Session Beers

Author: Jennifer Talley
Publisher: Brewers Publications
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Sharing a beer or two with friends after work or play is one of life's many joys. Session beers, whose mild strength invites more than one round, adhere to high quality standards and are dedicated to balance and drinkability above all.

Colorado Breweries

Author: Dan Rabin
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0811756181
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IPA is short for India pale ale, a beer style that emphasizes hop aroma, flavor,
and bitterness. • High-gravity is synonymous with high-alcohol. • A nitro tap is a
special type of beer dispenser used to pour beers carbonated with mostly
nitrogen gas. This produces beers with a creamier texture than the more prickly
texture of standard beers carbonated with 100 percent carbon dioxide. • A
session beer, or a sessionable beer, is a low-alcohol beer that can be consumed
throughout a ...

Beer Tasting Toolkit

Author: Jeff Alworth
Publisher: Chronicle Books
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Like coffee, malt is roasted to different colors; the palest malts barely stain a beer,
leaving it straw colored. Munich malts redden a beer, and dark malts blacken it.
Malt also contributes flavors like bread, caramel, roastiness, nuts, leather,
chocolate, and dark fruit. Mouthfeel. One aspect of mouthfeel is body, but the term
is broader. Qualities like creamy, flat or effervescent, hearty or thin are all aspects
of mouthfeel. Session. Both an activity and a beer category. “Sessionbeers are
lower ...

Brewing Britain

Author: Andy Hamilton
Publisher: Random House
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Ordinary Bitter will be on the weaker side at around 3-4% and is produced to be
drunk in quantity as a 'session beer, Best Bitter is brewed to be slightly stronger,
often to about 4.5%; and Extra Special Bitter or ESB will be brewed at a strength
of 5-6% ABV and is more of a weekend beer. Some may still call it a session beer
. but they will either weigh over 20 stone or have the sort of sessions that end in
supermarket trolleys, ripped clothing, the inability to see and a pneumonia-
inducing ...

Jeff Musial Amp Amp 39 S Beer U Beer 101 The 60 Minute Primer

Author: Jeffrey Musial
Publisher: Jeffrey Scott Musial
ISBN: 0984831215
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We are also having a love affair with hops – IPAs and double IPAs line the store
shelves of every specialty beer retailer. And lastly we are downright giddy when it
comes to brewers that experiment with ingredients or techniques never utilized or
uncommon in brewing before. Even high quality, full flavored, yet easier drinking
sessionbeers are becoming increasingly available due to increasing demand.
This brings us full circle to the beginning of the book where I said that while yes, ...

Oregon Breweries

Author: Brian Yaeger
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 081176057X
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Beer-wise, there's certainly something for everyone who isn't a minor or a canine.
To dip your toes into the beer pool (sorry, it's a metaphor; there's no actual pool of
beer), there's Oregon Session Ale, house-described as an “introduction to craft
beer,” which is easily a pub favorite. So is the Woodboy dry-hopped IPA that's
bittered with Centennials but dry hopped with Cascades for a floral bouquet and
citrus finish. Or, as long as we're dealing with mythical, wild, and unobtainable
beasts ...


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I am still looking at how to make a good session beer to enjoy multiple pints and
still be responsible, and to be able to enjoy the flavor without being plastered.
Thanks, Steve Lacina Victoria, Texas Isn't This Cheating? Dear Zymurgy, Gordon
Strong's article “Think Like a judge" (September/October 2009) was generally
helpful and insightful, until we got to the section at the end that might as well have
been captioned, “And now, how to cheat.“ Some of our club's members were
taken ...

So You Want To Start A Brewery

Author: Tony Magee
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 1556525621
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So it is that while, in 2014, the Lagunitas brand family is built around solid
session beers and other adventurous big-beer flavors, it sure didn't start out that
way. When I first set out on this trip in 1993, I wanted to do only local draft beers
made twelve kegs at a time and hand-sold in the bars and restaurants of West
Marin under their own individual names. I suppose I hoped that word would
sneak out about this small brewer in the back of an old grocery store, but that was

Craft Beer Revolution

Author: Joe Wiebe
Publisher: D & M Publishers
ISBN: 177100116X
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The islands and the Sunshine Coast Craig Street Brewpub Summer Wheat Ale A
delicious Hefeweizen, perfect for a summer afternoon patio session. Longwood
Brewpub Scottish Ale An excellent Scottish ale (not a peaty scotch ale): creamy,
malty and delicious. Salt Spring Island Ales esb Day trips to Salt Spring from
Victoria will become regular occurrences for me once their tasting room and
growler station opens. Tofino Brewing Tuff Session Ale If this book sells a million
copies I ...

The Great Northeast Brewery Tour

Author: Ben Keene
Publisher: Voyageur Press
ISBN: 1610588851
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sk any brewer or student of America's beverage history and you'll hear a similar
refrain: The craft beer movement as we know it started on the West Coast. Some
people will correctly point to Jack McAuliffe and his New Albion ... Others, like
Marshall Wharf in Maine and Bluejacket in D.C., seem intent on trying nearly
everything, from low-alcohol session beers to challenging sours that might throw
your taste buds for a loop. You'll find small breweries that concentrate on British
styles ...