The Malmedy Massacre

Author: Steven P. Remy
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674971957
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During the Battle of the Bulge, Waffen SS soldiers shot 84 American prisoners near Malmedy, Belgium—the deadliest mass execution of U.S. soldiers during World War II. Drawing on newly declassified documents, Steven Remy revisits the ...

Law And War

Author: Peter Maguire
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231518196
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Malmedy Massacre Investigation: Investigation of Army Action with Respect to
Trial of Persons Responsible for the Massacre of American Soldiers, Battle of the
Bulge, near Malmedy, Belgium, December, 1944 (Washington, D.C.: U.S.
Government Printing Office, 1949), 352. 9. Ibid. McCarthy bore ... The German
Protestant bishops became downright theatrical during this phase of the
Malmedy controversy” (The U.S. War Crimes Trial Program in Germany, 1946–
1955 [Westport, Conn.

A Peculiar Crusade

Author: James J. Weingartner
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814784739
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Other American lawyers fought doggedly for their former enemies in the many
lesser war crimes trials, which were often obscured by the shadow of Nuremberg,
but none devoted himself to the task with the passion that Everett displayed. What
motivated him? ... answers to these questions provide? Evidence of continued
public fascination with the controversy surrounding the Malmedy massacre and
trial, in the form of frequent comments and queries from readers of the earlier
book, ...

Malmedy Massacre Investigation

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The General Assembly of the United Nations should declare by resolution that
the murder of unarmed combatants in prisoner-of-war status and noncom- batant
civilians is an international crime for which individuals may be held responsible.
... a Federal crime (even though under existing United States case law such
action by Congress is not necessary"), there will be no storm of legal controversy
concerning ex post facto law should the occasion for war crimes trials again arise
,28 and ...

Malmedy Massacre Investigation

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Armed Services
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With such international substantive law in black and white, and the enactment by
Congress making such action a Federal crime (even though under existing
United States case law such action by Congress is not necessary"), there will be
no storm of legal controversy concerning ex post facto law should the occasion
for war crimes trials again arise,38 and an international appellate tribunal will
have sound ground upon which to proceed. As mentioned above, international
appellate ...

The Harry S Truman Encyclopedia

Author: Richard Stewart KirKendall
Publisher: G K Hall
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President Truman thought that the "barbaric practices" of these war criminals
demanded the unprecedented step of the victors putting the vanquished on trial: "
We have a stern duty to teach the German people the hard lesson that they must
change their ways before they can be received back into the family of peaceful
civilized ... In addition a number of trials in Dachau dealt exclusively with "
conventional" war crimes — the most famous among them that of the "Malmedy
massacre" ...

The Register Of The Kentucky Historical Society

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A civilian attorney sensitive regarding defendants' rights to a fair trial, Bill
believed a basic purpose of the war crimes trials was demonstration of the need
to protect each defendant's rights, whoever the accused might be. ... Story of the
Malmedy Massacre and Trial (Berkeley, Calif., 1979); Charles Whiting, Massacre
at Malmedy: The Story of Joachim Peiper's Battle Group, Ardennes, December
1944 (New York, 1971); and Richard Gallagher, The Malmedy Massacre (New
York, 1964).

War Crimes And War Crime Trials

Author: John C. Watkins
Publisher: Carolina Academic Pr
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Other controversies swirled about the case, its investigation and outcome, as the
international geopolitical spectre of the emerging Cold War began to influence
the later decisions regarding the entire war crimes trial efforts in Germany.
Ultimately, in January, 1950, the remaining six defendants who still had a death
sentence pending, had their capital sanctions commuted to life imprisonment.
Thus, no executions of any individuals involved in the Malmedy Case ever took

The U S War Crimes Trial Program In Germany 1946 1955

Author: Frank M. Buscher
Publisher: Praeger Pub Text
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The specific cause was the controversy surrounding the U.S. Army's trials of war
criminals at Dachau. The largest proceeding of that program involved seventy-
four members of the SS accused of having murdered a large number of American
prisoners of war and civilians near the Belgian town of Malmedy. The incident
had occurred during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. The massacre,
which had once served to strengthen the American resolve to hold trials of war ...