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Les set aromes del món

Les set aromes del món

Author: Alfred Bosch
Publisher: Grupo Planeta Spain
ISBN: 8497082605
Pages: 352
Year: 2016-01-26
Hi ha qui diu que porta a la impotència, el pecat i la mort, mentre que altres l'elogien com a poció afrodisíaca, remei o panacea universal. Un tal Fèlix Dufoy emprèn la recerca del millor cafè, però amb una peculiaritat: l'ensuma, l'observa però no el tasta. Amb ell ens embarquem en una singular aventura, del Londres protestant a l'harem d'Istambul, de les muntanyes d'Aràbia als infortunis d'Abissínia, del candor de Negreria a la França cínica de Voltaire i, finalment, al Brasil de les grans plantacions. Però aquest llibre de viatges és també un periple interior, perquè Fèlix Dufoy ens condueix a revelacions insòlites, a enigmes que s'amaguen en el seu passat personal.
The Seven Aromas of the World

The Seven Aromas of the World

Author: Alfred Bosch, Pierre Vandelac
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1479369608
Pages: 422
Year: 2012-11-01
Vol. 2a; The Seven Aromas of the World. An annotated translation of the Catalan novel, Les set aromes del mon by Alfred Bosch. The notes are made up of unusual or specific vocabulary used in the translation; of notes on historical characters, places and events mentioned in the novel. The story narrates the quest by a distraught Felix for the best coffee seed. In order to ascertain his choice he educates his sense of smell; starting in Soho, the quest takes him to Istanbul, Arabia, Abyssinia, Black Africa, Paris and Pernambuco. Having lived through the seven aromas of the world, and his tree having successfully given berries producing the best beans, he can now quieten down, reminisce and redefine himself, and, finally, live or die happily.
Juntos pero no revueltos

Juntos pero no revueltos

Author: Jaume Soler i Lleonart, Maria Mercè Conangla i Marín
Publisher: Editorial AMAT
ISBN: 8497357175
Year: 2014-07-31
Una guía para las relaciones de pareja del siglo XXI desde el punto de vista de la ecología emocional. Un libro valiente. Una mirada actual y crítica sobre la familia. Describe las dinámicas de relación desadaptativas que causan sufrimiento y enfermedad: familias rígidas, asfixiantes, confundidas, revueltas o neuróticas; mobbing familiar, territorios y luchas de poder, mitos y creencias desajustadas. Pero lo mejor de todo es que propone una alternativa creativa y emocionalmente ecológica: "pasar de la familia obligada a la familia escogida". Nuestra vida no se define tanto por nuestro origen como por el camino que recorremos a partir del mismo. Tenemos la libertad y la responsabilidad de romper con los estereotipos familiares desadaptativos y escoger nuestra ruta, códigos de vida y la propia familia afectiva. Juntos pero no revueltos reflexiona sobre todo ello en un texto ameno y repleto de ejemplos y relatos que lo ilustran. La ecología emocional afirma que toda persona tiene el derecho de abandonar un contexto familiar agresivo que impida su equilibrio personal y desarrollo y el deber de buscar un entorno relacional emocionalmente ecológico que favorezca su crecimiento personal. • Se trata de la tercera obra conjunta de los psicólogos Mercè Conangla y Jaume Soler, con más de • 50.000 ejemplares vendidos de sus anteriores títulos, La Ecología Emocional y Aplícate el Cuento. • El libro forma parte de un trilogía sobre la familia que analizará también los conflictos con los hijos y las dinámicas familiares.
Senior Leadership Teams

Senior Leadership Teams

Author: Ruth Wageman, Debra A. Nunes, James A. Burruss, J. Richard Hackman
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
ISBN: 1633692043
Pages: 272
Year: 2008-01-24
An organisation's fate hinges on its CEO—right? Not according to the authors of Senior Leadership Teams. They argue that in today's world of neck-snapping change, demands on leaders in top roles are rapidly outdistancing the capabilities of any one person - no matter how talented. Result? Chief executives are turning to their enterprise's senior leaders for help. Yet many CEOs stumble when creatinga leadership team. One major challenge is that senior executives often focus more on their individual roles than on the top team's shared work. Without the CEO's careful attention to setting the team up correctly, these high-powered managers often have difficulty pulling together to move their organisation forward. Sometimes they don't even agree about what constitutes the right path forward.The authors explain how to determine whether your organisation needs a senior leadership team. Then, drawing on their study of 100+ top teams from around the world, they explain how to create a clear and compelling purpose for your team, get the right people on it, provide structure and support, and sharpen team members' competencies - and your own. Timely and practical, this book enables you to create and sustain a leadership team whose members learn from one another while collaborating to pursue your company's objectives.
58 anys i 7 dies

58 anys i 7 dies

Author: Francisco Gracia Alonso, Josep Maria Fullola Pericot, Francesc Vilanova
Publisher: Edicions Universitat Barcelona
ISBN: 8492396121
Pages: 474
Year: 2002

