Race And Imperial Defence In The British World 1870 1914

Author: John C. Mitcham
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316539105
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The book examines diverse subjects such as the South African War, the Anglo-German naval arms race, Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, and the birth of the Boy Scout Movement, and positions them within the larger phenomenon of British race ...

British History

Author: Harvard University. Library
Publisher: Harvard University Press
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England □ British Empire in Br 413.30.10 Br 413.30.15 Br 413.35 Br 413.40 Br
413.45 Br 413.45.3 Br 413.46 Br 416.26A Br 416.26B Br 416.26C Br 416.26.2
Walker, E.A. The British empire. 2. ed. ... The multi-racial Commonwealth. London
... The problem of security. London, 1945. Gordon, Donald Craigie. The Dominion
partnership in imperial defense. 1870-1914. Baltimore. 1965. Brown, Neville.
Arms without empire; British defence role in the modern world. Harmondsworth.

Guerrilla Warfare And Counterinsurgency

Author: Richard H. Shultz
Publisher: Free Press
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U.S.-Soviet policy in the Third World Richard H. Shultz, Fletcher School of Law
and Diplomacy. International Security Studies Program, Army War College (U.S.),
National Defense University ... 1900-1916 (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul,
1974); Donald Gordon, The Dominion Partnership in Imperial Defense, 1870-
1914 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1965); William Hamer, The British Army:
Civil-Military Relations, 1885-1905 (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1970); Franklyn
Arthur, ...

East Indian Immigration Into Canada 1905 1973

Author: F. M. Bhatti
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Fairchild, H.P., Immigration: A World Movement and its American Significance.
New York, 1923. Farnie, D.A., East and West of Sues: The Sues Canal in History.
Oxford, 1969. Frankenstein, C, Between Past and Future. Jerusalem, 1953.
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The Dominion Partnership in Imperial Defence 1870-1914. Baltimore, 1965.
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Affairs. Oxford ...

A History Of The Modern World

Author: R.R. Palmer, Joel Colton
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Among more specific books, the following are concerned primarily with the Allied
powers: A. F. Pribram, England and the international policy of the European
Great Powers, 1871-1914 (1929, 1941); G. Michon, The Franco- Russian alliance
, 1891-1917 (1929); E. M. Carroll, French public opinion and foreign affairs, 1870
-1914 (1931); J. E. Tyler, The British army and the Continent, 1904- 1914 (1938);
and G. Monger, The end of isolation: British foreign policy, 19Q0-1907 (1963).

Victorian Studies

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nions; four chapters by F. H. Hinsley on the diplomatic history of the period; "
Imperial Problems in British Politics, 1880- 1895," by R. E. Robinson; two
chapters on imperial defense by W. C. B. Tunstall; "The British Empire and the
United States of America, 1870-1914," by Anthony Steel; "Changing Attitudes and
Widening Responsibilities, 1895-1914," by A. F. Madden; "Development of the
Imperial Conference, 1887-1914," by J. E. Tyler; "Imperial Finance, Trade, and
Communications, ...


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World pol itics. I. Harvard University. Center for International Affairs. II. Title.
GORDON, Donald Craigie. 1911- 355.0335171242 The Dominion partnership in
imperial defense, 1870- 1914. Baltimore. Hopkins [c.1965] xiv,315p. 24cm. Bibl. [
DA18.G52] 65-11661 7.50 1. Commonwealth of Nations — Defenses. Surveys
the period in British imperialism in which colonies were given greater
responsibility for their own defense to lessen the expense of maintaining British

Race Relations In Australia

Author: A. T. Yarwood
Publisher: Methuen Australia
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Quoted Yarwood, 'The Overseas Indians: A problem in Indian and Imperial
Politics at the end of World War 1', A.J.P.H. , vol. 14, no. 2, August 1968, p. 217.
40. Quoted ibid., p. 215. 41. W.K. Hancock, Survey of British Commonwealth
Affairs, London, 1937. 42. This argument is taken largely from ch. 5 of my Asian
Migration. ... Modern Australia in Documents, Melbourne, 1973, vol. 1, p. 125. 47.
D.C. Gordon, The Dominion Partnership in Imperial Defense, 1870-1914,
Baltimore, 1965, p.

Military Industrialization And Economic Development

Author: Raimo Väyrynen
Publisher: Dartmouth Pub Co
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Ohmae, Kenichi, The Borderless World. Power andStrategy in the Interlinked
Economy, 1990, Harper Business: New York. Paris, Michael, "Air Power and
Imperial Defence 1 880-1919", Journal of Contemporary History, 1989, Vol. 24.
No. 2, pp. 209-25. Payne, P. L., "Iron and Steel Manufactures", in Derek H.
Aldcroft (ed.), The Development of British Industry and Foreign Competition 1875
-1914, 1968, George Allen and Unwin: London, pp. 71-99. Pearton, Maurice, The
Knowledgeable ...