Dissent And The Supreme Court

Author: Melvin I. Urofsky
Publisher: Vintage
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From the admired judicial authority, author of Louis D. Brandeis (“Remarkable”—Anthony Lewis, The New York Review of Books; “Monumental”—Alan M. Dershowitz, The New York Times Book Review), Division and Discord, and Supreme ...

American Constitutional Development The Powers Of Government

Author: Richard S. Randall
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780801320194
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Goldwin, Robert A. and William A. Schambra, eds., How Federal Is the
Constitution? (1987) Goodwin, Frank, The Supreme Court's Federalism, Real or
Imagined? (2001) Hall, Kermit L., ed., Federalism: A Nation of States (1987) Kettl,
Donald F., The Regulation of American Federalism (1983) Lofgren, Charles A., "
Government from Reflection and Choice": Constitutional Essays on War Foreign
Relations, and Federalism (1986) Ostrom, Vincent, The Meaning of American
Federalism: ...


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Parshall: Let's take a look at another rather astounding development in the
Supreme Court — the use of international law in interpreting our Constitution. I
first noticed this trend a number of years ago in some death penalty cases where
several members of the "liberal" wing of the Supreme Court were writing
dissenting opinions indicating that foreign defendants were entitled to rights
under international treaties. International law was cited by Justice Kennedy in his
majority opinion in ...


Author: Fordham University. School of Law
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applied international law to a wide variety of legal issues.25 Professor Steven
Calabresi's research indicates similar Supreme Court practices with respect to
the history of comparative law in constitutional interpretation.26 Thus, while
internationalists are occasionally guilty of ... The notion that U.S. courts can
actively shape their roles as participants in transnational judicial dialogue has a
second key implication for the current Crossfire debate over constitutional

Law And Theology

Author: Martin H. Belsky
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We treasure the guarantees in the First Amendment of the Constitution and
appreciate the role of the Supreme Court in protecting religious liberty. ...
dialogue to resolve conflict. However, we affirm the right of individuals or groups
without being subjected to abuse or penalty to appeal to the courts to secure and
protect their civil rights. 5. The decision challenges parents and religious leaders
to shape and strengthen spiritual commitment by reliance on voluntary means
and to resist the ...

Congressional Quarterly S Guide To The U S Supreme Court

Author: Elder Witt
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American Taxation: Its History as a Social Force in Democracy. New York: W. W.
Norton, 1942. Schmidhauser, John R., and Larry L. Berg. The Supreme Court
and Congress: Conflict and Interaction, 1945-1968. Supreme Court in American
Life Series. New York: Free Press, 1972. Swindler, William F. Court and
Constitution in the Twentieth Century: The Old Legality, 1889-1932. Indianapolis:
BobbsMerrill, 1969. __. Court and Constitution in the Twentieth Century: The
New Legality, ...

California Courts Commentary

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These exemplar cases that have recounted show that California has been faithful
to its judicial role as defender of individual rights under the Constitution. Indeed,
there are those who say that the ... United States Supreme Court. If so, that history
and that dedication has made California courts a special target for attack by those
who, disagreeing with these constitutional pronouncements, would strike down
the independence of the judiciary. No Mandate for Change Today some of the ...

Constitutional Law

Author: William D. Araiza
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Cases, History, and Dialogues William D. Araiza, Phoebe A. Haddon, Dorothy E.
Roberts ... In refusing reappointment as the nation's first Chief Justice, John Jay
complained that the Court had no real authority or stature. ... None of the
impressive Marshall legacy, including his elevation of the Court's status and
constitutional interpretations that promoted a strong central government and
nationalist economic policy, would have been possible without an adroit
disposition of the Marbury ...

The Tenth Amendment And State Sovereignty

Author: Mark Robert Killenbeck
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9780742518797
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14 The positions embraced seem sufficiently calcified that Justice O'Connor has
complained that it has become "difficult to engage in additional meaningful
debate,"15 even as Justice Souter signals his belief that the "dialogue" will
continue in ways ... But see Alexander Cockburn, Scaremongering and the Court,
The Nation, July 24, 2000, at 8 ("Throughout the nation's history the Supreme
Court has generally been a reactionary force, and it will no doubt be so whether
Gore or Bush is ...