Beer Faq

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Here is a no-nonsense guide to the world of beer, answering many burning questions about the diverse array of styles, ingredients, and international brewing and drinking traditions that drive the world's most popular beverage.

Vegan Vegetarian Faq

Author: Davida Gypsy Breier
Publisher: The Vegetarian Resource Group
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LaRocca Vineyards offers organic, sulfite-free wines. Phone: (800) 808- 9463;
Website: The Vegetarian Society of the United
Kingdom (VSUK) offers additional information on this subject at
info/alcohol.html. VSUK notes that most spirits are acceptable for vegetarians.
DOES THE SAME GO FOR BEER? According to the Vegetarian Society of the
United Kingdom (VSUK) website (www. o/alcohol.html#beer), "
Cask-conditioned ...

The Usenet Book

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Advice to newbies Please read the Wine FAQ before posting to avoid asking
questions about wine that have been posed before. Adult-oriented? No.
Readership N/A. Rank N/A. Messages per month N/A. Crossposting percentage
N/A. Availability N/A. Moderated? No. Special features None. FAQ title Wine FAQ
FAQ location, rec.answers, news.answers Other information
resources None. Archive site None. Related groups
beer •••* Fine beers ...

Gluten Free Hassle Free

Author: Marlisa Brown, MS, RD, CDE
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Most beers and ales are not gluten-free, because they are usually made from
This page intentionally left blank Cooking Gluten-Free Dishes with Flair ...
Brewing Ramapo Valley Brewery (Gluten-Free Honey Lager
) Sprecher Brewery
index.php Silly Yak html Schlafly www.schlafly.
com TIP Most wine coolers contain gluten. barley When drinking alcohol,
remember that.

Aether Madness

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A subscription to BEER-L will bring automatically bring a copy of Homebrew
Digest into your mailbox. Just as we were preparing, reluctantly, to get off the
subject of beer, we stumbled upon Spenser's Beer Page on the Web at http://
guraldi.itn. Spenser W Thomas has built links to a
number of other Internet beer resources, including the best beer FAQs and the
archives of the Homebrew Digest. If a have a few minutes to spare, the thing to do
here is to click on ...

The Good Beer Book

Author: Timothy Harper
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Online Resources Want to know where to get a beer in Phoenix? Having a beer
dinner and need suggestions on what to serve with the framboise beer for
dessert? Want to know when Milwaukee's Lakefront Brewery will roll out its next
batch of pumpkin ale? Writing a school report on the brewing industry? Want to
start a brewpub yourself? Looking for the perfect recipe for imperial stout? Just
want to get in touch with other homebrewers, or people who love to talk beer?
The Internet ...

Net Sex

Author: Candi Rose
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... Christianity Shamanism-General Overview-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
soc. religion. shamanism-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) alt. magic FAQ soc.
singles Frequently Asked Questions soc. culture. indian Frequently Asked
Questions Object-Fax LAN fax system, Frequently Asked Questions List of U.S.
Game Shows Gilligan's Island FAQ: Episode Guide Mensa - FAQ MPEG-FAQ:
multimedia compression Rolling Stones FAQ rec.guns FAQ FAQ: Typing Injuries
Alt. beer faq ...

The Internet Yellow Pages

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Read the regular posting on which beers are best, based on the votes of Usenet
participants. (Anyone can vote, although you do have to supply your own beer.)
For specialists, the .Zima group discusses this odd, beer-like drink. Usenet:
Newsgroup: a It. beer Newsgroup: alt.zima Newsgroup: rec.crafts.brewing
Newsgroup: World Wide Web: URL:
beer.html Beer Archive This web page offers a beer FAQ from the Usenet
newsgroup, lists ...

Pc Ai

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USdO»»'«H»,fTI«ll« I|In»U .1 t««T\*» 1 WHEN FAQFINDER FINDS A MATCH it
presents the question/answer pair to the user. questions that may have an
answer in the FAQ file. For example, if the user asks, "What is the difference
between ale and lager?" the question-matching algorithm fails to answer
because the beer FAQ file has no comparison question for different types of beer.
The file does, however, have descriptions of different types of beers, which could
help the user form ...

The Official Internet World World Wide Web Yellow Pages

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A. alt. beer is a newsgroup created for the express purpose of discussing topics
related to beer. The archives are available via anonymous ftp to
Change directories to ~/pub/ In the near
future, they will be on under pub/alt. beer.
beer — From the alt. beer FAQ (http://www.cis. ohio-
usenet/alt-beer-faq/faq.html) KFXF Keywords: Television, Local Stations, Alaska
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