Black City Demon

Author: Richard A. Knaak
Publisher: Prometheus Books
ISBN: 1633882756
Size: 45.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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"A historical urban fantasy set in Prohibition Chicago which combines action, mystery, and romance against a backdrop of gangland wars beset by threat of supernatural horror"--

Demon City Shinjuku

Author: Hideyuki Kikuchi
Publisher: Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN: 156970208X
Size: 13.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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revealing the black earth beneath. Mephisto calmly started after him. He hadn't
gone more than thirty feet when the naked framework of a ruined building rose up
on the left. The gown-wearing man turned left. Several seconds behind him,
Mephisto came to a halt. A large black shadow engulfed him. A strange figure
was standing there less than six feet away. Even in this nightmare-ridden Demon
City, such a costume was rare—a knight astride a horse. Not a mech battle suit,
but the ...

Legends Of The Dragonrealm

Author: Richard A. Knaak
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1682613801
Size: 34.66 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Gryphon Mage (The Turning War Book Two) Richard A. Knaak. Individual
Titles The Janus Mask Frostwing King of the Grey Dutchman Shattered Light:
Ruby Flames Beastmaster: Myth Black City Saint Black City Demon The Gryphon
Mage The Turning War Book Two.

Black City

Author: Christina Henry
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101619546
Size: 29.83 MB
Format: PDF
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A Black Wings Novel Christina Henry. doctors as well as pix demons. All the
patients on the floor were soundly ... “They usually prefer dark places.” I stared at
the vents in the wall. “Like air ducts?” “You are not checking the ... “I am merely
pointing out that this hospital is a warren of hallways and alcoves, and it is not in
the least productive for us to hare up and down corridors in search of this demon,
” Nathaniel said. “I thought we were here to find Chloe.” I took a deep breath
because it ...

The Last City The Demon War Chronicles 1

Author: Nina D'Aleo
Publisher: Momentum
ISBN: 1743340494
Size: 54.93 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Blue and black bruises spread outoverthe entire right side of his chest.
Copernicus cursed again, thinkingof Christy Shawe, once his best friend, now
hisworst enemy – agrand title considering the number of peoplehe arrested or
aggravated ona daily basis. He abandonedhis training and, turning tothe wall
beside him, punched acode into thesecuritypanel. Ahidden door, theentrance to
his diagnostic chamber, slid open. He unbuttoned his trousers, droppedthem and
entered the ...

Black City

Author: Elizabeth Richards
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101591234
Size: 76.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Demon!” someone yells at her. I think it might be Gregory. I can't imagine being
on that cross, staring out at a sea of sneering faces as you slowly suffocate, all
alone . . . The fire rapidly spreads up Jana's body, but she doesn't scream, she
doesn't ... Sebastian leads Natalie off the stage and hands her over to another
guard, a brawny black man who has a broken nose and three savage claw marks
down his neck. ... onto City End. I immediately spark up a cigarette and pass it to

The Darker Mask

Author: Gary Phillips
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 9781429984003
Size: 44.69 MB
Format: PDF
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Like pictures in a stereogram, the separate halves of the total image finally
coming together into a singular, unforgiving whole. The Alienist. Millionaire
Alistair McClellan was the Alienist. The science hero inspected himself, and the
thin green glow that surrounded him. With his elegantly tailored gloves and
ornamented cavalry coat, Misery City's Demon in Black might have looked like
some dapper Southern gentleman preparing for a grand cotillion were it not for H
||SEWORK 341.

Cities And Race

Author: David Wilson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134246307
Size: 61.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In this context, Reagan objected to government involvement in black ghettos.
There was a new stress on urban policy which communicated the expendability
of “welfarist government” and “pampered city people”, rather than the
expendability of cities themselves. Reagan was astute enough ... Black ghettos,
in this trope, were perpetuated as the resistant city demon, something profoundly
anti-civic, which made it easy to steer public concerns and resources elsewhere.
But an important ...

Tempting The Demon

Author: Elle James
Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
ISBN: 1488720185
Size: 35.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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I dragged my gaze back to the woman in black. “Know her?” “Sure. Everyone
knows her if they frequent the Blue Martini. She's Margo de Leon.” “Demon?” “I
never asked or heard mention of her persuasion. But she's undeniably attractive.
... city population of werewolves up in arms.” Nigel nodded toward another man. “
See the man in the pinstriped suit?” The man looked like any other nicely tailored
businessman in New York City. “Demon?” “Irishman. Collin McConnell,” Nigel

Little Demon In The City Of Light

Author: Steven Levingston
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 0385536046
Size: 25.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The door in the wall opened and there stood the little demon in her simple black
dress. There was a murmuring, an alertness, from the press on the benches in
front all the way to the riffraff standing in back as she was led across the floor and
seated in the dock. Judge Robert agreed with the conclusions of the dossier:
Gabrielle was guilty of the murder, her responsibility was as absolute as Eyraud's
, and there was no reason to impose extenuating circumstances because of the ...