Author: Christine Wallace
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First published in 1997, this biography of well-known feminist, Germaine Greer, describes her childhood in Melbourne, her relationship with her parents, her involvement with the 'Sydney Push', her life in Britain at Cambridge University, ...


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This issue 364 Esther ...

Modern Love

Author: Marcus Collins
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enemy' at one and the same time (unnamed Maoist cited in Sue O'Sullivan, '
Passionate Beginnings: Ideological Politics, 1969-72', Feminist Review 11 (1982)
, 78; Germaine Greer, 'The Slag-Heap Erupts' (1970), The Madwoman's
Underclothes: Essays and Occasional Writings, 1968-85 (London, 1987), 28;
idem. The Female Eunuch (London, 1970), 17. For Greer, see Christine Wallace,
Germaine Greer: Untamed Shrew (London, 1999)). 68 Greer, The Female
Eunuch, 14; Lee ...

Contemporary Literary Criticism

Author: Jeffrey W. Hunter
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The first, by Christine Wallace, an Australian journalist, is a biography of
Germaine Greer, author of the 1970 feminist classic, The Female Eunuch. The
second, by Greer herself, is the "sequel" she vowed she would never write.
Wallace pursued her biography under fire from her displeased subject: Greer
called her "a dung beetle" and "flesh-eating bacteria" and blocked access to key
sources. Suspicion was probably warranted: Germaine Greer: Untamed Shrew
veers into partisan ...

Ducks On The Pond

Author: Anne Summers
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293 Germaine Greer, The Female Eunuch, Magibbon & Kee, London, 1970, p.
307. 293 Anne Summers, 'A Dream of Sisterhood', Advertiser, 24 April 1971. 295
—6 The description of John Anderson is drawn largely from Christine Wallace,
Germaine Greer: Untamed Shrew, Macmillan, Sydney, 1997, pp. 76-9. 298 The
growth of Women's Liberation groups is described in Sue Wills, The Politics of
Sexual Liberation, Doctoral thesis, University of Sydney, 1981, pp. 17, 18. 300
Sexual ...

Journal Of Women S History

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Germaine Greer: Untamed Shrew. New York: Faber and Faber, 1998. xiii + 333
pp.; ill. ISBN 0-571-19934-8 (cl). Australian journalist Wallace provides the first,
and notably unauthorized, biography of Germaine Greer. Wallace describes
Greer's childhood and early life in Australian bohemia as a backdrop to her
feminist activism during the second wave. Wallace also details how Greer
combined sexual freedom with feminist theory in her own life. This pursuit
culminated in The Female ...

Book Review Digest

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The way she characterizes those who disagree with her — those who believe
that homosexual unions are clearly condemned by Scripture — is highly
tendentious and seems calculated to drive such readers away. . . . [But this book
is] worth reading, worth arguing about, [and] worth reading again." WALLACE,
CHRISTINE, I960-. Germaine Greer; untamed shrew. 333p il $26 1999 Farrar,
Straus & Giroux B or 92 1. Greer, Germaine, 1939- ISBN 0-571-19934-8 LC 98-
20228 SUMMARY: ...

Feminist Bookstore News

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Suzanne Corson Boadecia's Books/North Berkeley CA Farrar, Straus, and Giroux
Poor Germaine Greer. She called Christine Wallace "a dung beetle" and "flesh-
eating bacteria" for writing the new (obviously) unauthorized biography of her life,
Germaine Greer. Untamed Shrew. Greer (the author of The Female Eunuch,
which highlighted the extent to which women were, in effect, handmaidens to
men) continues to challenge feminist and sexual orthodoxys today. FSG claims
that this ...

Christianity Literature

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Supplement 16 Oct. 1981: 1190. Trussler, Simon. The Plays of John Osborne.
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Look Back in Gender: Sexuality and the Family in Post-War British Drama.
London: Methuen ...