In The Way Of Our Grandmothers

Author: Debra Anne Susie
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820333883
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... it that neonatal deaths accounted for half of all infant deaths under one year?
The answers were unexpected and, certainly for some, embarrassing. All three
studies placed blame squarely on the shoulders of the physician and his
operative interference with the use of forceps, anesthesia, and surgery; exposure
to the hospital's environment of cross infection was a correlative factor. Also, less
than half of the graduating obstetric students had attended a birth by the time of

Grandmother S Money By The Author Of One And Twenty

Author: Frederick William Robinson
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Grandmother Tresdaile continued to fumble under her pillow, and the discomfited
nurse returned to the fire-side, and began stirring some gruel in a little iron
saucepan on the hob. " It's very odd I can't find them," muttered the sick woman. " I
put them there myself, and I have always held them in my hand when the bed
was made, and — oh ! here they are. That accounts for the pain between my
shoulders ! " Grandmother Tresdaile drew forth a large bunch of keys, that would
have been ...

Grandmother S Footsteps

Author: Carol Smith
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 140551745X
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Slightly to his surprise, she didn't resist and snuggled into his shoulder, as
trusting and warm as Morwenna. He kissed the top of her fragrant head and
massaged the back of her neck. Soon, if he was lucky, she'd suggest an early
night, a fitting finale to a pleasant and unstressed meal. And then he involuntarily
stiffened and pushed her away as he took in precisely what the newscaster was
saying. The schoolboy massacre was still the principal item and occupied almost
all of the news.

The Hip Grandma S Handbook

Author: Linda Oatman-High
Publisher: Seven Footer Press
ISBN: 9780978817886
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Maybe you could stitch those leotards together, stretch them out, and make
yourself a nice bright hammock. Every grandmother needs a hammock. 6 If you
get the wintertime blues, keep the energy going with a light box. These things
really work. I just plant my Sun Touch next to the computer for thirty minutes a day
, September through April, and I'm a much happier woman. No more Seasonal
Affective Disorder. You can even hear me hum John Denver's “Sunshine on my
Shoulders” if ...

Grandmother S Tea

Author: Nelda A. Powell
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 9781456747305
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The experiences and hard work throughout their lives have patterned waves of
folded skin from the tops of their hands to the back of their leaning shoulders, the
shoulders that once carried the weight of managing their families. Their feet are
no longer able to scurry about in haste to prepare meals, wash dishes, scrub
floors, tend to gardens, wait on their families or any multitude of tasks that were
part of their daily routine in younger days. Their eyes have softened, as has their
touch, ...

Chicken Soup For The African American Woman S Soul

Author: Jack Canfield
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1453275312
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I thought about Grandma Mildred, valedictorian of her Cook High class with her
career options so limited. No, this degree was not about me at all. This was about
standing on the shoulders of my black grandmothers who scrubbed floors and
cared for babies— both theirs and others'. Black women whose potential went
untapped and whose intelligence was so long ignored. Women whose great
minds could have been idle, except they rerouted genius, pouring it into rearing
the next ...


Author: Steven Gould
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 146682848X
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The drug made Grandmother a bit woozy, but she understood about not moving
her head. She wore an adult diaper and her cotton flannel nightgown with warm
socks and we tucked her into bed for travel. Not my mattress. We'd made our own
NASAtype sleeping gear, taking a tropicalweight hooded sleeping bag, putting
armholes at the shoulders, and sewing Velcroed anchor straps top and bottom, to
“hang” it. Dad had selected five progressively higher altitude locations, all
indoors, ...

Silver Lake Secrets

Author: Alison Stone
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460344219
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Nicole stood and wrapped her arms around her grandmother. “You are my rock.”
When Nicole pulled away, she saw tears in her grandmother's eyes. “I wish I
could have done more for you when you were growing up. It pained me when
you started down the same path as your mother.” Gigi shook her head. “I wish
you never had to run away from Silver Lake.” “You gave me a home.
Unconditional love. The bad choices I made were my own.” Nicole patted her
grandmother's shoulder.

The Devil On My Shoulders

Author: NREMT Adam Jay Bentley. Co Author BHRS David Reffner
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 9781477212301
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How have you been since I saw you is probably inappropriate. I could ask the 20
questions or make a show of collecting vital signs that were unnecessary for calls
of this nature. “No, during these transfers all we do is provide comfort.” I got my
music player from the shelf. “Is there any music she liked?” Rachel said gospel, I
scrolled through genre and found Elvis singing gospel put it on the pillow. “If you
would like to hold her or talk with her you can.” Rachel took her grandmothers
hand ...