Buddhism Questions And Answers

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Whoever, Ambattha, does not answer a fundamental question put to him by a
Tathāgata by the third asking has his head split into seven pieces.' Walshe, the
translator of the above, gives as a note for the second passage, "A curious threat
that (as RD observes) never comes to anything, and is of course pre-Buddhist."
Not sure if the "third time" is also pre-Buddhist, but again, it appears to be some
sort of line in the sand for the Buddha at least. Tags: the-buddha (Prev Q) (Next Q
), ...

Buddhist Answers For The Critical Questions

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Now, what is the cause, what is the reason, why that has not been declared by
the Blessed One?” “Very well, then, great king, I will question you in return about
this very same matter. Answer as you see fit. What do you think great king: Do
you have ... or mathematician who can count the grains of sand in the river
Ganges as 'so many grains of sand' or 'so many hundreds of grains of sand' or 'so
many thousands of grains of sand' or 'so many hundreds of thousands of grains
of sand'?

Re Visioning Kamakura Buddhism

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This is called "sand." Question: But then, grasses and trees also differ in color,
being blue, yellow, and so on; likewise, they differ in shape, being rectangular,
round, and so on. Why are they not regarded as sand? Answer: They are larger
and not hard. Sand is hard and small. Question: But then, dried grains office that
have been ground into pieces are also hard and small. Why are they not
regarded as sand? Answer: Those grains were originally soft and only later dried
and hardened.

Buddhist Legends

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The sands along the Ganges waste away; the waters in the ocean waste away;
The particles of dust of the earth waste away; the number thereof I can reckon by
my knowledge. (The meaning of the foregoing Stanza is as follows, "If, Reverend
Sir, All-wise Protector of the World, after answering this question, I should answer
hundreds and thousands of other questions, and for every question I answered I
should lay aside a single grain of sand or a single drop of water or a single
particle ...

A Mind At Home With Itself

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The thought that asserts itself and wants to be believed comes from the I-know
mind, the supposed teacher. The questioning comes purely from the student. In
the questioning mind we experience a flow. There's no interruption, no limitation.
“Control” is just a matter of noticing. It doesn't mean imposing an order onto the
mind. If you're a true student, the thought will always end with a question mark.
You called this a dialogue between the Buddha and the Buddha. Would you say

Questions From The City Answers From The Forest

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Simple Lessons You Can Use from a Western Buddhist Monk Ajahn Sumano
Bhikkhu. A: Through meditation practice. Make an effort to recognize those
energies that confine and limit our lives. Isolate them. Sand them down. File them
down. Chisel them down one chip at a time, day by day. Keep observing
everything with careful scrutiny — everything, including the observer. Shake
every concept loose until nothing is left of what you previously mistook for
something. When the mind is ...

The Spirit Of Contradiction In Christianity And Buddhism

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Elsewhere the Buddha explains his refusal to answer by asking the king who
questions him whether he has any accountant capable of counting the grains of
sand in the Ganges or reckoning the volume of water in the ocean.178 This
somewhat cryptic response suggests a “transcendentalist” interpretation
according to which one should not inquire about realities that exceed one's
powers of comprehension. Both of these interpretations have the disadvantage of
being wedded to their ...

The Bumper Book Of Things That Nobody Knows

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This is one of the 'Fourteen unanswerable questions' of Buddhist philosophy that
the Buddha himself refused to answer. It is the question of whether the self is
eternal and unchanging, as the eternalists believe, or whether it dies with the
body, as the materialists claim. It is said in Buddhist scripture that considering
such matters is a waste of time, so we shall move on to the next item without
further ado. 365. Is colour a product of the mind or an inherent property of objects
? The Austrian ...

The Ceasing Of Notions

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Readers whoare looking for an academic discussion ofthe Jueguan lun textand
its relationto thedevelopment of early Chan shouldrefertothe McRae articleor
scholarly treatmentsand textual studiesby Tokiwa andothers. 4 The Jueguanlun(
The Ceasing of Notions)in its earliestform was aseries of brief questionsabout
thepractice of the Buddhist Way andthe attainment ofunderstanding by a novice,
known in Japanese as Emmon and inChineseas Yuanmen, and the responses
by his ...