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Tessera was begun in order to publish the theoretical and experimental writing of
Québécois and English-Canadian feminist writers. We wish to offer a forum for
dialogue between French and English women writers and among women across

The Tessera Of Antilia

Author: Donald R. Dickson
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004110328
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In addition to secret names, many also used a secret password or tessera.
Originally this word denoted a small, quadrilateral tablet used officially in ancient
Rome as a ticket or receipt. In private use, the tessera hospitalis was a tablet
divided ...

Collaboration In The Feminine

Author: Barbara Godard
Publisher: Sumach Press
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The collection vividly explores the breaking down of formal barriers and the writing across genres that has been such an important facet of this feminist literary project.

Tessera Paemeiobrigensis

Author: Felice Costabile
ISBN: 9788882650964
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un nuovo editto di Augusto dalla "Transduriania provincia" e l'imperium
proconsulare del princeps Felice Costabile, Orazio Licandro. Etimologicamente,
infatti, il sostantivo latino tessera deriva dal greco xéaaapet;, e designa perciò un
Oggetto ...

The Bacteria Their Origin Structure Function And Antibiosis

Author: Arthur L. Koch
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402032064
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Tessera;. the. Unit. Structure. of. Murein. Wall. To enclose the surface area of a
bacterium, a very large number of the penta-muropeptides have to be covalently
linked together. This fabric can either be considered to be a network or as a ...

Mysteria Magica

Author: Melita Denning
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 9780738701691
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Notes: A) The Tessera consists of a square of wood (any wood of neutral colour
is suitable) approximately 4" along each side and 3/8" thick. On its obverse it
bears the design of the interlaced squares: the square whose sides are parallel
to ...

Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Roman Law

Publisher: American Philosophical Society
ISBN: 9780871694324
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Tessera. A square tablet, a token used as a proof of identity, a ticket. Tesserae for
public spectacles (ludi) were distributed to poor people by the curator es ludorum
. — See the following items. Lafaye, DS 5. 134; RostowKW, Rom. Bleiteuerae ...