Happy Hand Lettering

Author: Jen Wagner
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The high walls make it easier for dipping than a watercolor pan, although you can
use a watercolor pan for your ink. Nib Holder – Many calligraphers use oblique
nib holders that hold the nib at an angle; however, I prefer mine to feel more like
a pen, so I use a manga cartoonist nib holder. It all depends on what makes you
the most comfortable and confident. Nikko G Nibs – I've found these nibs are the
easiest for beginners. They are fiexible enough to create beautiful shapes but not

Diy Handlettering

Author: Melissa Averinos
Publisher: "F+W Media, Inc."
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Watercolor paints are available in cakes/pans or in tubes. “Pan” watercolors are
solid blocks of paint, which you wet with a brush to release the pigment. Tube
watercolors have a pasty consistency. You squeeze out a little bit of pigment onto
a palette and then dilute with water as desired. If you're just starting out, the pan
type is the best option. One good brand is Pelikan—their watercolors come in a
set of twenty-four colors, which you can find for about $35. But if you're a
beginner, you ...

Hand Lettering A To Z

Author: Abbey Sy
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Your decision to work with markers, pens, watercolor and brushes, chalk, or
pencils will determine the type of paper you use. If you do a lot of lettering or like
to doodle ideas, here are some paper types that will get you through most of your
experiments. The more you letter, the more you'll find you have personal favorites
. BRISTOL PAPER: Bristol paper is smooth and reasonably heavy, so it can be
used on both sides. It's perfect for pen and ink, markers, and colored pencils, and
it can ...

Hand Lettering Made Easy

Author: Debra Beagle
Publisher: North Light Books
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Wn<j <M$de ivy his technique gives you a very Then with the waterbrush, go
over the muted watercolor look. watercolor pencil marks to achieve the .... i -zm
watercolor look. First, very lightly color in your letter with a watercolor pencil.
Then, take a waterbrush and wet the area that you colored in pencil. You can
easily create the look of water and splashes around a letter or word by lightly
coloring in the water and splashes with a blue watercolor pencil. Remember to
keep a light touch ...

Hand Lettering In The Whimsical Woodlands

Author: Peggy Dean
Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.
ISBN: 0757320031
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Here are my recommendations for finished pieces: Canson Bristol Paper
Strathmore Drawing Paper Superfine Printing Inc. Heavyweight Certified Cover
Stock • • • There will be times that you'll want to use brush pens in addition to
other art media such as watercolor, and most paper won't support this, as it will
be too thin to hold up. You want to be sure that you are using at least 98 lb paper,
but it's recommended that you use 140 lb watercolor paper. Mixed media paper is
usually 98 lb ...

Hand Lettering For Crafts

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Place the tracing paper over your note card or watercolor paper and retrace the
letters with a sharpened pencil to lightly transfer them to the paper. Purchased
graphite transfer paper would result in a transferred line too heavy for this project
and is difficult to clean from paper surfaces. 2. Fill in the letterforms with orange
colored pencil, fading into lighter, feathered sections where desired. Add yellow
colored pencil highlights to these lighter orange sections. 3. Fill in the blank
areas with ...

Handlettering Watercolor

Author: Susanne Hiepler
Publisher: TOPP
ISBN: 3735811728
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Wunderschöne Botschaften können aus der Kombination von Handlettering und Watercolor entstehen.

Hand Lettering And Contemporary Calligraphy

Author: Lisa Engelbrecht
Publisher: Crestline Books
ISBN: 0785835253
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Lisa Engelbrecht. The Flowers of the Earth Artist: Lisa Engelbrecht Watercolor
Engelbrecht Watercolor Garden Artist: Lisa By a. 156 Hand Lettering and
Contemporary Calligraphy.

The Art Craft Of Hand Lettering

Author: Annie Cicale
Publisher: Lark Books
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If you're planning to print the map in one color, you can print from a very tidy
pasted-up copy. Test it on a photocopier before taking it to a commercial printer.
Correct any cut lines or stray marks by whiting them out with correction fluid or
opaque white watercolor. • If you're creating an original map (not for reproduction
), you can use watercolor paper or a colored, textured paper that will enhance
your design. Trace the major lines in pencil, and use pencil to lightly rule lettering
guidelines ...

Hand Lettering Art Pack

Author: Lisa Engelbrecht
ISBN: 1631593668
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Nonliquid. Media. Designers' Gouache This is creamy paint in a tube. Winsor &
Newton is the premium brand, however, there are many other suitable choices.
Look for the permanency rating on the back of the tube, and work only with the
most permanent, or lightfast (meaning it won't fade in the light), color. Gouache is
opaque (not transparent) watercolor and can be blended for rainbow writing and
writing on black or dark paper. Tube watercolor can also be used, but it is not