Marine Technology And Operations

Author: O. Gudmestad
Publisher: WIT Press
ISBN: 1784660388
Size: 72.18 MB
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Developed from knowledge gained throughout the author’s engineering career, this book covers several of the themes where engineers need knowledge and also serves as a teaser for those who will go into more depth on the different thematic ...

Marine Propellers And Propulsion

Author: John Carlton
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 0080971237
Size: 66.57 MB
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The early development of the screw propeller. Propeller geometry. The propeller environment. The ship wake field, propeller perfomance characteristics.

Marine Technology And Sname News

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Marine Technology, Vol. 42, No. 2, April 2005, pp. 80-87 The Development and
Application of a Marine Power System Simulator for Marine Engineer Training
Weifeng Shi1 and Tianhao Tang1 For marine engineer training, marine power
system ... A marine power system model is built by applying the power system
dynamic stability theory. ... To train marine engineers safely, economically, and
efficiently, the simulator is ideal for practice in system management and practical

Operational Warfare At Sea

Author: Milan Vego
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315402939
Size: 33.92 MB
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"This work explains and critically examines the main theoretical aspects of operational warfare at sea.

Marine Technology

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... (7) and (8) into (4) we find that intensity can in practice be computed from: 1 =
Pa + Pb 2pAr (Pb-Pa)dt (9) Our dynamic intensity scanning approach uses
sophisticated electronic equipment which applies Eulers equation and the
supporting theory directly through the use of digital filtering and Fig. 1: Block
diagramm for real time intensity measurements. Bild 1 : Blockdiagramm fur
Echtzeitmessung der Intensitat. integration. The operations are executed in real
time as shown in fig. 1 .

Ship Handling

Author: D. J. House
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0750685301
Size: 57.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Suitable as a training manual and a day-to-day reference, Shiphandling is the comprehensive and up to date guide to the theory and practice of ship handling procedures.

Marine Technology Society Journal

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While undergraduate programs in ocean engineering are rarely, if ever, the
largest programs in a college of engineering, their viability is amply demonstrated
through the success of their graduates' performance, their acceptance in practice,
the status granted by the ABET, and the continuing strong interest that incoming
freshmen demonstrate for the programs. Graduate programs continue to be the
incubator for advanced thinking in a spectrum of issues: materials,
hydrodynamics, ...

Offshore Operation Facilities

Author: Huacan Fang
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0123972841
Size: 73.70 MB
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Comprehensive, systematic, rich, thorough, the book encompasses marine and
petroleum technology and equipment, theory and practice. I highly recommended
this book, whether for content as a reference or as a science and technology text.
Therefore, it will be helpful for teaching, scientific research, and engineering staff.
Though at ripe old age, Professor Fang Huacan does not forget his cause in
offshore oil engineering. Instead, he still has a strong will to finish this book. This
kind ...

Underwater Science And Technology Information Bulletin

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The photo-optical systems of marine animals. A study of underwater ... An electro-
optical underwater search and visibility enhancement technique A Systems
Analysis of Specified Trawler Operations (1968) Marine Technology , Inc.
Clearinghouse for Federal Science and Technical Information, Springfield,
Virginia 22151, USA Volume 1— Executive Summary Research objectives.
Summary of ... The echo-sounder: theory; practice; special applications; chart
interpretation. The asdic: ...