The Discipline Book

Author: Eric D. Randall
Publisher: Abuzz Press
ISBN: 9781632639455
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This comprehensive handbook has been written for administrators, union officials and attorneys involved in disciplinary actions taken against public officers and employees employed by New York State and its political subdivisions, under ...

Innovations In Human Resource Management

Author: Hannah S. Sistare
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 0765638533
Size: 29.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Three key themes emerge in Innovations in Human Resource Management: •
Treating public sector workers as human capital rather than labor. • Requiring
performance and accountability in getting the public's work done. •
Understanding the evolution of public management as a discipline — the New
Public Managment and the New Governance, especially in the context of public
leadership. Praise for this Book "Government's greatest strength lies in the
intellectual acumen, ...

The Big Book Of Jobs 20052006 Edition

Author: U. S. Department of Labor
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 9780071437325
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Leadership qualities are necessary for officers, who must establish and maintain
discipline and efficiency, as well as direct the activities of firefighters in their
companies. Most experienced firefighters ... Many people are attracted to
firefighting because it is challenging and provides the opportunity to perform an
essential public service, a high school education is usually sufficient for entry,
and a pension is guaranteed upon retirement after 20 years. Consequently, the
number of ...

New York State Bar Journal

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Books Order Form Make check payable to New York State Bar Association and
mail to: New York State Bar Association, One Elk Street, Albany, NY 12207.
Name Firm Address City 1980-1981 OFFICERS President Alexander D. Forger.
New York City President-Elect. Law Firm Organization— [205] This book offers a
discussion of new developments, hints on organization, avoiding malpractice,
cutting ... Emphasis is given to the duty to bargain, right of representation and

News Media Yellow Book

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6010 Primedia Magazine Group 200 Madison Avenue, 8th Floor,
New York, NY 10016 Tel: (212)448-4600 Fax:(212) 252-7725 Magazines:
Automobile, Chicago, In-Fisherman, Modern Bride, New York, Seventeen, Soap
Opera Digest, ... Employment, Essential Facts: Pension & Profit Sharing, Guide to
Employee Discipline and Termination, Guide to Employee Handbooks, Guide to
Employee Leave, Guide to Employee Recruiting and Hiring, Guide to Equal
Employment ...

The Nation

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His title to fame rests upon solid foundation, and not alone on his public services
as a legislator, diplomat, and civic ruler, but mainly upon his love of books. This
catalogue of his library, a carefully prepared work of four hundred ... A note to this
title informs us that “some twenty years since a less perfect, and inevery way
inferior, collection of original letters of the signers only was sold at auction in New
York for a thousand dollars.” Thirty-seven numbers of the catalogue describe as
many ...

Niles National Register

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The want of appropriations has arrested these works and exposed some of them
to the inevitable injuries consequent upon their being left in an unfinished state.
... connected with one of our arsenals, so as to be under the charge of officers
already in the public service, by which the cost of its construction and supervision
may be essentially diminished. Admonished, as we are, ... System and regularity
in the hours of labor, are as essential in this as in any other workshop.– The 9th ...

Library Journal

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However, if you were to ask the staff of the Woodford Public Library for their
description of hell, they would point to the main reading room of their library after
school, on Saturdays, and during vacations. It wasn't always that way. Indeed,
long-term staff members could remember when young people were well behaved
and respectful of their elders in the library, back when a mere glance from any
employee was enough to subdue a person who might chance to look up from a
book and ...

Niles Weekly Register

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The foundry, may be connected with one of our arsenals, so as to be under the
charge of officers already in the public service, by which the cost of its
construction and supervision may be essentially diminished. Admonished, as we
are, by the efforts of other ... the objections that had been thus made. It shows,
what might indeed have been expected, that the immediate and direct
responsibility secured by the employment of the regular officers having charge of
every other branch of the ...

Railway Signal Engineer

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A signal engineer should also be thoroughly capable of handling the discipline of
employees in regard to the observance of signals. While such duties are not now
York City, proposes to issue an order requiring gates at highway grade crossings
to be kept lowered constantly from midnight to 5:30 a.m., except when raised to
permit an automobile, a carriage or a wagon to pass. A hearing was held on June