The Heart Of The Constitution

Author: Gerard Magliocca
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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"This is the untold story of the most celebrated part of the Constitution.

Toward A More Perfect Union

Author: Neil L. York
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The first ten amendments were eventually accepted by the states, and the Bill of
Rights officially became part of the Constitution on 15 December 1791, when
Virginia voted to ratify. Three of ... Although they were added four years after the
Constitution was written and some states chose to embrace them much later still,
the ten amendments making up the Bill of Rights reflect some of our most prized
political ideals and are at the heart of our expectations for constitutional

The Bill Of Rights In Modern America

Author: David J. Bodenhamer
Publisher: Indiana University Press
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mand for a Bill of Rights led to the first ten amendments to the original
Constitution, they opted again for precision. In particular, they added the Bill of
Rights at the behest of the Anti-Federalists, who feared that an overreaching
national government would in time "devour" the states. Thus there was no
ambiguity as to the applicability of the Bill of Rights: it did not extend as a
restriction on the powers of the several states. This issue, which in fact lies at the
heart of the rise of the privacy ...

Bills Of Rights And Decolonization

Author: Charles Parkinson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Nigeria gained a bill of rights in October 1959 and independence on 1 October
1960. It was a major turning point in the development of bills of rights in Britain's
overseas territories. First, it was the territory over which the Colonial Office
changed its policy towards bills of rights: the Colonial Office went from opposing
any constitutional rights in 1953 to supporting positively the inclusion of bills of
rights when locally requested. Second, the resulting Nigerian bill of rights
became the basic ...

Understanding American Government Alternate Edition

Author: Susan Welch
Publisher: Cengage Learning
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The Constitution's fragmentation of power and some specific provisions (see box
Constitutional Provisions Protecting Property” in that chapter) were designed to
prevent the masses from curtailing the rights of the elites. ... Thus the Bill of Rights
became the means to protect the fundamental rights of political, religious, and
racial minorities and of criminal defendants—people who are out of the
mainstream and often unpopular and powerless— when they come in conflict
with the ...

The Revolutionary Constitution

Author: David J. Bodenhamer
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019991303X
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chose to include in the new contract. Rousseau did not influence American
revolutionary thought as much as he anticipated one of its central ideas: rights
could be claimed without limit, as long as men agreed to them. ... Restraints on
government were at the heart of the state constitutionmaking from 1776 to 1780,
and to this end, rights became part of fundamental law in almost every state,
either as part of the text or listed separately in a bill of rights. The focus was on
rights necessary ...

Public Papers Of The Presidents Of The United States Ronald Reagan 1982

Author: Reagan, Ronald
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Week,. 1982. December. 10,. 1982. By the President of the United States of
America A Proclamation On December 15, 1791, our Founding Fathers
celebrated the ratification of the first ten Amendments to the Constitution of the
United States—a Bill of Rights which from that moment forward helped shape a
nation unique in the annals of history. The Bill of Rights became the formal and
legal expression of our liberties and of the principles ...

Timor Leste S Bill Of Rights

Author: Annemarie Devereux
Publisher: ANU Press
ISBN: 1925022390
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Further primary source material may also become available to shed light on the
process. Until such time as a comprehensive documentation ... some contribution
to illuminating the major contours of debates. Human rights lie at the very heart of
the Timorese Constitution. ... Its Bill of Rights embraces a wide range of rights:
civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights as well as 'third generation'
rights such as environmental rights. During the drafting process, a desire to
prevent the ...

James Madison And The Struggle For The Bill Of Rights

Author: Richard Labunski
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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His proposed language would have read “The powers not expressly delegated
by this constitution. . . .” The Tucker amendment would have greatly diminished
congressional authority under the “necessary and proper” clause, which had
granted Congress substantial discretion to carry out the responsibilities assigned
by the Constitution. It would become a major issue throughout the nation's history
—going to the heart of how a federal system should allocate power between the
states ...