The Highly Engaged Classroom

Author: Robert J. Marzano
Publisher: Solution Tree Press
ISBN: 1935543121
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Using the suggestions in this book, every teacher can create a classroom environment where engagement is the norm, not the exception.

Creatively Gifted Students Are Not Like Other Gifted Students

Author: Kyung Hee Kim
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9462091498
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Vrew partrcrpatron, homework Christenson, & Furlong, 2008) extra-currrculars)
completron) felt by students from their teachers', when these three factors were
present in the classroom, students were more likely to be engaged in school and,
in turn, had ... When students feel cared for they try harder and pay more attention
(Wentzel, 1997). ... (2003) found that high student engagement took place when
instruction was highly interactive and numerous teaching strategies were in place

Eight Myths Of Student Disengagement

Author: Jennifer A. Fredricks
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1483359107
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In many classrooms, students spend much of their time on drill and practice and
on tasks that require recall or repetition of procedures. Students ... classrooms.
They will pay attention, stay on task, and use shallow-learning strategies such as
rehearsal or underlining to complete assignments. ... Whereas behavioral
engagement may be important in low-level tasks, as schools move to new and
more highly conceptual standards, emotional and cognitive engagement will be

Principled Practices For Adolescent Literacy

Author: Elizabeth G. Sturtevant
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134732368
Size: 60.36 MB
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This will remain our continuing challenge as educators of older students. It is
highly doubtful that our least competent readers and writers in middle and
secondary classrooms will become skillful, engaged readers if they are limited to
a narrow scope of reading materials, such as the textbook or whole-class novels,
that are too difficult, too tedious, or both (Allington, 2002). True engagement in a
variety of texts for these students requires that we turn our attention to several
matters. First ...


Author: Frank McCourt
ISBN: 9789752106451
Size: 78.78 MB
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In seinen von Lebensweisheit und Humor geprägten Erinnerungen erzählt der bekannte irische Autor ("Die Asche meiner Mutter") von seiner oft aufregenden Tätigkeit als Lehrer in New York

Encyclopedia Of Christian Education

Author: George Thomas Kurian
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0810884933
Size: 14.15 MB
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A bad example cited by Quinn is creating a game in which students have to solve
a math problem and if they do, then they get to play a game. ... This keeps the
learners engaged on an ongoing basis. ... not necessarily disregard the negative
impact of gaming, but they focus their attention largely on what one can learn
from gaming culture and the design of games as a way to better understand how
to design highly engaging and high-impact formal and informal learning


Author: Ken Robinson
ISBN: 9786051115238
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Eric Resources In Education

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had a strong effect on engagement; (3) subjects' self-ratings of their usual story
engagement, their measured engagement, and their teachers' ratings did not
correspond very well; (4) both engaged and nonengaged readers tended to use
the same strategies; and (5) there was a wide variability of strategy use among
readers. Findings suggest that teachers need to provide strategy instruction for all
students with the suggestion that students need to experiment and discover
which ...