Author: Cynthia Enloe
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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Maneuvers takes readers on a global tour of the sprawling process called "militarization.

Leopold S Maneuvers

Author: Cortney Davis
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
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the four maneuvers used by an examiner to determine the lie of an unborn child
The belly an albino bowl suddenly come to life, my hands ready in the four
positions like the four witches in Oz or the four winds that breathe, all of us
diviners. First I cup the belly's pregnant curve high under blue-veined breasts,
brim the slope and wiggle where an unborn human head is round and hard, the
breech irregular. Second maneuver and my palms embrace her sides, swelling
woman and curled ...

United States Army Ghq Maneuvers Of 1941 Paperbound Edition

Author: Christopher Richard Gabel
Publisher: Government Printing Office
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The GHQ maneuvers enabled the United States to enter World War II with a
degree of confidence that would have been lacking had the Army not already
showed itself to be a functioning, potentially powerful, force. The GHQ maneuvers
of 1941 were unprecedented in U.S. Army history and have never been
duplicated in size or scope since. Free, two-sided maneuvers remained a part of
unit training throughout World War II, but these later exercises never exceeded
the division- ...

Optimal Spacecraft Rotational Maneuvers

Author: J.L. Junkins
Publisher: Elsevier
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8.1 INTRODUCTORY REMARKS This chapter is concerned with application of
the methods of Chapters 3, 4, 6, 7 to three specific classes of rigid (or near-rigid)
spacecraft maneuvers. The emphasis here is upon illustrating methodology for
solving the TPBVP's arising in specific applications and, especially, the interplay
between problem formulation, physical insights, and the degree of difficulty
encountered in determination of the optimal maneuvers. The three maneuver
problems ...


Author: Christopher DeWeese
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Christopher DeWeese. Maneuvers Christopher DeWeese Blue Hour Press 2011
Blue Hour Press ' 1526 Kentucky St ' Lawrence KS.

Collegiate Maneuvers

Author: John Lindo
Publisher: iUniverse
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Maneuvers. Julm. Law. The year is 1994, and young intrepid New Yorker Jake
Castile heads to the University of Michigan to begin his college career. But
friendship soon gives way to infatuation, and Jake becomes increasingly
uncomfortable with its implications. Completely overwhelmed by the torture
stemming from his unrequited feelings, his emerging homosexuality, and his
struggles with college life in general, Jake returns home to quietly end his own
life. Luckily, fate steps in, ...

Larue S Maneuvers

Author: James Isaiah Gabbe
Publisher: James Isaiah Gabbe
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... "make his 137. LARUE'S. MANEUVERS.

Electrophysiological Maneuvers For Arrhythmia Analysis

Author: George J. Klein MD
Publisher: Cardiotext Publishing
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acing maneuvers are routinely used and remain critical to induce and terminate
tachycardia, and elucidate their mechanism in the electrophysiology (EP)
laboratory. Nonetheless, pharmacological agents given intravenously during an
EP study and other maneuvers remain useful. Drugs take advantage of the
relative differential sensitivity of various cardiac tissues to an agent or class of
drug. Indeed, there may be drugs very specific for given tissues that are as yet

Development Of Vehicle In Use Sub Limit Maneuvers

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Thus, a three-step approach was adopted to develop Sub-limit maneuvers and
performance measures which are sensitive to and result in quantification of the
influence of component degradation in vehicle handling qualities. The first phase
involved use of the VSS car to provide direct measurement of the change in
vehicle dynamic parameters introduced by quasi-linear component degradations,
e.g., shocks, alignment, tire inflation, and steer free play. Also, the effective
stability factor ...