The Self Explanatory Family Bible With Notes By The Rev John Brown And Numerous Additional Notes By The Rev J B Patterson And The Rev A S Patterson

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18 So are the paths of all that forget God; and the hypocrite's hope shall perish:
14 Whose hope shall be cut off, and whose trust ... 4 He is “wise in heart, and
mighty in strength: "who hath hardened himself against him, and hath prospered?
... 4sh, cesil, and the 'pillars thereof tremble; 7 Which "commandeth the sun, and it
riseth not, and "sealeth up the stars; ... 5. 4. Ps, 69.25, 27. put the most fearful
cheat upon themselves. Though it flourishes a while, it perishes at last. And the
things of ...

Annotations Upon The Holy Bible

Author: Matthew Poole
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Wherein the Sacred Text is Inserted, and Various Readings Annexed, Together
with the Parallel Scriptures; the More Difficult ... he will help and deliver thee, and
restore thee to thy former glory and happiness; which promise, though it be not
here ... far more malignity than men could discern in their sins: and men cannot
conceal any of their sins from him, nor cheat him, ... The pillars thereof, i. e. the
strength or the strongest parts of it, the mountains, yea, the deep and inward parts
of it, ...

The Comprehensive Commentary On The Holy Bible Acts Revelation

Author: William Jenks
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in short, professed Christians of this character are traitors in the camp, who are
always more dangerons than open ... and that the shame of thy nakedness "do
not appear ; , and anoint thine eyes with eye-salve, that thou mayest see. ... 12:5,
6. 1. He shall be a monumental pillar in the temple of God ; a monument of the
sree and powerful grace of God, ... How careful should we be wo to cheat our
own souls' Doubtless, tary are in hell, that once thought themselves in the way to

Acts Revelation

Author: William Jenks
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How careful should we be not to cheat our own souls' Doubtless, many are in hell
, that once thought themselves in the way ... and He has been the Dwelling-place
of his people in all ages; in Him alone the soul of man can find rest and safety,
and ... 12:5,6. y 1 K. 21. 1. He shall be a monumental pillar in the temple of God ;
a monument of the free and powerful grace of God, ... Author, and Ruler of the
whole universe, who has authority and power to dispose of all things as he sees

A Dictionary Of The English Langauge

Author: Samuel Johnson
ISBN: 0557000793
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But lasting charity's more ample sway, Nor bound by time, not sitbject to decay, _
In happy triumph shall for ever live. ... 5. Alms ; relief given to the poor. _ We must
incline to the king; I will look for him, and privily relieve him z go you and maintain
... To subdue brv some secret power; to amazc. , in mine own woe charm'd, Could
not find death, where I did bear him .... See Cnen. 'so CHEAT. v. a. [of uncertain
derivation; probably from achctcr, Fr. to purchase , alluding to the tricks used in ...

The Golden Rule

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Evil blinds the heart, but he who wishes to do the right is sure to see. ... The vast
spaces of the unlocked future of immortal spirits can reveal no more glorious
destiny than this. ... He that overcometh shall be a pillar in the temple of our God
—a steadfast holy character; and he shall go no more out, he shall ... Almost
infinite are the means ... money is not worth striving for, nor fame among men, nor
luxury, learning, power, physical strength, social success. .... 5: 6; 7: 7–11 ; 21 :
21 ; 1 Cor.

Railway Signal

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The strength of the immonse steel shaft was greater than the pressure of the
waves. ... It is all very well so long as the electricity is working for us, ... There are
forces more powerful than electricity and steam that are working in us every one.
... laggard feeling, and with a sort of glorious unconsciousness the fingers find the
keys with a swiftness hardly less than magical. ... Emerson truly says, " At first you
are watchful lost another should cheat you; afterwards you are oven more
watchful ...

An Exposition Of The Old And New Testament

Author: Matthew Henry
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But now, that promised Seed being come, it was requisite that the church should
have a new charter, as christian, and ... is the church's Head and Ruler, to whom
all judgment is committed, and from whom all power is derived ; he who makes it
... 5. Ye are God's building ; and building is a progressive work ; the church in this
world is but in fieri — in the forming, like a ... If Christ be not the Son of God,
Christianity is a cheat, and the church is a mere chimera ; our preaching is vain,
your ...

New Outlook

Author: Alfred Emanuel Smith
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The second day passed with continual evidences of ill-humor on the part of the
boys, who spent all the time they could away ... boys did not feel as happy as they
had expected to feel if they only had their liberty. ... How quiet the house was
when they unlocked the door to get their dinner! ... But the thought of their mother
gave them strength ; and at last they sat looking at the line of blackened, smoking