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Ice Age Facts and Information - Environment Books | Children's Environment Books

Ice Age Facts and Information - Environment Books | Children's Environment Books

Author: Baby Professor
Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1541939387
Pages: 64
Year: 2017-05-15
Did you know that a long time ago, the world was covered with ice? The Ice Age was a time when dinosaurs still ruled the Earth. Learn more about the Ice Age in this edutaining book for young readers. Do you think you can survive if Ice Age were to happen again? Reading, thinking and imagining sound very exciting!
The Ice Age: A Very Short Introduction

The Ice Age: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Jamie Woodward
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191664642
Pages: 160
Year: 2014-01-30
The study of the Quaternary ice age has revolutionized ideas about Earth system change and the pace of landscape and ecosystem dynamics. The Ice Age: A Very Short Introduction looks at evidence from the continents, the oceans, and the ice core records, and the human stories behind it all. Jamie Woodward examines the remarkable environmental shifts that took place during the Great Ice Age of the Quaternary Period. He explores the evolution of ideas, evaluates the contributions of the leading players in the great debates, and presents some of the ingenious methods that have been used to retrieve information about the recent geological past. In an era of warming climate, the study of the ice age past is now more important than ever. This book examines the wonders of the Quaternary ice age - to show how ice age landscapes and ecosystems were repeatedly and rapidly transformed as plants, animals, and humans reorganized their worlds. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.
Global Glacier Changes

Global Glacier Changes

Author: United Nations Environment Programme, World Glacier Monitoring Service
Publisher: UNEP/Earthprint
ISBN: 9280728989
Pages: 88
Year: 2008
This publication is about the world's surface ice on land outside the two polar ice sheets. It provides a sound and well illustrated review on the basis of available data, the global distribution of glaciers and ice caps and their changes since maximum extents of the so-called Little ice Age. The work also presents the latest state of knowledge on glacier changes and discusses the challenges of the 21st century for the monitoring of glaciers and ice caps.
After the Ice Age

After the Ice Age

Author: E. C. Pielou
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226668096
Pages: 376
Year: 2008-04-15
The fascinating story of how a harsh terrain that resembled modern Antarctica has been transformed gradually into the forests, grasslands, and wetlands we know today. "One of the best scientific books published in the last ten years."—Ottowa Journal "A valuable new synthesis of facts and ideas about climate, geography, and life during the past 20,000 years. More important, the book conveys an intimate appreciation of the rich variety of nature through time."—S. David Webb,Science
The Little Ice Age

The Little Ice Age

Author: Brian M. Fagan
ISBN: 1439560919
Year: 2008-10-08
A new perspective on familiar events in history describes how a 500-year change in climate that lasted from A.D. 1300 until 1850 shaped modern European history.
The Last Lost World

The Last Lost World

Author: Lydia V. Pyne, Stephen J. Pyne
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0143123424
Pages: 306
Year: 2013-04-30
An illuminating investigation into the Pleistocene era's dual character as a geologic time and a cultural idea explains the global changes that created our world while describing how ideas about the Pleistocene have shaped intellectual culture, science and modern origins beliefs. 20,000 first printing.
A Cultural History of Climate

A Cultural History of Climate

Author: Wolfgang Behringer
Publisher: Polity
ISBN: 0745645291
Pages: 295
Year: 2010
Explores the latest historical research on the development of the earth's climate, showing how even minor changes in the climate could result in major social, political, and religious upheavals.
A Farewell to Ice

A Farewell to Ice

Author: P. Wadhams
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190691158
Pages: 240
Year: 2017
Ice, the magic crystal -- A brief history of ice on planet Earth -- The modern cycle of ice ages -- The greenhouse effect -- Sea ice meltback begins -- The future of Arctic sea ice the death spiral -- The accelerating effects of Arctic feedbacks -- Arctic methane, a catastrophe in the making -- Strange weather -- The secret life of chimneys -- What's happening to the Antarctic? -- The state of the planet -- A call to arms
Observation of the Earth and its Environment

Observation of the Earth and its Environment

Author: Herbert J. Kramer
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3662090384
Pages: 581
Year: 2013-03-09
The following listing represents a survey and a short description of 'Earth Observing Mis sions' in alphabetical order. The listing in Part A considers completed-, operational-as well as planned missions on an international scale (Earth observations from space know no na tional boundaries). A look into past activities is important for reasons of heritage, context and of perspective. The document is intended for all who want to keep track of missions and sensors in the fast -growing field of Earth observations. There cannot be any claim to com pleteness, although a considerable effort was made to collect and integrate all known mis sions and sensors into this book. Earth observation by remote sensing changes our view and perception of the world. We be gin to realize the global character of remote sensing, its multidimensional and complemen tary nature, its vast potential to many disciplines, its importance to mankind as a whole. Re mote sensing permits for the first time in history a total system view of the Earth. The view from space toward Earth has brought about sweeping revisions in the Earth sciences, in par ticular in such fields as meteorology, oceanology, hydrology, geology, geography, forestry, agriculture, geodynamics, solar-terrestrial interactions, and many others.
Explore the Ice Age!

