Works Instructions To The Afflicted

Author: Nathanael Emmons
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This is no exaggerated description of the afflicted under the correcting and
instructive hand of Providence. Do not the afflicted at this day very often employ
the very same methods to prevent their hearing the voice and instruction of the
most speaking dispensations of Providence 2 Do they not refuse to hearken? Do
they not pull away the shoulder ? Do they not stop their ears to prevent hearing 3
Do they not make their hearts as adamant, to prevent their being softened and
subdued ?

Instructions And Devotions For The Afflicted And Sick With Some Help For Prisoners Such Especially As Are To Be Tried For Life By John Gother

Author: John GOTHER
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TO thy infinite Goodness, Dear Jesus, I recommend this thy Servant, whom thou
art pleased to visit with this Distemper. Take him into thy Care, I beseech thee,
and be his Physi_ cian; give a Blessmg to the Remedies'that shall be used, and'
punish not my Sins in him, but spare him, if it be thy holy Will. I leave him wholly
inthy Hands, and hope that, as thou hast often comforted the Afflicted in giving
Health to the Sick, so thou wilt at present shew thy Mercy to thy Servant, and
restore him ...

The Works Of Nathanael Emmons D D Third Pastor Of The Church In Franklin Mass

Author: Nathanael Emmons
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He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction : but he that refuseth reproof erreth.
" " Poverty and shame shall be to him that refuseth instruction." " He that refuseth
instruction, despiseth his own soul." It is not beneath the afflicted, whether old or
young, whether high or low, whether rich or poor, to stoop under God's chastising
rod, and receive instruction in the way he sees fit to give it. And when he gives it
in the way most self- denying to himself, as well as to them, they are under ...

Familiar Instructions For The Management Of The Teeth And Gums

Author: J. P. Hertz
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ledge of practical medicine by studying the classics A physician should be
educated in the schools of Pharmacy and Surgery; and unless he is acquainted
with these departments, he is as dangerous an imposter as the advertising quack
. If patients were to pay Apothecaries at the rate of five shillings a visit, and
nothing for medicine, this traffic of making merchandize of the afflicted would
soon cease. In Germany and France the practice of physic is nearly in the hands
of Surgeons, and ...

Pastoral Instructions For The Lent Of 1821 Addressed To The Roman Catholic Laity Of The Dioceses Of Kildare Leighlin Being A Brief Explanation Of The Sacrament Of Penance And Of The Laws Of The Church Relating To The Paschal Communion With Observations On The Nature And Tendency Of Illegal Associations To Which Is Subjoined An Appendix

Author: James DOYLE (R.C. Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin.)
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He who bore all things for | the sake of his elect, who preserves the universe only
that their number may be filled up, consecrated in the other Sacraments,
whatever is most estimable in this material - world, but in the Sacrament of
Penance, he selected what - ): much more precious, for he took the sorrow of the
- troubled heart, and the confession of the afflicted sinner, . and he made them, by
his grace and mercy, the means by - which his justice could be satisfied, and his
anger apĀ£ ...