Chariots And Horses

Author: Jason Dorland
Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co
ISBN: 1927051010
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Jason Dorland is no stranger to competition. As a rower and coach, he’s seen his share of races won and lost. But after a devastating performance at the 1988 Olympics, Jason was overwhelmed by a sense of failure—and with small wonder.

On The White Horse Mentioned In The Apocalypse Chap 19 With References From The Arcana C Lestia On The Subject Of The Word And Its Spiritual Or Internal Sense From The Latin Of Emanuel Swedenborg

Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
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There is also a place in the spiritual world, where many assemble who think and
speak from understanding concerning the truths of doctrine; and when others
approach, they see the whole plain covered with chariots and horses; novitiate ...

The Doctrines Of The New Jerusalem

Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
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5247, 7643, 8029, 9327: and that chariots signify doctrine from the Word, n. 5321,
8215. 3. That horse signifies understanding, is derived from no other source than
from representatives in the spiritual world. In that world are frequently seen ...


Author: Vaughan Pilikian
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 9780814767238
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A great and fearsome phalanx of your soldiers, 32.70 chariots and elephants
heaved towards Karna while piling ... What stood revealed upon the plain was a
vast interlocking of elephants and horses and soldiers and chariots, with more ...

The Horse In Art

Author: John Baskett
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 030011740X
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9) is decorated with a frieze that shows a procession including eight horse-drawn
four-wheeled chariots. The bridles on the horses bear a very close resemblance
to those on the horses from the eastern Steppes. The two factors that regulate ...

Horses Chariots And Indo Europeans

Author: Peter Raulwing
ISBN: 9789638046260
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Raulwing outlines the different types of linguistic evidence, with many examples, and a general history of developments and innovations in chariot design and use.

Every Living Thing

Author: Oded Borowski
Publisher: Rowman Altamira
ISBN: 9780761989196
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Even before its formation, the Israelite monarchy was expected to make use of
these military forces (1 Sam 8: II).28 According to the biblical account, King David
did not know what to do with the chariot horses he captured from Hadadezer the

Maha Bharata

Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814799817
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Heroes slain by their enemies fell from elephants, chariots and horses, just as the
gods fall from their celestial vehicles when their merit has been destroyed. Other
heroes were felled by the hundreds, crushed in battle by heroes stronger than ...