New Imaginaries

Author: Marian J. Rubchak
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 178238765X
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practices, as they interact with the residue of Soviet scholarly conventions to
produce a paradigm shift—a New Imaginaries scholarly paradigm. In their
scholarly pursuits today's researchers engage, and are at liberty to modify, the
ideological theories and practices arriving from the West in an atmosphere of
unobstructed intellectual creativity and uncensored scholarship. Transforming the
former stultifying conventions dictated by state-sponsored scholarship into a
dynamic intellectual ...


Author: Mary Valentis with Tara P. Monastero
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 144380262X
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TechKnowledgies: New Imaginaries and Transmigrations in the Humanities, Arts, and TechnoSciences is a diverse collection of essays, a recently produced technology play by William Kennedy, art, and installations that represent, and at times ...

New Imaginaries

Author: Dilip Parameshwar Gaonkar
ISBN: 9780822365211
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Contributors to this collection include major voices in the fields of philosophy, critical literature, sociology, anthropology, and communication studies.

New Horizons In Multicultural Counseling

Author: Gerald Monk
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412916763
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New. Social. Imaginaries. In order for multiculturalism to develop, it needs to keep
working at developing a vision of a social world that is inclusive of difference. In
this section, we shall use Charles Taylor's (2004) term “social imaginaries” for
this purpose (see Chapter 13 for more explanation). One message that we can
take (among others) from Martin Luther King's famous “I have a dream” speech is
the power of such dreams as social imaginaries. Dr. King's speech is
remembered ...

Theories Of The Mobile Internet

Author: Andrew Herman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317911113
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2.0. New. Imaginaries. of. Mobile. Internet. Gerard. Goggin. We are witnessing an
era of intense reliance on communication and media technologies as a central
feature of social life. While debate rages about the extent, nature and implications
of this development, it is something that not only is observable in private and
public spheres but also is a preoccupation in a range of settings. Two of the most
important technologies involved in these transformations are the Internet and
mobile ...

Whither Regional Studies

Author: Andy Pike
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131799051X
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5) When established, such imaginaries breed discursive selectivity, acquiring
their own performative and consti- tutive force. They are, in turn, an important
factor in producing broader strategic selectivities (cf. Fig. 2). Yet, this selectivity,
and the hegemony it sustains, can always be contested through the ways
subjects, inten- tionally or even unintentionally, create new varieties and (re)
combinations in meanings and practices. In some cases such a development
may come to the aid of ...

Imaginaries Out Of Place

Author: Gökçen Karanfil
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443868604
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Introduction: New Vocabularies of World and National Cinemas Transformation
of new Turkish cinema through its migrant, exilic and diasporic characteristics
has undoubtedly initiated new topics of debate for Turkish film scholars. The
notion of national cinema, and its new transnational position via the new modes
of co-production, distribution, authorship, consummation, or even different
cinematic styles or film themes lead to the emergence of new discussion

The London Edinburgh And Dublin Philosophical Magazine And Journal Of Science

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... that the product of two sums each of twenty-four squares can be reduced
algebraically to a sum of twenty-four squares, if fifteen conditions are satisfied; or
that t (w” + a” +b^+...+g” + h^+h”--i°+i” +...+ p^+p”)(w; +a;” +b^+...+g” +h; +h/*4-i}+i
/*-i-...+p?--p!”) is a sum of twenty-four squares, if h: h, →h': h/= i : i,-i': il-... = p : p-p':
ps. We can readily prove, by adding continually a new group of twenty-eight
triplets made with eight new imaginaries, giving rise to twenty-eight new bisignal
duads, ...

Philosophical Magazine

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+. bJ,+.. +. a»+h«. +. h»+i«+i«+... +. p«. +. p*). is a sum of twenty-four squares, if h
: hy=h':h/=i : i/=i':i'/=... = p: p, = p':p/. We can readily prove, by adding continually a
new group of twenty-eight triplets made with eight new imaginaries, giving rise to
twenty-eight new bisignal duads, that the product of two sums each of 8(«+ 1) (»>
0) algebraic squares can be reduced to a sum ...

The Economic Crisis In Social And Institutional Context

Author: Sebastiano Fadda
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131761741X
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The BRIC imaginary captured for a time key trends in the world economy and
even helped to create the potential that it identified, not only economically but
also politically. But continuing global trends, including the financial and economic
repercussions of crisismanagement policies in the advanced economies, have
increasingly, as some anticipated, turned the BRIC imaginary sour and prompted
the search for new imaginaries of hope and strength. They have also prompted
the talk ...