The Last Patriarch

The Last Patriarch

Author: Najat El Hachmi
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 1847652395
Pages: 301
Year: 2012-07-05
The Last Patriarch is narrated by the daughter of Mimoun Driouch - the patriarch of the title - from his birth to her entrance into university. Mimoun believes that life on his parents' land is not his destiny" and so we follow his journey from rural Morocco to urban Catalua. Mimoun's own violent nature and paranoia leads to frustration and rage, which he duly takes out on his wife and children. "This was not his destiny - this phrase is repeated almost like a mantra for Mimoun, who truly believes he is meant for great things. However, as the years pass, it begins to sound hollow; he does not escape the limitations of the role assigned to him by the patriarchal system, but his daughter will. El Hachmi looks at the role of women within a patriarchal culture while tackling more contemporary issues such as immigration and integration, as well as the fractured identity that results from having roots in two very distinct cultures. It is at once a powerful saga of a Moroccan family and a story of a girl's struggle to find her own identity and break free of a domineering father.
Dalí, Surrealism and Cinema

Dalí, Surrealism and Cinema

Author: Elliott King
Publisher: Oldacastle Books
ISBN: 1842433768
Pages: 192
Year: 2007-09-28
One of the most widely recognized and controversial artists of the 20th century, Salvador Dalí was also an avant-garde filmmaker, collaborating with such giants as Luis Buñuel, Walt Disney, and Alfred Hitchcock. Influenced by the Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton, and Stanley Kubrick, Dalí used the cinema to bring the "dream subjects" of his paintings to life, providing the groundwork for revolutionary forays into television, video, photography, and holography. From a moviegoing experience that would incorporate all five senses to the tale of a woman’s hapless love affair with a wheelbarrow, Dalí’s hallucinatory vision never fails to leave its indelible mark, while his writings continue to be relevant to discourses surrounding film and surrealism.
A Taste of Love

A Taste of Love

Author: Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 1615816321
Pages: 204
Year: 2010-11-08
The lunch rush at Darryl Hansen’s restaurant, Café Belgie, is getting to be too much for one man to handle, and Billy Weaver is a young man in search of a job—any job—to support his family. Billy gains Darryl's respect with his earnest nature and willingness to work hard, but Billy's admiring looks resurrect pain and shame from Darryl’s past. Until Darryl stumbles across Billy's secret, Billy is suffering in silence: his father died a few months earlier, leaving him struggling to raise his twin five-year-old brothers. Darryl takes Billy and the boys to the restaurant, where they’ll stand together to face the smorgasbord of troubles in their future... while Davey, Donnie, and Billy all worm their way into Darryl’s heart.
Wine Chemistry and Biochemistry

Wine Chemistry and Biochemistry

Author: M. Victoria Moreno-Arribas, Carmen Polo
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387741186
Pages: 735
Year: 2008-11-06
The aim of this book is to describe chemical and biochemical aspects of winemaking that are currently being researched. The authors have selected the very best experts for each of the areas. The first part of the book summarizes the most important aspects of winemaking technology and microbiology. The second most extensive part deals with the different groups of compounds, how these are modified during the various steps of the production process, and how they affect the wine quality, sensorial aspects, and physiological activity, etc. The third section describes undesirable alterations of wines, including those affecting quality and food safety. Finally, the treatment of data will be considered, an aspect which has not yet been tackled in any other book on enology. In this chapter, the authors not only explain the tools available for analytical data processing, but also indicate the most appropriate treatment to apply, depending on the information required, illustrating with examples throughout the chapter from enological literature.
Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Author: Ronald S. Jackson
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128018267
Pages: 430
Year: 2016-12-22
From OIV-award-winning author, Ronald S. Jackson, Wine Tasting: A Professional Handbook, Third Edition, is an essential guide for any professional or serious connoisseur seeking to understand both the theory and practice of wine tasting. From techniques for assessing wine properties and quality, including physiological, psychological, and physicochemical sensory evaluation, to the latest information on the types of wine, the author guides the reader to a clear and applicable understanding of the wine tasting process. With its inclusion of illustrative data and testing technique descriptions, the book is ideal for both those who train tasters, those involved in designing wine tastings, and the connoisseur seeking to maximize their perception and appreciation of wine. Contains revised and updated coverage, notably on the physiology and neurology of taste and odor perception Includes expanded coverage of the statistical aspect of wine tasting (specific examples to show the process), qualitative wine tasting, wine language, the origins of wine quality, and food and wine combination Provides a flow chart of wine tasting steps and production procedures Presents practical details on wine storage and the problems that can occur both during and following bottle opening
The Watchers

