The Administration Of Fear

Author: Paul Virilio
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 1584351055
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A new interview with the philosopher of speed, addressing the ways in which technology is utilized in synchronizing mass emotions. We are living under the administration of fear: fear has become an environment, an everyday landscape.


Author: Toby Green
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781429938532
Size: 46.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A journey across centuries of religious conflict Toby Green's incredible new book brings a vast panorama to life by focusing on the untold stories of individuals from all walks of life and every section of society who were affected by the ...

The Administration Of The East India Company

Author: Sir John William Kaye
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It may be that a conquered people are always, more or less, a false people —
that it is not in the nature of men to be truthful with the yoke on their necks. But the
form of government observed, and the character of the religion professed by the
conquerors, must always regulate the degree to which political prostration is
accompanied by moral debasement. Falsehood is the child of fear. And who can
estimate the tremendous amount of falsehood against which the Enghsh
legislator has ...

The United States Of Fear

Author: Tom Engelhardt
Publisher: Haymarket Books
ISBN: 1608461610
Size: 51.83 MB
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This is the startling tale of how fear was profitably shot into the national bloodstream, how the country—gripped by terror fantasies—was locked down, and how a brain-dead Washington elite fiddled (and profited) while America quietly ...

The History Of The Administration Of John Adams Esq Late President Of The United States

Author: John Wood
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They thought the administration and the government ought to be confounded and
identified ; that the administration was the government, and the government the
administration ; and, that the people ought to bow in tame submission to its whim
and ... that such attempts ought to be repelled with a decision which shall
convince France and the world, that we are not a degraded people, humiliated
under a colonial spirit of fear and sense of inferiority, fitted to be 94 THE

The Administration Of International Organizations

Author: Michael D V Davies
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351895222
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the official's status. From there the Nakajima regime proceeded in a downward
direction and in the process reduced arguably the most effective UN Specialised
Agency to a shadow of its former self. He too, was accused of buying votes in his
re-election, of unethical personal behaviour and of using his diplomatic position
to export restricted art works from Russia." The WHO external auditor resigned
because he was not given sufficient co-operation to examine irregularities in the
WHO ...

On The Administration Of Criminal Justice In England

Author: Cottu (M.)
Size: 36.31 MB
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if so, it is sent to be inquired into by a jury, always selected in the county, and, if
the allegation is proved, the sentence is annulled. All the cases are pleaded in
the court of King's Bench by the counsel of the two parties, in the same manner
as in our own courts. When the pleadings are finished, the judge who tried the
cause, reads his notes to his brother judges, and explains the motives of his
decision: the judges then decide the question by giving their opinion openly and
publicly; and ...

Historical Review Of The Administration Of Mr Necker

Author: Jacques Necker
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Let us confess the truth: Our legislators have preserved only the mummy of
executive power ; whatever constituted its life and action exists no longer.
Meanwhile we cannot bring this power to life again at our will ; for obedience and
respect depend in a great measure on long habit; and it would be an immense
loss, a misfortune beyond calculation, to be obliged to create these sentiments
anew by the inflićtion of punishments, and to begin with the operation of fear and
terror. With how ...

Papers Regarding The Administration Of The Marquis Of Hastings

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Then will be the time for us to drive out the enemy and recover possession of the
low countries of Palpa as far as Beejapore. If we succeed in ... Countries
acquired in four generations, under the administration of the Thappahs, should
not be abandoned, for the purpose of bringing matters to an amicable adjustment
, without deep and serious reflection. If we are ... By the cession of these
provinces, the fear of your name and the splendour of your Court will no longer
remain. By the ...