Mossad Exodus

Author: Gad Shimron
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House Ltd
ISBN: 9789652294036
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Chapter 6 In the fall of 1981 I was in the process of being fired from the Mossad
for the second time in my life. I was only thirty- one years old. I got divorced a year
earlier. I was among thousands of other Israelis who rushed to get married after
the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and found themselves gracing the divorce statistics six
or seven years on. It was a painful and complicated divorce, but despite the
personal crisis I somehow managed to keep my head above water while waiting
for an ...


Author: Michael Bar-Zoha
Publisher: Biteback Publishing
ISBN: 184954543X
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Most of the men were married, with families. The team was also well composed
professionally. Efraim Ilani knew Argentina well and was familiar with the streets
of Buenos Aires. He was a skilled locksmith, a man of great physical strength,
and an agent with a very “honest” face who could inspire trust in anyone.
Yehudith Nissiyahu, a religious woman and the best female agent in Mossad,
also volunteered. Yehudith was quiet, shy, unobtrusive, rather overweight and
plain. She was ...

The History Of Mossad

Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1491889632
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During a mission she met the man who became her husband. The couple, still in
service, have three children. For the reached results, Efrat received the Israel
Security Prize, the prize for the security in Israel. Yael: “The operative women
agents of Mossad—who do their job outside the State of Israel in any location,
with any meteorological conditions, even if they have a sick child at home—know
that they are risking their lives and freedom”. Inside the organization, Yael is a
legend (they ...

Green Nanny At Your Service

Author: Barbara Mitchell
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469185652
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The Mossad never quit searching for criminals or any witnesses they could
punish in court. The couple planted in town was effortless. Any other plan would
take more time. The newlywed couple's name was Judy and Jim Stanford. They
had only been married six months. They were married in the Jewish community
on the west side of New York. Jim Stanford had joined the Mossad two years
before he married. Judy at first protested about Idaho Falls but finally agreed. She
was an ...

Spy Dance

Author: Allan Topol
Publisher: ePublishing Works!
ISBN: 1614171033
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A wonderful woman. Shehad lost her whole family in Auschwitz. After I heard
about the boxcars and the camps, I didn't feel sorry formyself. Asmuch as the
Arabs hated us, even in '48, they never did anything like that.” “You never married
?” She shook her head fromside to side. “I've had relationships over the years,
but I've always broken themoff becauseof my job.I told myself that I was married
to the Mossad.” She paused, then slowly she added, “That's all rationalization.
The truth is ...

Reuven Shiloah The Man Behind The Mossad

Author: Haggai Eshed
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136314032
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Quite naturally these women, who came on aliya from different countries - the
United States, England and South Africa - and shared a common native tongue,
became close friends, and all of them married sabras or veterans of the Yishuv.
This group of immigrant women from English-speaking countries created a
unique social milieu for their husbands, a sort of 'foreign enclave' that Zaslany
married into, adding yet another layer to the 'difference' between himself and his

Sylvia Rafael

Author: Ram Oren
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813146968
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She married Shlomo Gal, a Mossad operative. A few years later, Dafna, although
heavily pregnant, joined her husband on a successful information-gathering
mission in an Arab country. The clandestine combatants of Unit 188 showed
absolute, unequivocal loyalty to their work and to those who sent them. A striking
example was Wolfgang Lotz, son of a German father and a Jewish mother, who
assumed the identity of a former Nazi, found- ed a riding school in Cairo, became
friendly ...

The Mossad

Author: Marc E. Vargo
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476619662
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Inreality, Cindy's name was Cheryl Bentov, she was married, and although she
had been reared in Orlando, Florida, she had since become anIsraeli citizen,
astaunch Zionist, andawilling instrumentof the Mossad. To her advantage, she
alsopossessed a background in intelligence work, having undergone formal
training duringa stretch with the Israeli military.47Inthe know, too,washer
husband,who currently occupied ahighranking positionin Military Intelligence.
While Vanunu,ofcourse ...

My Ncis An Unofficial And Unauthorized Guide To Ncis The Tv Show

Author: Mila Hasan
ISBN: 1291032177
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Tony and Ziva both decide not to leave Gibbs alone with the bomb, of course they
wouldn't leave him and he threatens to fire them if they survive. As if. Since he
was married to a foreign agent, as a Marine, he could be charged with treason if
he knew who she was. See season 2 episode ofJAG 2.1 Loading Time; about the
Marine who was in love with a Mossad agent and he held the Admiral and Mac
hostage to prove his innocence. He married the Mossad agent. Hmm, so what
about ...