He Runs She Runs

Author: Deborah Jordan Brooks
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400846196
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He Runs, She Runs is the first comprehensive study of these dynamics and demonstrates that the conventional wisdom is wrong.

When Does Gender Matter

Author: Kathleen Dolan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190221755
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Women Candidates and Gender Stereotypes in American Elections Kathleen
Dolan ... “Gender Stereotypes of Political Candidates: A Metaanalysis.” Paper ...
He Runs, She Runs: Why Gender Stereotypes Do Not Harm Women Candidates.

New Scientist

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... replicas we thought The making of a clone American Psychological
Association Harm to women from gender stereotyping and. NEWSWIRE DOLLY
the sheep does not have precisely the same genetic make-up as the adult sheep
from which she was cloned. ... In people, it might be the difference between a star
athlete and a couch potato, he says. ... "Now we have at least a candidate. ...
Either way, both camps agree that the date change serves as a good test run for
1 January.

The Director

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GENDER Finding the right path Amanda Fone passed over the chance of
reading English and Theatre Studies at university for a ... When she was 18, she
started as a junior office manager with Angela Mortimer in 1982; 18 years later
she is managing ... She has been a main board member of Angela Mortimer
since 1989, a finalist in the Cosmopolitan women of achievement ... Fone says
she has always wanted to run her own business but not within the confines of a
male structure.

The Nation

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litical activity designed to persuade the majority that the Supreme Court's
pronouncements were not just law, they ... The assault on gender stereotyping
followed a similar pattern. Ginsburg's judicial victories when she headed the
ACLU's ... brilliantly orchestrated movement designed to persuade Americans
that it is unjust to deny women an equal chance to pursue their dreams. ... In the
short run, we weakenjudicial precedents, leaving them exposed to criticism that
they are unfair and ...

Think Sociology

Author: John D. Carl
Publisher: Pearson College Division
ISBN: 9780131754591
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The prince goes blind because he is unable to save the beauty. ... These
stereotypes are not just a part of archaic folktales; they also appear in modern
works of fiction. ... like Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives feature female
characters who reinforce generalizations about gender roles. ... Does the work
defy any traditional gender stereotypes? ... one of the major issues involved how
the pundits and politicos treated the first viable woman to run for the highest office
in the land.

New Statesman Society

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Motherly monarchy QUEEN VICTORIA: GENDER AND POWER Dorothy
Thompson Virago Press £6. ... And the assumption that a woman would not
meddle in politics lulled remaining republican qualms. She ... Victoria liked to
enjoy herself and she was tolerant of deviations from sexual propriety when they
did no serious harm, ... The longest section is a fairly straight run- It; through of
the Rimbaud myth.

Journal Of Economic Literature

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Accordingly, companies run mostly by white males tend to be considered
superior to those whose executives include females and ... a posh restaurant
whose waiters are all white males: the restaurant does not hire blacks or women,
which contributes to the perception ... The logic that underlies this chain of
arguments is unassailable: unrealistic stereotypes can indeed ... chosen to run
for president in 1996, he would have made a highly credible candidate all across
the United States.

New Statesman

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This election campaign has revealed a truth about the state of gender equality.
All prominent female politicians have been hidden from view Emu: the left debate
(Political Economy Research ... MARYt^ RIDDELL In the normal run of events this
column would not be spearheading a Bring Back Virginia ... Her exile to the Outer
Hebrides does, however, seem a little harsh. ... thwarted in its attempt to impose
all-women shortlists, still fields 159 women candidates against the Tories' 67.