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Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading

Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading

Author: Larry Williams
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118184688
Pages: 336
Year: 2011-11-01
Hugely popular market guru updates his popular trading strategy for a post-crisis world From Larry Williams—one of the most popular and respected technical analysts of the past four decades—Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading, Second Edition provides the blueprint necessary for sound and profitable short-term trading in a post-market meltdown economy. In this updated edition of the evergreen trading book, Williams shares his years of experience as a highly successful short-term trader, while highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of what can be a very fruitful yet potentially dangerous endeavor. Offers market wisdom on a wide range of topics, including chaos, speculation, volatility breakouts, and profit patterns Explains fundamentals such as how the market moves, the three most dominant cycles, when to exit a trade, and how to hold on to winners Includes in-depth analysis of the most effective short-term trading strategies, as well as the author's winning technical indicators Short-term trading offers tremendous upside. At the same time, the practice is also extremely risky. Minimize your risk and maximize your opportunities for success with Larry Williams's Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading, Second Edition.
Harmful Tax Competition An Emerging Global Issue

Harmful Tax Competition An Emerging Global Issue

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264162941
Pages: 84
Year: 1998-05-19
Tax competition in the form of harmful tax practices can distort trade and investment patterns, erode national tax bases and shift part of the tax burden onto less mobile tax bases. The Report emphasises that governments must intensify their cooperative actions to curb harmful tax practices.
CCSP Self-Study

CCSP Self-Study

Author: Andrew Mason
Publisher: Cisco Systems
ISBN: 1587051451
Pages: 455
Year: 2004
bull; Learn from the newest edition of the best-selling CSVPN book bull; Master the deployment, management, and troubleshooting of secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) bull; Includes review questions, configuration exercises, chapter objectives and summaries, key term definitions, and command summaries bull; Developed in conjunction with Cisco
Release 2.1

Release 2.1

Author: Esther Dyson
Publisher: Crown Business
ISBN: 0767999487
Pages: 384
Year: 1999-05-05
A provocative and visionary look at our new digital society, from "the most powerful woman in the Net-erati" (The New York Times Magazine). Welcome to Release 2.1, Esther Dyson's fascinating exploration of life in our new digital society. In this provocative and timely book, Dyson--an entrepreneur, high-tech industry analyst, government adviser, and Net expert--examines the impact and implications of cyberspace, challenging us to think intelligently about its effect on every aspect of our private and public lives, from businesses to government to education. Written with an insider's knowledge and ready wit, and filled with anecdotes about the movers and shakers behind the products and politics of the computer industry, Release 2.1 presents us with a hard-hitting message: With the advent of the Internet, we all have both the opportunity and the obligation to shape the new rules we want to live by. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Use of Antistripping Additives in Asphaltic Concrete Mixtures

Use of Antistripping Additives in Asphaltic Concrete Mixtures

Author: David G. Tunnicliff, Richard E. Root
Publisher: Transportation Research Board National Research
Pages: 50
Year: 1984-01-01

The Roman Law of Obligations

The Roman Law of Obligations

Author: Peter Birks, Eric Descheemaeker
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198719272
Pages: 303
Year: 2014
This volume contains Birks' notes on a series of lectures on the Roman law of obligations delivered in 1982. They give a comprehensive insight into his views on the topic, which are relevant in both a Roman context and also from a modern English perspective. The book examines, in turn, the law of contracts with its general principles and rule applications to the transactions mentioned in the Institutes; the law of delicts; and finally the miscellany of residual obligations from which the later categories of quasi-contracts and quasi-delicts, but also the modern law of unjust enrichment, emerged.
State and Market in European Union Law

State and Market in European Union Law

Author: Wolf Sauter, Harm Schepel
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521857759
Pages: 246
Year: 2009-04-16
An examination of the legal framework of the EU internal market as established in the case law of the European Court of Justice, discussing in particular EC competition law, the free movement of goods, services, persons and capital and the evolution of the interpretation of the provisions. The 'State' has been retreating from direct intervention in economic life as more goods and services, the provision of which was once thought to be a 'public' responsibility, are delivered through market mechanisms. Given the need for consistent application of EC law in the internal market, a common core conception of public authority, shielded from the discipline of EC competition law, is needed. The resulting realignment of public and private functions and responsibilities is not a linear and coherent process, especially in light of the changing nature of the European legal integration project and the progressive incorporation of non-economic values in the Treaties.
The Lost Promise of Civil Rights

