Our Children A Journal For The Moral Welfare Of The Young Formerly The Sunday School World

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The " Scriptures " probably signify the " Hagiographa" or holy writings, which are
placed in this order in the Hebrew Bible — Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Cantic'es,
Ruth, Lamentations, Eccles. ... out Epic Poem in the dictionary, and I find these
words: " An Epic Poem, otherwise called heroic, is a poem which narrates a story
real or fictitious, or both, representing usually the achievements of some
distinguished hero, and intended to form the morals and affect the mind with the
love of virtue.

The New Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia Of Religious Knowledge

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Children at Worship had opened the way for dealing faithfully with inherited
doctrines, and for permitting the historic faith to speak for itself out of its full,
variegated context. ... 1910; also The Journal of Religion, e»p. ... Bibliography :
Ruth Strang, An Introduction to Child Study, 1951; A. T. Jersild, Child Ptyehologv,
1947; Marian E. Breckenridge and E. Lee Vincent, Child Development, 1949;
Arnold Gesell and Frances Ilg, Child Development, 1949; Grace Langdon and
Irving W. Stout, ...

The Gurara Journal Of Humanity Studies

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Ogedengbe Bamidele (ISSN 1596-048x)2001 P.75–80 Also, the power of love
was very strongly manifested in Ruth such that after the death of her husband;
she kept her marital vows. In today's society, marital vows are hardly kept, even
while both partners are ... people,. and your God my God”. ... It is also, to raise
children to continue the biological lineage, to cater for the widow in the family,
and also to promote and preserve the right of womanhood. All these were done
in the case of ...

The Church School Journal

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ever before you, going about the daily routine of life it is surprising, not how few,
but how many, answers will come; they will spring from a group of children
playing in the street, a chance word of a friend, from the kitchen and parlor, from
the sky and field, and even the dog and cat may have their share in furnishing the
apt illustration that shall make clear the meaning of the lesson. It is also well for a
teacher to read with the object in view of collecting material for future, if not
present, use; ...

Starred Books From The Library Journal

Author: Peggy Melcher
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Melodies are written in the keys of C, G, and F for the benefit of children and
inexperienced teachers. Lively and helpful illustrations by Joshua Tolford.
Essential for school and public libraries. Clara Adams, Ch. Ln., Manhasset, N. Y.,
P. L. FREEMAN, Mae Blacker. Fun with Ballet. Random. 64pp. Boards. $1.50
Inexpensive ana extremely accurate, this is a ballet book for every library where
there is interest in the art. Technique is correctly and simply given for the
fundamental exercises ...

The Friend

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DEAR SIsTsn:—-'1'hc ties of natural affection which bind the children of one
family together are strong; but the ties of spiritual love which unite the redeemed
children of the Heavenly Father's family, are stronger. May our fellowship be
increasingly of this latter kind, which does not obliterate the former, but exalts and
purifies it. Eucompassed as I am with frailties, feeling myself an unprofitable
servant, I nevertheless greatly desire for thee that thou mayest be faithful; that
having put thy ...

The New Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia Of Religious Knowledge

Author: Samuel Macauley Jackson
Publisher: Baker Books
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If he is loved and loves in return it is not hard for him to learn to respond to a God
who is love. Bibliocrapht : Ruth Strang, An Introduction to Child Study, 1981: A. T.
Jersild, Child Psychology, 1947; Marian E. Breckenridge and E. Lee Vincent,
Child Development, 1949; Arnold Gesell and Frances lie, Child Development,
1949; Grace Langdon and Irving W. Stout, These Well-Adjusted Children, 1951;
Lewis Joseph Sher- rill, The Opening Doors of Childhood, 1939. William
Taliaferro ...

The Journal Of The National Education Association

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Dr. Dewey describes in this sentence the teacher who follows mechanically the "
course of study" waiting for a supervisor or a superintendent to tell her what to do
next. This traditional ... He says when we are wiser, we will run the buses of the
board of education not to bring rural children into city schools but to take city
children into the country that they may learn to know and love God's first
revelation to man and feel at home in the natural world because they are
wellacquainted with it.

The Historical Journal Of The More Family

Author: David Fellows More
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Remember that the first digit of the genealogical number indicates the Line and
that there are eight Lines, one for each of the eight children named above. In this
More Clan every descendant ... A tie of blood binds us together for we have a
common ancestor; and better than that, we are bound together by the bond of
Christian interest and love — that which makes life worth living. How the John
More Association ... God has greatly blessed the More Family. It is thought that
the success ...

International Journal Of Religious Education

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The reader will find here a compilation of information normally reserved for
technical biblical studies, but presented with the intention of making it understood
by the average reader. The author deals with the ... Messages to Parents of
Children Under 2 TEN MESSAGES FOR PARENTS: So You Have a Baby (at
birth), Christian Homes Are Important (for 1 mo.), Of Course, You Love Your Baby
(3 mo.), Your Child and God (6 mo.), Learning to Live Together (9 mo.), One Year
Old (12 mo.) ...