Homer His Art And His World

Author: Joachim Latacz
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Commentaries The Iliad Willcock, M.M. 1976. A Companion to the Iliad, Based on
the Translation by Richmond Lattimore. Chicago. Willcock, M.M., ed. 1978-84.
The Iliad of Homer. 2 vols. London. Hogan, J.C. 1979. A Guide to the Iliad, Based
on the Translation by Robert Fitzgerald. Garden City, N.Y. Macleod, C.W., ed.
1982. Homer: Iliad, Book XXIV. Cambridge. Kirk, G.S., et al. 1985-93. The Iliad: A
Commentary. Cambridge. Vol. 1, bks. 1-4, by G.S. Kirk, 1985. Vol. 2, bks. 5-8, by
G.S. ...

British Book News

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Forthcoming Books March 1990 Language and Literature Forthcoming Books
March 1990 Language and Literature Forthcoming Books March ... Intended as a
readable reference guide to feminist writers 809.89287 PN7771 Kirk, G. S.
Regius Professor Emeritus of Greek, University of Cambridge The Iliad: A
Commentary Vol II, Bks 5-8 CUP np 0 52123710 6 228 x 152mm 380pp ©O©
Second volume in the six- ... Consists of four introductory essays followed by the
commentary itself.

The Iliad A Commentary Volume 2

Author: G. S. Kirk
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521281720
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BOOK. EIGHT. The eighth Book is unusual in several respects. Known in
antiquity as the K6Aos Mctxr| or Curtailed Battle, it describes the fighting over one
complete day, which begins with Zeus forbidding the gods to interfere and ends
with ... and are the target of apparently pedantic criticism ; and on (ii) that pre-
Aristarchan papyri cover only a small proportion of the epic as a whole, and that
the survival of P 7, which is unparalleled in its proportion of added vv., could
place bk 8 in a ...

The Publishers Trade List Annual

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Oxford U Pr. Commentary on Homer's Iliad Books 1-6. M. M. Willcock LC 74-
108403. 1970. text ed. 13.95x; pap lest ed. 5.95s. St Martin. Commentary oa
Horace; Odes, Bk. 1. Robin G. Nisbel & Margaret Hubbard. 1970. 15.25s (ISBN
.... Macmillan. Commentary on the Documents of Vatican Two, 5 Vols. Ed. by J.
Vorgrimler. 15 00 ea. (Crossroad Bks); Vol. I (ISBN 0-8164-1014- 3); Vol. 2. (ISBN
0-8164-1015-1); Vol. 3. (ISBN 0-8164-1016- X); Vol 4. (ISBN 0-8164- 1017-8);
Vol. 5.

Books In Print

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(ISBN 0-37431530-2). FS&G. Ceming Indoors & Other Poems. Bernard L.
Einbond. LC 78-53258. 1979 boxed 8.50 op. (ISBN 0-80481291-8). CETuttle.
Ceming into Being among the Australian Aborigines: The Procreative Beliefs of
the Australian ... Walbert Buhlmann. Ed. by Ralph Woodhall & A. N. Woodhall.
LC76-23237. Orig. Title: Kommt diedritte Kirche. 430p. 1977. 14.95 op. (ISBN 0-
88344-069-5), pap. 16.95xop. (ISBN 0-88344-070.9). Orbis Bks. Coming Out.
Wallace Hamilton.

Testimonien Zum Corpus Hippocraticum Teil Iii

Author: Ανάργυρος Αναστασίου
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
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Im Vergleich zu den von 1997 bis 2006 erschienenen Testimonien-Bänden I, II.1 und II.2 umfasst Teil III einen sehr viel längeren Zeitabschnitt.