The Progression Of International Law

Author: Yoram Dinstein
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9004219110
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While these codes vary from culture to culture, they seem to exist in all cultures,
and their common features are among the oldest artefacts of human morality:
from the Christian code of chivalry to the Japanese Bushido, or “way of the
warrior”, the strict ethical code of the samurai, ... Rooted in a belief that such
means are necessary for personal and national survival, these views are what
the new generation seems primarily to be taught through the media and war-play
computer ...

On Military Science A Guide To Understanding The Meaning Of F O I Volume 1

Author: Mikaeel D. Shabazz Muhammad
ISBN: 1105176606
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So if computer science has the process of reflection/introspection, how much
more so should we, who have brains that outrun/out-think any computer, engage
in constant introspection or reflection of our thoughts, words, and deeds? This is
where the previous emails on Ethics comes in. Basically ... The warriors of old,
notably the samurai, are renowned for their strict ethical code of conduct called '
bushido', or 'warrior spirit way'. The honor of the samurai was not in wearing the
title of ...

Warriors Of Art

Author: Yumi Yamaguchi
Publisher: Kodansha International
ISBN: 9784770030313
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Maybe this is the source of the obsessive attention to detail found in the
manufacturing technologies of Japanese companies such as Sony, Toyota, and
Honda, or in the Japanese-made computer games that flood the markets of the
West. In his classic essay on samurai ethics Bushido (which literally translates as
"the Way of the Warrior"), first published in 1900 and still popular today, Inazo
Nitobc attempts to explain the soul of Japan to Westerners. He argues that the
traditions handed ...

Black Belt

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They had no qualms about using poisons and other special death-dealing
devices disdained by the samurai. Samurai mainly used ninjutsu to gather
information. If a confrontation developed, they approached it openly and honestly
. To the samurai, ninjutsu was another tool to be used honorably, following the
code of bushido (way of the warrior). *** The samurai were highly trained and
very intelligent for their time. Still, they were human; they made mistakes and, at
times, did not live ...

This Book Is Not Good For You

Author: Pseudonymous Bosch
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1409554716
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YoYoji's main interests consisted of rock music and computer games and
collecting rare, brightly coloured sneakers. But ever since spending a year in
Japan he'd become more and more fascinated with Japanese history, especially
the history of the samurai. He had memorized the samurai's bushido (“way of the
warrior”) code, and he spent much of his free time watching old samurai movies

Trying Not To Try

Author: Edward Slingerland
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 0770437621
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As he approaches his destination and begins to activate his targeting computer,
he hears in his mind the voice of the recently slain Obi-Wan (in that wonderfully
sonorous Alec Guinness voice): Use the Force, Luke . ... George Lucas, in
conceptualizing the Star Wars mythology— particularly the Jedi Knights and
figures such as Yoda—was at least partly inspired by the mystical bushido (“Way
of the Warrior”) code of the Japanese samurai, which combined a bit of
Confucianism with big ...

Anime And The Visual Novel

Author: Dani Cavallaro
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786444274
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Narrative Structure, Design and Play at the Crossroads of Animation and
Computer Games Dani Cavallaro. nous to the fictive worlds of the anime where
they appear, especially in the cases of ... On the other, the principle of allegiance
to a group can be historically related to samurai culture and the code of bushido (
“the way of the warrior”), where loyalty, understood as duty to one's leaders, plays
a key part. This is paralleled, at the familial level, by the principle of piety as duty
to one's ...

Project Daedalus

Author: Thomas Hoover
Publisher: Thomas Hoover
ISBN: 1452372462
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He had just completed the last call when he noticed a flashing alert on the main
computerterminal, advising him that the morning's hypersonic test in Number One
was scheduled to begin at 0800 hours. He grunted and typed in an
acknowledgment. In his view it was a waste of time, overkill. The SX-10's
simulation had already taken them further than they needed to go. But, all right,
humor the Soviet team. It would only require a morning. His contractor briefings
now out of the way, ...