Ballots Babies And Banners Of Peace

Author: Melissa R. Klapper
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See Hyman, Gender and Assimilation in Modern Jewish History, especially
chaps. 3 and 4. 6. The standard (though not historical) works on Jewish law and
birth control are Feldman, Birth Control in Jewish Law and Millen, Women, Birth,
and Death in Jewish Law and Practice. 7. For the eastern European background
of Jewish fertility rates, see Freeze, Jewish Marriage and Divorce in Imperial
Russia, 54ff. 8. Garlin, “Rose Halpern.” 9. Anne Kennedy, New York, to Halpern,
New York, ...

Judaism In Practice

Author: Lawrence Fine
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Reprint. "This is a rich collection. Fine has secured contributions, introductions, and a selection of materials from accomplished scholars in each area covered. There is no other volume like it.

Women And Judaism

Author: Frederick E. Greenspahn
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One memorable rite was the hadas, a medieval ceremony that entailed a
celebration of the birth of a male or female child. This rite was retained only by
the Spanish Jewish community and, thus, also by the judaizers. ... fruit in the
fashion in which the Jews practice for their sons and daughters that is called
hadas, which was seen twice when the said wife of Alonso López gave birth.44
At the same time, María González of Casarrubios del Monte confessed to
observing the laws of purity.

The Birth Of Conservative Judaism

Author: Michael R. Cohen
Publisher: Columbia University Press
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Hare Krishna movement, 48 Hebrew language, 17–18, 120 Hebrew Union
College (HUC): disciples to, 175n150; JTS and, 19–20 Hevesh, Joseph, 40, 59,
175nn150–51 “His Majesty's Opposition” (S. Schechter), 18 Historical Judaism,
71; ... 148, 154; Waxman for, 152–53 Hoffman, Charles Isaiah: C. Adler, conflict
with, 50–51; background of, 28, 49; compromise from, 65; death of, 135–36; on
historical Judaism, 117; J. Kohn and, 41; platform and, 104, 109–10, 190nn39–
40, 190n42; ...

Choices And Challeges

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Although born Catholic, he never really practiced that faith: He married a Jewish
woman and participated actively in Jewish life as a member of the local "Y",
contributing to the State of lsrael, and allowing his wife to bring up his children as
educated and somewhat observant Jews. Upon his death, his wife was
astonished to discover that the Rabbi was seeking to prevent her husband from
being buried in the Jewish cemetery as prescribed by Jewish law. Her feeling of
course is that ...

Children And Childhood In American Religions

Author: Don S. Browning
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The fetus becomes a child, with the same legal protections against murder and
assault enjoyed by all human beings, at the moment of birth. Still, if the baby dies
within the first thirty days after birth, full mourning rites are not observed. This was
based in part on the rabbis' doubt about whether the child was born full term (“a
lasting being,” a bar kayyama) or premature and in part on the fact that many
children died soon after birth.5 Orthodox Jews continue this practice. Because we
now ...

Fr Ulein Rabbiner Jonas

Author: Elisa Klapheck
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This book provides a wonderful historical record of her life and times and is filled with photos, documents, and letters that bring to life this fascinating and heroic woman.

Essential Judaism

Author: George Robinson
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As we have seen, even today there are vestigial traces of that belief in practices
such as the hanging of red ribbons from a newborn child's crib. Among the
Orthodox it is common practice to change one's name during serious illness—
often to Chaim or Chavah, both of which mean “life” or Raphael, which means “
God heals”—to fool the Angel of Death, or as a form of prayer. Even so, Judaism
has seldom accepted the notion that illness. Birth to Death: A Jewish Life Cycle

Connections And Collisions

Author: Lois E. Rubin
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Starhawk: Dreaming a Post- Feminist, Post- Jewish World Irene C. Goldman-
Price Anne roiphe, in 1981, asked assimilated american jews: if one leaves the
tight world of one's ancestors, if one abandons the synagogue, the High Holy
Days, the Sabbath Queen, the Torah, the Talmud, the Midrash, what
replacements are made in the building of the soul? How are the crises of life
marked: birth, marriage, death? How are festivals managed? Men and women
need ways of living within ...