Author: Gillie Cunningham
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Elementary Matters completes the four-part Matters series. It builds on the approach already established in the series, whilst introducing features specially designed for elementary/false beginner learners.

On The Preservation Of The Health Of Body And Mind

Author: Forbes Winslow
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The elementary matters of which these are composed are constantly being
thrown off from the system, but in a state of combination different from that in
which they existed as a part of the body. The elementary matters which escape
from the ...

An Essay On The Investigation Of The First Principles Of Nature

Author: Felix O'Gallagher
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And doubtless, if they were not endowed with this assimilating faculty, the bodies
most different in kind, in the succession of ages, from an accretion of the fame
elementary matters, would degenerate into one and the fame kind r in which case
, ...

Eliza Cook S Journal

Author: Eliza Cook
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The chief constituent parts of our frames are certain animal substances termed
tibrine, albumen, gelatine, mucus, and osmazome; and tho principal elementary
matters which escape from the system, are carbon, azote, hydrogen, oxygen, ...


Author: J.N. Findlay
Publisher: Routledge
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Whateverlogicalconnectives one's diction employed, oneonlyreached
truthfunctions of elementary propositions, ... If one knew all the elementary
matters of fact that werethe case, one would be able to determine the truthstatus
ofall the ...

Complete Prose Works

Author: Robert Henry Super
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
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10 Although 20 per cent, of the population are supposed to be subjects for the
elementary school, there were in average ... the teacher's efforts upon the
securing of the greatest possible number of passes in the three elementary


Author: Erik M. Heen
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Photius: When he says to leave behind the elementary matters concerning Christ
and to leave behind the word which stops any progress at the beginning and to
be carried "to perfection,"32 he does not simply say perfection in its proper sense

The Phrenological Journal And Magazine Of Moral Science

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But our quarterly experience, in letters and other evidences, shows that many
persons do begin to read this Journal, for whom elementary matters are the most
suitable topics ; and if we accede to their wishes, by occasionally introducing
short ...

Refurbishing Our Foundations

Author: Charles Francis Hockett
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9027235503
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Elementary Linguistics from an Advanced Point of View Charles Francis Hockett
... Though I should like to know how this works, it lies far beyond the elementary
matters dealt with in this essay. 4.2. The Task of Identifying Words. In quiet ...