Brown Threat

Author: Kumarini Silva
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Introduction: America's move from identity to identification -- What is brown?

Brown Planthopper Threat To Rice Production In Asia

Publisher: Int. Rice Res. Inst.
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In the future, the sources of resistance so far identified should be retested against
the different biotypes to tackle the development of biotypes capable of surviving
on the resistant plants. REFERENCES CITED CHENG, C. H., and W. L. CHANG.
1979. Studies on varietal resistance to the brown planthopper in Taiwan. Pages
251-271 in International Rice Research Institute. Brown planthopper: threat to
rice production in Asia. Los Baños, Philippines. CHOI, S. Y. 1975. Varietal
resistance ...

Action Plan For The Conservation Of The Brown Bear In Europe Ursus Arctos

Author: Jon E. Swenson
Publisher: Council of Europe
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Adequate law enforcement is essential for brown bear recovery and conservation
in Europe. Illegal killing may also be unintentional, as when bears are killed in
snares set illegally for wild boars or killed by poison set out illegally for wolves.
These are important sources of mortality in Spain. 2.5.2. Demographic viability
The small size of the isolated brown bear populations in western Europe is in
itself a threat, as extinction can occur as a result of stochastic factors alone. An
analysis of ...

Genocide And Its Threat To Contemporary International Order

Author: A. Gallagher
Publisher: Springer
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This point is explicitly raisedin Brown's workon GroundingCosmopolitanism as he
illustrates that even Kantian's appealto alternative constructionsofKant when
advocating theirvision ofhow internationalrelationsshould beordered.69 As a
result, the picture paintedpresents Kantianism as somewhat ofa 'broad church', in
which legal, political, cultural, andcivic cosmopolitan conceptions of Kant sing
froma different Kantian hymn sheet.70 This illustrates that critics should not
dismiss ...

Land Quality Agricultural Productivity And Food Security

Author: Keith Daniel Wiebe
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
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Soil erosion is widely viewed as a serious threat to the long-term capacity of
world agriculture to produce food and fiber, and also to the quality of the water in
the world's rivers, lakes, and reservoirs (e.g., Greenland 1977; Brown and Wolf
1984; Pimentel et al. 1995). The threat to agriculture's capacity to produce food
and fiber arises from soil erosion's effect on the productivity of the soil. In general,
the topsoil is the most fertile soil layer in farmers' fields, so as it is carried away by
erosion ...

Brown V Board Of Education And The Civil Rights Movement

Author: Michael J. Klarman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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By i960, however, fear of domestic subversion had subsided—the issue played
essentially no role in the presidential election that year— and the threat of
nuclear holocaust had receded, if only slightly. Perhaps these developments
opened space for the emergence of a mass racial protest movement. On this view
, the civil rights revolution of the 1960s had little to do with Brown and much to do
with the demise of McCarthyism and the slight easing of Cold War tensions,
which had ...