Ecclesiastical Meditations Suitable For Priests On The Mission And Students In Diocesan Seminaries By A Catholic Clergyman

Author: Ecclesiastical meditations
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(HE priest, whose mission is one of charity and mercy, is in his proper place hy
the bed of sickness. The care of the sick is one of the most elevated and touching
duties of his ministry. In that he closely resembles Jesus Christ, the pastor of
souls, and the lover of the sick and poor. As we know from the Sacred Scripture,
our Divine Saviour wept over the tomb of Lazarus his friend: so does the priest
also lament over the sorrows of the sick and the afflicted. When our Saviour
heard of the ...

Meditations On The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Christ Taken From A Novena Transl

Author: Carlo Borgo
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Tempted, afflicted, timid, weak, blind, poor, sick, dying souls, here, if you know
how to make use of them, you may find all the helps which are found separated in
so many other means; in friends, advisers, masters, books, examples,
considerations, in all the devotions of Christianity. In each of these kinds of
advantages bestowed by the Heart of Jesus numberless souls have found means
of sanctifying themselves. In other means we may often want the opportunity, or
that facility and ...

The Afflicted Man S Companion Or A Directory For Families And Persons Afflicted With Sickness Or Any Other Distress With Directions To The Sick Also To The Friends Of The Sick With A Collection Of The Dying Words Of Many Choice And Eminent Saints By John Willison

Author: John Willison
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VU. so' dying Pcrshm. 239 'fear though the water! of affliction rage and be \
Troubled, and though all the mountains of earthly comforts shake with'the
swelling thereof- There 'is a river, the flrcams whereof shall make glad the city of
God. O let my soul dwell beside these living streams, and drink oE them for ever.
In the 'valley of the shadow of death. Lordssbe thou present as the good
shepherd with thy guiding rod and supporting staff; and make my departure easy,
and full of peace and ...

The National Union Catalog Pre 1956 Imprints

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1. Bibla. О. T. tinMr ard to be an CaaS) J Lee tfXDITAliaiS d'un aduocat de la
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Trance. v.l. p.538, no. 2058. Meditations for seminarists on the passion and
resurrection of Our Lord see under [Havey, Francis Patrick] 1864- NM 0398625
ICN Meditations for the afflicted, sick and dying see under [Lowell, Charles], 1782
-1861. NM 0398616 CtW Méditations с [Redler, Antoine] I and prayers adapted
10 the Stations ...

Solace In Sickness And Sorrow Or A Collection Of Hymns For The Afflicted With An Introductory Preface By The Rev B Bouchier

Author: afterwards BOUCHIER BOUCHER (Barton)
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Communion of the sick, 284. Meditations in sickness, 28, 29, 88, 96, 106, 165,
166, 181, '205, 223, 259. See also General Subjects, “ Present sufferings light
when compared with future glory.” Prayer for recovery, 176. ' The Christian's
inquiry for his ... DYING. Fear in the prospect of death, 182, 185. Peace in the
prospect of death, 7, 109, 167, H97, 202, 232, 262, 263, 267, 282, 315. Prayer in
the prospect of death, 27, 49, 93, 161, 174, 180, 190, 205, 206, 226, 271. The
dying Christian ...

Retreat Addresses

Author: Edward Churton
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eight Meditations translated from the Manuscript of a Russian Lady. By S. K.
18mo., cl., ls. 6d. THE SERVANTS OF THE SICK: a Manual for Nurses.
Containing Devotions for Day and Night Nurses, Special Intercessions,
Ejaculatmy and Miscellaneous Prayers, Intercessions for Patients, Devotions for
the Sick and Dying, Penitential and Eucharistic Devotions, and for the Seasons,
Hymns. Royal ssmo. cloth ...