Explore the Ice Age!

Author: Cindy Blobaum
Publisher: Nomad Press (VT)
ISBN: 161930581X
Pages: 96
Year: 2017-10-15
Brrr…does it feel cold? Get out your gloves and get ready to experience the Ice Age! In Explore the Ice Age! with 25 Projects, readers ages 7-10 discover what an ice age consists of, why we have them, and what effect an ice age has on living organisms and ecosystems, paying particular attention to the most recent Ice Age, which is the only one humans were around to witness.About 12,000 years ago, glaciers up to 2 miles tall covered up to one-third of Earth’s land! Explore how these moving mountains of ice changed almost everything on Earth, including shorelines, weather, plants, animals and human activities, migration, and more. Learn the science and techniques of archeological and paleontological digs to understand how we know so much about a time that happened before recorded history. Science-minded activities lead readers to discover what a world covered in ice means for the earth’s crust, its atmosphere, and what happens when the planet begins to warm and theice melts. Projects include creating mini glaciers to move mountains and create beaches and recreating the lifestyles of Paleolithic people to discover what they ate, how they hunted, how they made tools and clothes and their history in art. Don’t wait for the next ice age to get started!Cartoon illustrations, fun facts, and a compelling narrative make Explore the Ice Age! an essential part of any STEM library.
Society and Environment: F. Our Australian identity ; State and federal government ; Gold in Australia ; Antarctica

Society and Environment: F. Our Australian identity ; State and federal government ; Gold in Australia ; Antarctica

Author: R.I.C. Publications Pty, Limited
Publisher: R.I.C. Publications
ISBN: 1863117555
Year: 2001

Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Author: Michael L. McKinney, Robert Schoch, Logan Yonavjak
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 1449628338
Pages: 694
Year: 2012-07-01
Updated with the latest data from the field, Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions, Fifth Edition explains the concepts and teaches the skills needed to understand multi-faceted, and often very complex environmental issues. The authors present the arguments, rebuttals, evidence, and counterevidence from many sides of the debate. The Fifth Edition includes new Science in Action boxes which feature cutting-edge case studies and essays, contributed by subject matter experts, that highlight recent and ongoing research within environmental science. With an "Earth as a system" approach the text continues to emphasize Earth's intricate web of interactions among the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere, and how we are central components in these four spheres. This flexible, unbiased approach highlights: 1. how matter cycles over time through Earth's systems 2. the importance of the input-throughput-output processes that describe the global environment 3. how human activities and consumption modify Earth's systems 4. and the scientific, economic, and policy solutions to environmental problems
Inconvenient Facts

Inconvenient Facts

Author: Gregory Wrightstone
Publisher: Wrightstone, Gregory
ISBN: 1545614105
Pages: 158
Year: 2017-10-24
'Well researched, clearly written, beautifully presented and, above all, fact-packed books such as Inconvenient Facts are absolutely essential to the very survival of democracy, to the restoration of true science, and to the ultimate triumph of objective truth.''-Christopher Monckton, Viscount of Brenchley
The Great Warming

The Great Warming

Author: Brian Fagan
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1596917806
Pages: 304
Year: 2010-08-01
From the 10th to 15th centuries the earth experienced a rise in surface temperature that changed climate worldwide-a preview of today's global warming. In some areas, including much of Western Europe, longer summers brought bountiful crops and population growth that led to cultural flowering. In others, drought shook long-established societies, such as the Maya and the Indians of the American Southwest, whose monumental buildings were left deserted as elaborate social structures collapsed. Brian Fagan examines how subtle changes in the environment had far-reaching effects on human life, in a narrative that sweeps from the Arctic ice cap to the Sahara to the Indian Ocean. The lessons of history suggest we may be yet be underestimating the power of climate change to disrupt our lives today.
Super Minds American English Level 6 Teacher's Book

Super Minds American English Level 6 Teacher's Book

Author: Melanie Williams, Herbert Puchta, Günter Gerngross, Peter Lewis-Jones
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107604494
Pages: 128
Year: 2013-09-05
Super Minds American English is a seven-level course for young learners. Written by a highly experienced author team, Super Minds enhances your students' thinking skills, improving their memory along with their language skills. For ease of use, this Level 6 Teacher's Book includes detailed lesson aims, clear instructions, and a vast array of extra activities. Class Audio CDs, including audio from the Student's Book and Workbook, are sold separately.