig. 54). In
other words, of three artefacts certainly or possibly associated with archery, the
bracer had been adapted to another use, the bow reinforcements had not been
used - indeed they were buried in a bunch, rather than attached to a bow - and
the arrowhead was unused or unfinished. The juxtaposition of these to artefacts
which ...

Summer Circles

Author: Sarah Jackman
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1847392733
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... was a very pretty stone cottage with an ancient mulberry tree in the front
garden but, five minutes later, she realized she was still in the middle of farmland
and probably going round in circles. She stopped the car at the next pull-in and
got out. It was only mid-morning and the sun was already intense. Scoot
immediately started panting which made her feel hotter. She needed to pee but
the gate to the field wouldn't open; it had been tied with wire and there was a coil
of barbed wire ...

Cobble Circles And Standing Stones

Author: Jeffrey Quilter
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 1587294842
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The Operation A field at the end of the Calle Mora, on the uppermost terrace of
the valley, was bounded by barbed wire except for the eastern side, at the terrace
edge. This was close to where my family and I had stopped the car on our visit,
though it did not seem to hold the significance that my wife had implied in her
advice on where to dig. Most of the field was in short grass, cropped by grazing
cattle. At the southern end of the field there was a grove of guava trees. Their thin,
spindly ...

Crop Circles Revealed

Author: Judith Moore
Publisher: Light Technology Publishing
ISBN: 9781891824326
Size: 53.55 MB
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Photo: Barbara Lamb XVI July 1999, Francine Blake and Rod Bearcloud Berry
climbing barbed-wire fence to get to a crop circle. Photo: Barbara Lamb XVI July
10, 1998, Lockeridge "Dragon," Wiltshire County, wheat crop. Photo: Karen
Cushing XVI August 6, 1998, Lockeridge, West Stowell, Wiltshire County, wheat
crop. Photo: Karen Cushing XVI July 4, 1998, Dadford, near Silverstone,
Buckinghamshire, wheat crop. Photo: Karen Cushing XVI A 1993 crop circle:
swirled center with ...

Barbed Wire Thorns

Author: Lena Malmgren
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN: 1598560441
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We can speak of collaboration in the bread and wine as well, by which we gave
our work in sowing and harvest, in baking and winemaking—but where we also
could not have done a thing without God. The demarcation between what I do
and what God does is a little artificial, all the more so when we begin to talk about
power. We often hear in devout circles that when we come to the end of our own
strength, we can draw upon God's. Such nonsense! As if all power is not God's
power, ...

The Theory Of Three

Author: Linda Walker Wickersham
Publisher: Rogers Publishing & Consulting, Inc
ISBN: 9780976170617
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And then there are the fences: tall chain links with circles and circles of barbed
wire at the top, made that way (duh) to really do some damage to anybody who
tried to escape. After that there are the guard towers, which could be kind of cool
looking, all tall and skinny against the flat land around them, if they didn't have
guards with some serious-looking guns at the top of them, just waiting (it looks to
me like) to get a chance to shoot somebody. On that first visit, I didn't want Mom to
know ...

Journal Of A Mad Man

Author: Derrick McCarson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630872482
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Circles. of. Life. (1:4–11). IN ONE OF HIS books, Dr. David Jeremiah tells the
gutwrenching true story of Thomas “Toivi” Blatt—a holocaust survivor. He writes:
The Sobibor Nazi concentration camp was set in the scenic woods near the Bug
River, which separates Poland and Russia. The natural beauty of the setting
stood in stark ... Hundreds of others stormed through the barbed wire and mine
fields to the potential safety of the nearby forest. Of the seven hundred prisoners
who took ...

Running Around In Spiritual Circles

Author: Fay Angus
Publisher: Harpercollins
ISBN: 9780060602383
Size: 15.54 MB
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The reflector was clipped to a barbed wire fence. It had the extra long barbs and
heavier twist of the type used to contain cattle. Its three strands were strung
unusually close together. "Danged peculiar spacing," growled Roy. "Mean
looking, and danged dangerous place for a barbed wire fence!" He turned off the
engine, leaving on the high beam to illuminate the fence, and he listened for the
sound of the bikes that should be coming up the hill. Silence. Articulate, terrifying