The Lost Promise of Civil Rights

Author: Risa Lauren Goluboff
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674024656
Pages: 376
Year: 2007
Listen to a short interview with Risa GoluboffHost: Chris Gondek | Producer: Heron & Crane In this groundbreaking book, Risa L. Goluboff offers a provocative new account of the history of American civil rights law. The Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education has long dominated that history. Since 1954, generations of judges, lawyers, and ordinary people have viewed civil rights as a project of breaking down formal legal barriers to integration, especially in the context of public education. Goluboff recovers a world before Brown, a world in which civil rights was legally, conceptually, and constitutionally up for grabs. Then, the petitions of black agricultural workers in the American South and industrial workers across the nation called for a civil rights law that would redress economic as well as legal inequalities. Lawyers in the new Civil Rights Section of the Department of Justice and in the NAACP took the workers' cases and viewed them as crucial to attacking Jim Crow. By the time NAACP lawyers set out on the path to Brown, however, they had eliminated workers' economic concerns from their litigation agenda. When the lawyers succeeded in Brown, they simultaneously marginalized the host of other harms--economic inequality chief among them--that afflicted the majority of African Americans during the mid-twentieth century. By uncovering the lost challenges workers and their lawyers launched against Jim Crow in the 1940s, Goluboff shows how Brown only partially fulfilled the promise of civil rights.
Act of Creation

Act of Creation

Author: Stephen C. Schlesinger, C Schlesinger
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0786729708
Pages: 144
Year: 2009-04-24
In Act of Creation, Stephen C. Schlesinger tells a pivotal and little-known story of how Secretary of State Edward Stettinius and the new American President, Harry Truman, picked up the pieces of the faltering campaign initiated by Franklin Roosevelt to create a "United Nations." Using secret agents, financial resources, and their unrivaled position of power, they overcame the intrigues of Stalin, the reservations of wartime allies like Winston Churchill, the discontent of smaller states, and a skeptical press corps to found the United Nations. The author reveals how the UN nearly collapsed several times during the conference over questions of which states should have power, who should be admitted, and how authority should be divided among its branches. By shedding new light on leading participants like John Foster Dulles, John F. Kennedy, Adlai Stevenson, Nelson Rockefeller, and E. B White, Act of Creation provides a fascinating tale of twentieth-century history not to be missed.
Assessing the Macroeconomic Impact of Structural Reforms The Case of Italy

Assessing the Macroeconomic Impact of Structural Reforms The Case of Italy

Author: Lusine Lusinyan, Dirk Muir
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1475575017
Pages: 59
Year: 2013-01-24
Wide-ranging structural reforms are underway in Italy, aimed at addressing key bottlenecks in the product and labor markets. Our analysis, based on the IMF‘s Global Integrated Monetary and Fiscal model (GIMF), attempts to quantify the potential gains to the economy from a comprehensive package of structural reforms. We find that these gains can be sizeable. While in most cases, the reforms go in the right direction, their impact would depend on effective and timely implementation. In some areas, especially in the labor market, reforms would benefit from further strengthening. The priorities should be to strengthen competition in the non-tradable sector and make the labor market more efficient and inclusive, supported by growth-friendly fiscal reforms.
German Tax Guide

German Tax Guide

Author: Robert Amann
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Deutschland
ISBN: 3472036699
Pages: 1389
Year: 2001

Educational patterns and cultural configurations

Educational patterns and cultural configurations

Author: Joan I. Roberts, Sherrie K. Akinsanya
Pages: 412
Year: 1976-06

Hairy Tales and Nursery Crimes

Hairy Tales and Nursery Crimes

Author: Michael Rosen
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 0006726755
Pages: 79
Year: 1987-02

The Uncertain Crusade

The Uncertain Crusade

Author: Joshua Muravchik
Publisher: American Enterprise Institute Press
ISBN: 0844736481
Pages: 247
Year: 1988
This paperback edition of The Uncertain Crusade has a new preface by the author. Co-published with the Hamilton Press.
The Amphipoda of the Mediterranean

The Amphipoda of the Mediterranean

ISBN: 2726001327
Year: 1993
The amphipoda of the Mediterranean/ed.S.Ruffo.- v. 3.