An Easter Celebration

Author: Pamela Kennedy
ISBN: 9780824985066
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Examines the history, symbols, and customs of Easter and Holy Week around the world.

Family Celebrations At Easter

Author: Ann Hibbard
Publisher: Raven's Ridge
ISBN: 9780801043901
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Hibbard issues a creative call for Christian families to celebrate Easter that includes devotions and activities which center on Christ's resurrection. Features Easter/Lent countdown calendar, patterns, recipes, and more.

Easter Celebration

Author: Nicolae Sfetcu
Publisher: Nicolae Sfetcu
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of Salamis demonstrates "the existence of two groups who were celebrating
Easter on a fixed date: on one side those who follow the" Jewish myths", the other
a group that set in Cappadocia, celebrate Easter on 8 Kalends of April (25 March)
. "He said that these people claimed to have found the exact date of the
crucifixion of Jesus in Christian sources. However, Epiphanes does not admit that
date and indicates that other versions give 15 Kalends of April (March 18) or 10
of these ...

Easter Passover And Other Spring Festivals

Author: Ann Morrill
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438127936
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For many parts of Europe and the Americas, Easter season begins with a
celebration called Carnival or Mardi Gras that generally features carousing,
eating, and drinking, and masked processions through cities and towns. Carnival
celebrations take place in many countries around the world, especially those with
large Roman Catholic populations, such as much of Latin America and the
Caribbean, and areas where historically the French had power, such as New
Orleans, Louisiana, ...

Treasury Of Easter Celebrations

Author: Julie Hogan
ISBN: 9780824942069
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This beautiful gift book treasury is highlighted by verses from the KJV, and includes poetry, along with stories, paintings and essays describing the traditions of Easter. Ribbon marker.

Faithful Celebrations

Author: Sharon Ely Pearson
Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 0898692288
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We can begin by recovering some of the Easter traditions of our Christian
heritage. Visiting was one such tradition. Priests in some countries visited
parishioners' homes during the Easter season. The priests would bless the
homes, and the parishioners would share Easter food with the priests. Church
members paid visits, too, to the shut-ins of their communities. Such visits are even
more appropriate today when the number of institutionalized members of our
communities has grown ...

Treasury Of Celebrations

Author: Alternatives for Simple Living
Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 9781551450889
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The commercialization of Easter makes it difficult to keep the real purpose of the
resurrection celebration in perspective. In addition to the annual Easter clothes,
card, flower and candy blitz, attempts by business interests to make Easter a "
second Christmas" have spawned an Easter-oriented toy industry and a massive
live-animal business selling millions of rabbits, baby chicks, and ducks each year
. There is another significant level of concern with our Easter celebrations.
Although ...

Stories Behind The Traditions And Songs Of Easter

Author: Ace Collins
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 031054226X
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Thus, the celebration of Eostre became Easter, and the new life celebrated was
no longer a gift of pagan gods but rather a natural transformation to the rebirth
guaranteed to Christians through Christ's ultimate sacrifice. As missionaries
spread the Good News across Europe and Asia, they discovered similar pagan
gods that legend claimed were at least in part responsible for the new life that
appeared each spring. The Phoenicians had Astarte, which as it crossed
throughout Europe ...