Constructing Immigrant Illegality

Author: Cecilia Menjívar
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107041597
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This collection examines how immigration law shapes immigrant illegality, the concept of immigrant illegality, and how its power is wielded and resisted.

Constructing Illegality In America

Author: Cecilia Menjívar
ISBN: 9781107614246
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In this collection of essays, contributors from a variety of disciplines - anthropology, law, political science, religious studies, and sociology - examine how immigration law shapes immigrant illegality, how the concept of immigrant ...

Deconstructing The Nation

Author: Maxim Silverman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134949456
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These statistics, however unreliable, are the most comprehensive guide yet to the
nature of illegal immigration in France. They clearly cast doubt on the status of
the above description as a sober, official analysis of illegal immigration. The
confusion of ... and movements for a new citizenship: how to challenge the
construction of the illegality of immigration when this construction emanates from
consensus views propounded by people right across the political spectrum. We
have already ...

Abstracts Of The Annual Meeting

Author: American Anthropological Association
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GETRICH, Christina M (University of New Mexico) NAVIGATING IMMIGRANT "
MEXICO BORDER SURVEILLANCE REGIME This paper addresses how the
construct of immigrant "illegality" stigmatizes second-generation Mexican
teenagers living in San Diego. Creating the category of the "illegal immigrant"
provides justification for disciplining of all those who are seen as being
potentially "illegal.

Preventing Illegal Immigration

Author: Claude-Valentin Marie
Publisher: Council of Europe
ISBN: 9789287153609
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Persistence of illegality and new illegal practices on the labour market The fact
that legal labour immigration (permanent and temporary) is continuing makes the
persistence of illegal working and, indeed, new illegal employment practices all
the ... in illegal working in the construction industry, and that the illegalities were
to be sought in the area of working conditions, pay below the authorised
minimum and sub-contracting of dubious legality.2 As though to strengthen this
point of view, ...

Consuming Mexican Labor

Author: Ronald Mize
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442604093
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The resultisthe social construction of illegality,in which immigrants are
blamedand punished forall the complexrelations of illegalimmigration. The
overall effect ofcriminalization ofthe undocumented is thatentry into
theUShasbecome much moredangerous. Withincreased enforcement,
immigrants have been forced tocrossinthe least defended stretchesofthe 2,000
mile border, which arethe most treacherous and dangerous crossingpoints.
Researchers attheUniversity of Houston ...

Thai Migrant Workers In Southeast And East Asia Conditions In Destination Countries

Author: Čhulālongkō̜nmahāwitthayālai. Sūn Wic̆hai Kānyāithin Hǣng ʻĒchīa
ISBN: 9789741314973
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This was because importing foreign workers for construction work was a lucrative
business here. A report in The Sunday Times of October 24, 1999 estimated
there was a S$560 million a year tax-free business among contractors and labor
agents importing foreign labor to work at construction sites22 in Singapore. The
emerging concern was the increased trafficking of illegal workers in and out of
Singapore via the Causeway. The illegal immigrants were smuggled into
Singapore by ...

Illegal Migration And Gender In A Global And Historical Perspective

Author: Marlou Schrover
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 9089640479
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'illegal. aliens'. in. the. Netherlands,. 1850-1940. Corrie. van. Eijl. Regulation of
migration is not a recent phenomenon in the Netherlands. The conditions for the
entry and deportation of aliens were laid down in the first Dutch Aliens Act of
1849. Although illegality is strongly related to this kind of lawmaking, with its
mechanism of inclusion and exclusion, the Aliens Act did not result in a clear
distinction between legal and illegal immigration. Many aliens were 'unwanted'
and they were ...

Positively American

Author: Chuck Schumer
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 1594867569
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Without all the illegal workers, we will finally be able to focus on preventing drug
runners, terrorists and other dan— gerous predators from getting in. Stopping the
flow of illegal immigrants with an employment ID has another very important
benefit. The thigh bone connects to the hip bone in two other ways. Once
average Americans are convinced that we will permanently stanch the flow of
illegal immigration, they will be more willing to accept constructing a path toward
earned ...

The Legal Construction Of The Borderlands

Author: Shulamith Deborah Kang
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Viewed from this perspective, this chapter complicates the assertion that the
Immigration Act of 1924 rendered Mexican aliens the prototypical illegal alien, as
Mae Ngai writes: ... while Mexican immigrants had eluded the restrictions
imposed by national origins quotas and the racial requirements to citizenship,
their status in America was nonetheless profoundly altered by the Immigration Act
of 1924. The operational aspects of immigration policy -- inspection procedures,
deportation, ...