We Make Beer

Author: Sean Lewis
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250017793
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He found, in them and others, a community that put its soul into its work, who sees beer-making as an extension of themselves. We Make Beer is not just a celebration of American brewing, but of the spirit that binds brewers together.

A To Z Beer Making Beer At Home For Total Beginners

Author: Lisa Bond
Publisher: sbBooks via PublishDrive
ISBN: 1537847317
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So, you have decided to make your own beer? Aren't you clever, you little weasel? Yes, we know you need to have a lot of beer for your friends, family, and you of course, because you love beer, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this book.


Author: Michael J. Lewis
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461507294
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Overview of the brewing process would probably be considered a most
inappropriate technology. We would almost certainly make beer directly from
barley or other grain using enzymes, we would not heat and cool and dry and wet
the process as much as we do today; we would shorten fermentation and aging
and we would not dilute the bulk product and fill it into tiny, yet heavy packages
for distribution! The process would be a good deal more rational. But beer was
not invented ...

True Brew

Author: Rita T. Kohn
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253001625
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Just taken by it. We came back here and couldn't find it for a couple of years. We'
d ask for Sam, Sam something. And they'd offer us Sam Smith, and it was always
a disappointment. I love food; I love beer pairing; I love to cook. Then a friend
said, “I make beer; I make beer; I make beer.” I kept trying to get my husband to
make beer, and he would never take the bait. So my friend invited us over to his
house to try his homebrew, and I remember going down to his basement to pour
a pint ...

Florida Breweries

Author: Gerard Walen
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0811758699
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We talked to the owner here, developed an interest on both sides to open a
brewpub, and here we go,” he said. So far, it seems to be a good fit; after all,
pizza and beer have gone together since pizza was invented (beer came first). “
We make suggestions when a new beer comes out for the staff to suggest to
patrons which pizzas would go well with the beers that we're making,” Larsen
said. His brewing philosophy is grounded in the classics: “We do a little bit of
playing around with ...

Brew Chem 101

Author: Lee W. Janson
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1603421750
Size: 59.90 MB
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Brew Chem 101 features: -- Nontechnical language and a highly readable style -- Explanations of the chemical reactions at each stage of the brewing process and how to avoid potential problems -- A primer on beer tasting and judging

Extreme Brewing A Deluxe Edition With 14 New Homebrew Recipes

Author: Sam Calagione
Publisher: Quarry Books
ISBN: 1610599489
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As beer drinkers, all of our palates are unique, so the qualities we are looking for
in great beers are also unique. This is why there are so many different beers out
there. It's subjective. The definition of extreme brewing is subjective as well. I
asked a few friends for their definitions, and you can see that they put their own
spin on it. But we agree quite a bit on what makes extreme brewing, extreme.
Short's Brewery, in Michigan, makes many enve— lope—pushing beers like Idia
Sprice ...

Cottage Economy

Author: William Cobbett
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labourers, coming back to what they were forty years ago, and therefore we may
prepare for the making of beer in our own houses, and take leave of the
poisonous stuff served out to us by common brewers. We may begin immediately;
for, even at present prices, home-brewed beer is the cheapest drink that a family
can use, except milk, and milk can be applicable only in certain cases. 23. The
drink which has come to supply the place of beer has, in general, been tea. It is
notorious ...

Brewing Britain

Author: Andy Hamilton
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448154391
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really isn't that hard. It's rather like the game of backgammon: it takes a moment to
learn and a lifetime to master. Speaking to many want-to-be-brewers, I've noticed
the first hurdle can be confidence – or, rather, lack of it. Perhaps if we all had a
motivational expert on hand at all times, reminding us that anything is possible,
telling us that we can do it and whooping in our ear, then we might become the
best we ...

Beer In The Middle Ages And The Renaissance

Author: Richard W. Unger
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812203747
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Richard W. Unger. Chapter 2. Early. Medieval. Brewing. Beer Before the Middle
Ages: Mesopotamia and Egypt Brewing was important to society long before
there was even the idea of Europe. It found a prominent place among early
settled agricultural regimes. It is not likely that those settlements were started to ...
Other more compelling reasons existed for abandoning at least part of the
hunting and gathering life, but it was not long after settling down that people
began to make beer.