Vietnam Economic Times

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Choose someone you can get along with on a personal level and communicate
with; many good agents speak reasonable English. The agent's fee is a ... The art
Of negotiation. When you've found a place that suits you, then you have to work
out terms with the landlord. Don't be afraid to haggle: the stakes may be higher
but it's exactly the same principle as buying a kilo of fruit in the market. Bring a ...
They can fix things which go wrong in the house, saving you money. Maintaining

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Scientific American

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But you have been anticipated; the device is old and you could not get a patent; it
has been tried but never made to operate well ; we could put our hands on the
remnants of such a machine in this city; it has also been tried in London. If you
desire to obtain ... paper of week before last, “A windfall for some one.” Marcus
DuBois ... You are advised to send us a model of your apparatus for making them
, and a specimen of the collar, and we can then give you better advice. G. H. W.,
of Wis.

English Mechanics And The World Of Science

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I cannot say where you are wrong with it, unless the upper side of displacer is
open to the atmosphere, which should be covered airti ht, and cold water made to
circulate over cover. be dis lacer should have a space kin. all round it, so t at the
air can pass ... them to, only their power will be inrirleaied t a longer the focal
length of o.g.—[61886.] ... Surely it must be possible in violins, as in other things,
to produce an exact copy, or is this beyond the art of our mechanics 7—

American Machinist

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G. T. Latta, of Cincinnati, for whom a pair of wheels was cut, wrote that he was
highly pleased with them, and expressed regrets that he had not met with their
method long ago, as It would have saved him great expense and bother. ... It is
said with reference to this last plan: "It makes no difference in this proceeding
where the crank is with regard to stroke of piston," which one may readily believe.
... Will you give me the names of a few schools where I can study civil

The Engineer

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In my last, letter I mentioned that the rule — for finding the vertical height between
the point of suspension and the plane of revolution of the centre of the balls – is
the same for all cases, wherever we fix or suspend the arms either in the point D
or E. It will now be evident to any one who will glance at the ... 119, 12th August
1859, where you say: "The height to be taken is from the plane of revolution to
E E, the plane of suspension, The point O has nothing to do with the calculation.