Mischief And Manors

Author: Ashtyn Newbold
Publisher: Cedar Fort
ISBN: 1462127134
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“Although his voice was gentle, his words struck me with the panic ridden feeling of being unarmed.

The Commentaries Or Reports Of Edmund Plowden

Author: Great Britain. Courts
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And in the same Light the Preamble goes on, and after reciting the Mischief in
that Strangers to Conditions should not take Advantage of them by * the Common
Law, says further, by reason whereof as well all Grantees of Reversions, as also
all Grantees and Patentees of the King of sundry Manors, Lordships, &c. late
belonging to Monasteries, and other religious Houses come to the Hands | the
King after the 4th Day of February, &c. have been excluded of their Entry against
the ...

Singlehurst Manor Or A Story Of Country Life

Author: Emma Jane Worboise
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She had let him in at untimely hours : for Mr. Constantine would not allow his
doors to be unfastened after eleven o'clock ; and when her spouse remonstrated
upon the mischief that might ensue to " young master's morals " if he were
encouraged to deceive his uncle, he was bidden with great ascerbity to "mind his
own business, and give his opinion when it was asked for, and not meddle with
what he didn't understand." " But the lad may get into mischief, bless his bonnie
face !

The Chronicles Of An Old Manor House

Author: George Etell Sargent
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asked the lady of her bower-woman, as they rode homewards in company. " You
heard what my poo* nurse said to me." " Yes, madam ; I could but hear her words.
" " And what were your thoughts about them, maiden ? Could you have supposed
so much mischief could have come of my weakness in sending a lodger to her
cottage ?" " I am afraid you will be angry with me, madam, if I tell you my own true
thoughts," said the maiden, who, being a favourite with her mistress, was in the ...

Australia In Bed With Her Groom Mischief And Marriage A Marriage Betrayed Bride Of His Choice Mills Boon M B

Author: Emma Darcy
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
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'I'll give you anything you want, Ashley.' It senta little thrill of pleasure and
anticipation cartwheeling down Ashley'sspine. 'Great!' William said,his eyes
lighting up as he saw an advantage. 'Can wego to Springfield Manor with Mr.
Cliffton, please, Mum? Allyou haveto do is say youwant to,' he pressedeagerly.
Shock frozeall thetingling warmth Harry had ignited. He had got toher son behind
her back before she could extract a promisefromhim not to mention
SpringfieldManor to William.


Author: Douglas Clegg
Publisher: Alkemara Press
ISBN: 0984975640
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Something about the house was quite grand, and he figured it was one of those
English manors. All the caption said was, “The Place of the Seven Dreamers.” A
man stood before the arched doorway; then Jim noticed that part of the house,
toward the back left of it, was still under construction. He drew the book closer to
his eyes. Did he need glasses? There were designs along thevarious gables of
the house—what were they? They looked intricate—gargoyles? Some kind of

A Digest Of The Laws Of England Respecting Real Property

Author: William Cruise
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... all wills, therefore, or testaments, of or concerning any manors, &c. whereof any
person at the time of his decease is seised in fee-simple in possession, reversion
, or remainder, &c. shall be deemed and taken (only as against such creditor or ...
The mischief which this statute had in view, was a defect in ' the common law ;
that, although it was the intent of the law that an heir, in respect of the land
descended, should be bound, yet it was left in the power of tne obligor, by a
devise, ...

A Treatise On The Origin And Nature Of Dignities Or Titles Of Honor

Author: William Cruise
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... Barrington et in antiquis diplomatibus, majoribus regni frequenter concessum. °
'Ji '4 Qui ipso hoc verbo talem assecuti sunt potestatem. § 19. By the Magna
Charta of 9 Hen. III. c. 17. sheriffs of counties, constables of castles, escheators
and coroners were prohibited from holding pleas of the crown. And lord Coke
says : — " Albeit the franchises of infangthiefe and outfangthiefe, to be heard and
determined within courts-baron belonging to manors, were within the said
mischief, ...

Reports Of Cases Argued And Determined In The Court Of King S Bench

Author: Great Britain. Court of King's Bench
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estate in the premises belonging to the parish is vested, and that was the
mischief which, by the seventeenth section, the legislature intended to remedy ;
and we see no ground for doubting that the operation of that section was
intended to be co-extensive with the mischief. This being our opinion, the ... was
hired as shepherd ^^"^^ by the tenantry farmers of the manor of Lower Woodford,
go on again for eleven months, at 14s. per week, and was to have a tenns."6 He"
6 piece of laud ...

The Man With A Load Of Mischief

Author: Martha Grimes
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476732949
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It was a turreted and towered manor house built of sandstone — hues ranging
from rose to russet, depending upon the angle of the sun. Its approach was as
elegant as the house itself, over a bridge of the same stone, which crossed the
Piddle River on a road routed through acres of green land, now patched with
snow. Ardry End's situation, amidst the streams and the sheep and the lavender
hills, nearly brought Lady Agatha Ardry to tears because she didn't own it. That
her own ...