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A Foreign Correspondent's Search for Her Cultural and Spiritual Identity What began as an assignment from her editor at the Wall Street Journal to investigate "America's hottest new fad," the secrets of sexual ecstasy in Tantra, became a ...

Studies In The Buddhistic Culture Of India During The Seventh And Eighth Centuries A D

Author: Lal Mani Joshi
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... commentary called Sphutartha, the commentary on Sancaya, called Subodhini,
and the Pra- jnaparamita-blmvana, etc.170 From the Blue Annals we learn that
the Sphutdrtha was a short comment on the Abhisamayd- lankara, and the
Sancaya is probably the Prajildpdramitd- saiicaya-gatha.171 Haribhadra lived in
the Traikutaka-vihara and died in the 22nd year of Dharmapala's reign.172 Early
Tantrika Literature A detailed discussion of some semi-Tantrika and early
Tantrika texts, ...

Roar Of An Ancient Tantrika

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Immediately after being led to Yogi Shivraj, poetry started mystically coming through Bhairavi Mahadev. This book is a collection of that gifted poetry.

A Social History Of India

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From the Durga cult adoring violence, emerged two other creeds, the Tantrika
and Mantrika. Both are in essence the same except for one difference that in the
Tantrika, rituals are the foremost but in the Mantrika, mantras or chantings are
given emphasis. As against Buddhism which practised absolute continence or
unfaltering celibacy, sublimation of sexual power into spiritual activities, the
Tantrika concentrated entirely on sex and ritualistic sexual enjoyment as the
highest attainment.

The Passionate Buddha

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Although a tantrika — one who studies Tantra — may feel an affinity for a
particular enlightened being he or she would wish to emulate, the selection of
yidam is usually based on the recommendation of the tantrika's teacher. To come
to full realization on this path, the tantrika must maintain an altruistic outlook and
commit to doing whatever the teacher lays out for him or her as the practice and
methods necessary to reach that same enlightenment expression. Tantra,
therefore, is a path ...

Atisa And Tibet

Author: Alaka Chattopadhyaya
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Yet there seems to be no doubt that the ordination Dipamkara received under
him was quite different from the Tantrika form of initiation. It was, in other words,
distinctly prabrajya rather than an abhiseka, which Dipamkara previously had
under Rahulagupta of the Black Mountain. Why did Dipamkara go in for the purer
form of the Buddhist ordination in spite of his early Tantrika initiation ? We may
not find today an exact answer to this. This much is sure, however, that the
Buddhist ...


Author: Hugh B. Urban
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It is "assuredly a Western creation," with a fairly recent history.83 However, we do
find the adjective tantrika, which has been used sometimes as a counterpart and
contrast to the adjective vaidika (Vedic, pertaining to the Vedas). One of the
passages most often cited by modern scholars is a brief one in Kulluka Bhatta's
commentary on the Laws of Manu, "revelation [sruti] is twofold, vaidika and
tantrika."84 In other words, revealed scripture can be classified into that which
belongs ...


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The Tantrika chakra system is completer than the Waidika chakra system. The
Tantrika system is based on the Tantras which are extant. It may not be quite
complete, as a very large number of Tantras are lost. But from the viewpoint of
spiritual practice, it is complete. Now, most of the layayogis have followed the
Tantrika system. Many great layayoga masters have adopted it, and the Tantrika
gurus teach it to their disciples directly and thoroughly. Tantrika Nadi-system
Nadis constitute ...