Author: Vandana Shiva
Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.
ISBN: 1780329792
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This groundbreaking work remains as relevant today as when it was when first published.

Systemic Crises Of Global Climate Change

Author: Phoebe Godfrey
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317570103
Size: 46.91 MB
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Precarity Within The Digital Age

Author: Birte Heidkamp
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3658176784
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Integral Community Enterprise In Africa

Author: Anselm Adodo
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351794906
Size: 50.73 MB
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Literature Nature And Other

Author: Patrick D. Murphy
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791422779
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Ecofeminist Critiques Patrick D. Murphy. may have to change, or to be changed,
so that our reality can be narrated" (Buffalo Gals 75). It comes as no surprise that
nonhuman "people" are well represented in Le Guin's novel, Always Coming
Home. But is the evaluation of the work by ... looking at her writings and their
influence on his poetry. What is needed now is criticism that can evaluate the
differences between their writings in terms of ecological criteria, analyzing the
implications of ...

The Changing Nature Of Eco Feminism

Author: Niamh Moore
Publisher: UBC Press
ISBN: 0774826304
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Furthermore, Chawla (2002, 481) explored how the “quality of family relations
and external social, political and economic conditions in childhood homes
influence adult meanings of home.” Her work, which provides a critique of deep
ecology and begins to suggest fruitful departure points for an eco/feminist
approach to childhood natures, informs my approach to the following stories. I
turn first to Betty Krawczyk's account of her childhood. Remembering Childhood
Natures Nature as ...

Ecofeminism And Rhetoric

Author: Douglas A. Vakoch
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 085745188X
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Ecofeminist theory as defined by theorists like Val Plumwood, Caro- lyn Merchant
, Karen Warren, and Donna Haraway is a set of heuristics for rhetorical critique
and is highly rhetorically self-aware. This can be seen in the discussion of
Sturgeon's recognition ... the human users of their technology as more than
objects has the potential to change designers' attitudes toward those they design
for, and this might influence design practice. As ecofeminism has clearly shown,
and influential ...

Ecofeminism And Systems Thinking

Author: Anne Stephens
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135022313
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Romm (1996a) states that individuals are responsible for the way various modes
of cognition, or world views, may influence outcomes. Ethical practice requires
relinquishing the neutralist claim that one's impact upon the world is decided in a
realm separate from one's mode of cognition. BRING ABOUT SOCIAL CHANGE
Applying the feminist-systems thinking principles works towards achieving
desirable and sustainable social change. Practitioners must extend social
critique and ...


Author: Jytte Nhanenge
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 0761854290
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They are therefore each in their own way, useful as inputs to an epistemological
paradigm change. Similarly, if we apply the bootstrap approach to post-modern
environmental and social theories, it should be possible to combine alternative,
but consistent philosophical inputs. In that case, one may use insights from
ecofeminism, Deep Ecology, social ecology, and Norgaard's co-evolutionary
scheme, etc. If each perspective can make systemic and ecological descriptions
of reality, then ...

Critique Scandinave De La Th Ologie F Ministe Anglo Am Ricaine

Author: Hanna Stenström
Publisher: Peeters Publishers
ISBN: 9789042919747
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Pauliina Kainulainen Wisdom Theology and Finnish Nature Spirituality
Reflections on Ivone Gebara's Ecofeminism Introduction What kind of Christian
theology could be designated as ecologically sensitive and capable of meeting
today's ecological challenges in a meaningful way? Personally, I perceive ... Age-
old philosophical and theological patterns influence the way modern women and
men form their attitudes and subsequent actions towards the earth. Ivone Gebara
holds the ...