The Watchers

Author: Shane Harris
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101195746
Pages: 432
Year: 2010-02-18
Using exclusive access to key insiders, Shane Harris charts the rise of America's surveillance state over the past twenty-five years and highlights a dangerous paradox: Our government's strategy has made it harder to catch terrorists and easier to spy on the rest of us. Our surveillance state was born in the brain of Admiral John Poindexter in 1983. Poindexter, Reagan's National Security Advisor, realized that the United States might have prevented the terrorist massacre of 241 Marines in Beirut if only intelligence agencies had been able to analyze in real time data they had on the attackers. Poindexter poured government know-how and funds into his dream-a system that would sift reams of data for signs of terrorist activity. Decades later, that elusive dream still captivates Washington. After the 2001 attacks, Poindexter returned to government with a controversial program, called Total Information Awareness, to detect the next attack. Today it is a secretly funded operation that can gather personal information on every American and millions of others worldwide. But Poindexter's dream has also become America's nightmare. Despite billions of dollars spent on this digital quest since the Reagan era, we still can't discern future threats in the vast data cloud that surrounds us all. But the government can now spy on its citizens with an ease that was impossible-and illegal-just a few years ago. Drawing on unprecedented access to the people who pioneered this high-tech spycraft, Harris shows how it has shifted from the province of right- wing technocrats to a cornerstone of the Obama administration's war on terror. Harris puts us behind the scenes and in front of the screens where twenty-first-century spycraft was born. We witness Poindexter quietly working from the private sector to get government to buy in to his programs in the early nineties. We see an army major agonize as he carries out an order to delete the vast database he's gathered on possible terror cells-and on thousands of innocent Americans-months before 9/11. We follow General Mike Hayden as he persuades the Bush administration to secretly monitor Americans based on a flawed interpretation of the law. After Congress publicly bans the Total Information Awareness program in 2003, we watch as it is covertly shifted to a "black op," which protects it from public scrutiny. When the next crisis comes, our government will inevitably crack down on civil liberties, but it will be no better able to identify new dangers. This is the outcome of a dream first hatched almost three decades ago, and The Watchers is an engrossing, unnerving wake-up call.
Dos màrtirs de ma pàtria, o siga Llucià i Marcià

Dos màrtirs de ma pàtria, o siga Llucià i Marcià

Author: Jacint Verdaguer / Ricard Torrents i Bertrana
ISBN: 8494656031
Year: 2013-10-30
Fou la primera temptativa de Verdaguer de construir un poema llarg i, doncs, el punt de partida de la millor èpica del segle XIX català. Redactat als 17-18 anys, el poema, que narra la conversió i el martiri dels antics patrons de la ciutat de Vic, Llucià i Marcià, reflecteix els models neoclàssics apresos a les classes de Retòrica del Seminari i revela les qualitats d'un joveníssim autor que emprenia un projecte de gran ambició i apuntava solucions lingüístiques i poètiques innovadores. Així ho intuí Milà i Fontanals, i també el grup d'amics vigatans del poeta que li publicaren el poema el 1865.
Analysis of Nonalcoholic Beverages

Analysis of Nonalcoholic Beverages

Author: Hans-Ferdinand Linskens, John F. Jackson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642833438
Pages: 412
Year: 2012-12-06
Modern Methods of Plant Analysis When the handbook Modern Methods of Plant Analysis was first introduced in 1954 the considerations were: 1. the dependence of scientific progress in biology on the improvement of existing and the introduction of new methods; 2. the difficulty in finding many new analytical methods in specialized journals which are normally not accessible to experimental plant biologists; 3. the fact that in the methods sections of papers the description of methods is frequently so compact, or even sometimes so incomplete that it is difficult to reproduce experiments. These considerations still stand today. The series was highly successful, seven volumes appearing between 1956 and 1964. Since there is still today a demand for the old series, the publisher has decided to resume publication of Modern Methods of Plant Analysis. It is hoped that the New Series will be just as acceptable to those working in plant sciences and related fields as the early volumes undoubtedly were. It is difficult to single out the major reasons for success of any publication, but we believe that the methods published in the first series were up-to-date at the time and presented in a way that made description, as applied to plant material, complete in itself with little need to consult other publications. Contributing authors have attempted to follow these guidelines in this New Series of volumes.
Persona and Shame

Persona and Shame

Author: Ingmar Bergman
Publisher: Marion Boyars
ISBN: 0714507571
Pages: 190
Year: 1972
Persona is a brooding study of personal disintegration, as Elizabeth, an actress recovering from a severe emotional breakdown, is cared for by Alma, her apparently well-balanced and extrovert nurse. Slowly the barriers that separate and define the two women crumble, and their relationship turns into a bewildering reversal and substitution of their respective identities. Shame pitches Jan and Eva, husband and wife and both professional musicians, into a world torn apart by civil war. Completely brutalised by the progressive breakdown of all civilised standards of behaviour, Jan and Eva's fate reflects how superficial culture, good order and morality are when set against the unconcern of an arbitrary and amoral universe.
Introducing Hegel

Introducing Hegel

Author: Lloyd Spencer, Andrzej Krauze, Richard Appignanesi
Publisher: Icon Books
ISBN: 1840467851
Pages: 176
Year: 2007-01
G.W.F. Hegel's influential writings on philosophy, politics, history, and art are parts of a larger systematic whole. They are also among the most difficult in the entire literature of philosophy. "Introducing Hegel "engages the reader, guiding them through a spectacular system of thought which aimed to make sense of history.