Author: Asra Nomani
Publisher: Harper Collins
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The Passionate Buddha

Author: Robert Sachs
Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
ISBN: 9780892819140
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Although a tantrika — one who studies Tantra — may feel an affinity for a
particular enlightened being he or she would wish to emulate, the selection of
yidam is usually based on the recommendation of the tantrika's teacher. To come
to full ...

A Social History Of India

Author: S. N. Sadasivan
Publisher: APH Publishing
ISBN: 9788176481700
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From the Durga cult adoring violence, emerged two other creeds, the Tantrika
and Mantrika. Both are in essence the same except for one difference that in the
Tantrika, rituals are the foremost but in the Mantrika, mantras or chantings are
given ...

Atisa And Tibet

Author: Alaka Chattopadhyaya
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.
ISBN: 9788120809284
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Yet there seems to be no doubt that the ordination Dipamkara received under
him was quite different from the Tantrika form of initiation. It was, in other words,
distinctly prabrajya rather than an abhiseka, which Dipamkara previously had
under ...


Author: Hugh B. Urban
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe
ISBN: 9788120829329
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It is "assuredly a Western creation," with a fairly recent history.83 However, we do
find the adjective tantrika, which has been used sometimes as a counterpart and
contrast to the adjective vaidika (Vedic, pertaining to the Vedas). One of the ...

Tantra Yoga

Author: Daniel Odier
Publisher: Theseus Verlag
ISBN: 3958831672
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Der Weg des Tantrika ist – aus der Sicht der Pratyabhijna-Schule – das
unmittelbare Wiedererkennen unserer von jeglichem Konditionieren, jeglicher
Grenze freien spirituellen Essenz, unsere Identität mit Shiva. Der unendliche
Raum ist in ...

Offering Flowers Feeding Skulls

Author: June McDaniel
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0195167902
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A common term of respect for a folk tantrika is siddha, a practitioner who has
attained a particular spiritual goal. A common term of respect for a classical
tantrika is pandit, a scholar with a broad knowledge of his field. Sometimes these
roles ...