The Pettibone Name

Author: Margaret Sidney
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That one lay, where, no one but herself could tell, waiting for destruction. For only
one instant did her heart waver. In that her glance fell upon her mother's portrait
hanging on the low wall opposite. Was there a voice from above, speaking
through that life of self-sacrifice and forgetfulness of personal comfort, that bade
the daughter follow in the blessed path ? Miss Judith moved not a muscle, but her
heart was at peace as Parson Whittaker opened the old yellow bit of paper in his

Home Mission Monthly

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W. A. Brooks, whose cordial greeting and expressions of interest in the grand
cause that had brought us together, brought to all hearts the feeling of " oneness
in Christ. ... The stirring words that followed from Miss Morse, of Utah, and Miss
Whitaker, of Arizona, representative teachers of Mormon and Indian mission
schools, gave additional force and emphasis to the appeal that preceded,
proving plainly that the time had not yet come for Christian women to relax their
efforts. The death ...

The Serpent And The Scorpion

Author: Clare Langley-Hawthorne
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440638160
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“Feeling unwell, Miss Marlow?” Ambrose Whittaker called out through the open
French doors. Ursula couldn't even bring herself to look at him. “Miss Marlow is
fine,” Hugh replied evenly, his eyes fixed on hers. “No need to concern yourself.”
As soon as ... “Do you want me to open it?” he asked gently. Ursula shook her
head, but her heart was sinking. Ever since the events of two years ago, she
dreaded telegrams. With trembling hands, she opened the envelope and stared
at the.

Tempest Of The Heart

Author: Nancy Moulton
ISBN: 9780380899579
Size: 32.48 MB
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Her breasts were uncovered to him now and his mouth played over them with a
tender urgency that was splendidly agonizing. Aislinn's fingers raked through his
dark hair. She was trembling all over. Her heart was beating madly. She could
hear the fierce pounding of it. But then Chase tensed. It was a few seconds
before Ais- linn realized that the pounding she'd heard was not just her heart. It
was coming from the door. "Miss Whitaker! Open this door at once!" demanded a
shrill ...

Crawdad S Hole

Author: Marge Whittaker
ISBN: 1312064188
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Marge Whittaker. Miss Millie took to her new role. She loved Tate and her love
included his family. That, however, did not mean she had forgotten Sylvie. Her
feeling for her young charge had grown from pity to a love that included the girl in
all family decisions. She talked with Tate of ... It was on the day she and Tate
returned from signing the adoption papers making Sylvie legally their daughter
that Miss Millie came upon a scene that brought joy to her heart. As she came
around to the ...

Whittaker S New Monthly Magazine

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Then Miss Brown perceived that Mrs. Lorimer considered herself entitled to a
legacy too, and naturally she could not help thinking of the chances of her own,
though she did so with a thrill of contrition at the unfeelingness of such
calculations. When they arrived at Mrs. Barker's house, ... She had been mistaken
; and for many a year the recollection of this mistake of hers used to bring a
painful spasm to her heart, and a flush of shame to her face. Now, though she
could think of it more ...

Delphi Complete Works Of Henry James Illustrated

Author: Henry James
Publisher: Delphi Classics
ISBN: 1908909013
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She rode round to the rear of the house, to the barnyard, thinly tenanted by a few
common fowl, and across the yard to a road which skirted its lower extremity and
was accessible by an open gate. No human figure was in sight; nothing was
visible in the hot stillness but the scattered and ripening crops, over which, in
spite of her nervous solicitude, Miss Whittaker cast the glance of a connoisseur. A
great ... Gertrude's heart went out to him in a sigh of really tender relief. Her next ...

Godey S Magazine And Lady S Book

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'Well,' says Tildy Brockle, 'I guess I shall make it in my way to call on Miss
Dawkins to morrow, and see if she won't open her heart and give me a piece of
her Hollan' sleeves.” “And I'll go with you,' says Olly ; and when her heart is open,
I'll put a wedge in, and then maybe I shall git a piece too.' 'That's right,” says
Tempy; and when you're about it, you can beg a piece for me.' “Not as you know
on,' says Olly ; “if you want a piece, you may go with us and do your own beg. gin'
.' The Berry ...


Author: Van Scott
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1450097057
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After years of torture it was difficult to remember much, but as if able to recall
fonder times, she placed a hand over her heart, where a silver pentagram hung
on a sliver necklace... She drifted, longingly, away from the familiar symbol in the
store window, knowing she'd bided her time long enough, knowing she needed
to keep moving. The change in her pocket ... The hours on the window
determined that she would have to wait another hour before opening. She waited
, sitting on the ...


Author: Emily Duvall
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1633556042
Size: 42.97 MB
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The front door to Whitaker's opened and she lurched forward a little. Detective
Brennan walked out first. A tightness seized her throat. Brent wasn't anywhere in
sight. She stood on her tiptoes and leaned to the side to try to get a better look.
The detective walked towards her with purposeful steps and a grim face. Jessie
met him halfway. “Where's Brent?” she said in a rush. He did not have to answer.
The sight at the door stole her breath. Relief smacked her heart the second she
saw ...