Saint M Min And The Neoclassical Profile Portrait In America

Author: Ellen Gross Miles
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The entry indicates that Saint-Memin applied for the passport in New York; it was
certified by John Wilkes, notary public. 6. Guignard, Saint-M^min, p. 13. 7. His
passport was endorsed in Paris on March 6, 1812, by the American ambassador
Joel Barlow. The endorsement indicates that he returned to New York on the
Catherine Ray, which left from La Rochelle. 8. Mme. and Mlle. Saint-Memin were
listed at 215 Duane Street in Longworth's American Almanac and Elliot and
Crissy's ...

Gathering History

Author: Robert Vincent Remini
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Stan V. Henkels, The Hampton L. Carson Collection ofEngraq1ea' Portraits of
Gen. George Mzshington (Philadelphia, 1903), 3. 6. Hampton Carson acquired
the set of Saint—Mémin portrait engravings and the memorial portrait of
Washington separately. The former he purchased from Edward G. Kennedy in
1898, the latter from collector Clarence Sweet Bement of Philadelphia. See Miles,
Saint—Me'min and the Neoclassical Profile Portrait in America, 206-13, and 424 (
cat. no. 922).

Native Americans

Author: Patricia Trenton
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The artist first made a profile outline in crayon using the physiognotrace. With the
device again, he profiled his sitter in a reduced size and then filled ,_, , , . . , i T-i -
in! i i . . i 49. Antonio Zeno Schindler, Ka-Ke-Ga- in the outline with watercolor.
The stippled brushwork suggests his involve- s/ui,Kamas fPi Sing}t j^ lndian.
1868 ment with engraving. Although the physiognotrace enabled Saint-M£min to
produce a realistic portrait, he developed the image in a neoclassical style that
suggests ...


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From his visits to Washington rare likenesses of American Indians survive, which
are thought to be the most accurate of the period. ... In Charleston in 1 808 Saint-
M^min produced some fifty portraits, of which forty-four were engraved. In 1 809
... In conjunction with the exhibition, a catalogue raisonni of Saint-Memin's work
by Ellen G. Miles entitled Saint-Memin and the Neoclassical Profile Portrait in
America has been published by the National Portrait Gallery with a grant from the
Barra ...

American Paintings Of The Nineteenth Century

Author: Franklin Kelly
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Lee 1929 Lee, Cuthbert. Early American Portrait Painters. New Haven, 1929.
Lesko 1990 Lesko, Diane. Gari Melchers: A Retrospective Exhibition. [Exh. cat.
Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg.] St. Petersburg, Florida, 1990. Letocha 1987
Letocha, Charles E. "Rubens Peale and His ... Lovell 1989 Lovell, Margaretta M.
A Visitable Past: Views of Venice by American Artists 1860-1g15. Chicago ...
Miles 1994 Miles, Ellen G. Saint-Me'min and the Neoclassical Profile Portrait in
America .

France And The Americas

Author: Bill Marshall
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Saint-M^min helped to inspire a phenomenal enthusiasm for profile portraits,
which, by the early 1 800s, had become the height of fashion. The many eminent
Americans whose ... Painting; Washington, George. References Miles, Ellen G. "
Saint-Memin in the South 1803-1809." Southern Quarterly 25, no. 1 (1986): 22-39
. . "Saint-Memin's Portraits of American Indians 1 804-1 807." American Art
Journal 20, no. 4 (1988): 2-33. . Saint-Memin and the Neoclassical Portrait in

American National Biography Rousseau Simmons

Author: John Arthur Garraty
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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A short biography by his friend Philippe Guignard, Notice historique stir la vie et
les travattx de M. Fevret de Saint- Memin (1853), was translated as the
introduction to Elias Dexter, The St.-Memin Collection of Portraits; Consisting of
Seven Hundred and Sixty Medallion Portraits, Principally of Distinguished
Americans (1862). The most recent study of his work, with a catalogue raisonne,
is Ellen G. Miles, Saint-Memin and the Neoclassical Profile Portrait in America (
1994). The only other ...

Princeton 1783

Author: Anne Gossen
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“Ioseph Wright and his Portraits of Washington” The Magazine Antiques May l929
Vol XX No. 5. Klos, Stanley. ... Saint-Memin and the Neoclassical Profile Portrait
in America. Washington, D.C.: The ... Murrin, Iohn M. “Introduction.” Ruth L.
Woodward and Wesley Frank Craven. Princetonians, I774-1 790: A Biographical
Dictionary. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1991, pp. xvii-lviii. Myers, Minor, Ir. Liberty
withoutAnarchy: A History of the Society of the Cincinnati. Charlottesville: Virginia
UP ...

Painting In The South 1564 1980

Author: Donald Burton Kuspit
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Felix Thomas journeyed to America again five years later, working first in
Philadelphia before proceeding South.27 From 1808 to 1811 he traveled in
Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina, advertising oil and miniature portraits as
well as pastel. His sitters — unlike ... With a pantograph, he then reduced the
crayon profile to a miniature about two inches in diameter. This small image ...
Near the end of his first term as President, Thomas Jefferson sat for Saint-M£min.
On November 27 ...