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All for Money

All for Money

Author: Thomas Lupton, Maria Grazia Palermo Concolato
ISBN: 8820714485
Pages: 153
Year: 1985



Author: Emily Gravett
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0230531369
Pages: 32
Year: 2009
Once upon a time, a frog found a book. After reading Spell to Become a Handsome Prince on a page fragment, he tried to piece the spell back together...There are lots of laugh-out-loud moments to be had with the mix-and-match pages as Frog struggles through a host of jumbled spells and extraordinary guises (Rabbit? Fabbit?! Prabbit!?!) in search of his fairytale ending. Another wonderfully inventive book from the creator of Wolves, winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal and the Nestle Children's Book Prize Bronze Award.
The Book of Souls

The Book of Souls

Author: James Oswald
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 1405913177
Pages: 400
Year: 2012-11-22
The Book of Souls is James Oswald's second electrifying thriller in the Detective Inspector McLean series. Every year for ten years, a young woman's body was found in Edinburgh at Christmas time: naked, throat slit, body washed clean. Ten years, ten women. The final victim, Kirsty Summers, was Detective Constable Tony McLean's fiancée. But the Christmas Killer made a mistake. In a cellar under a shop, McLean found a torture chamber and put an end to the brutal killing spree. Twelve years later, and a fellow prisoner has just murdered the incarcerated Christmas Killer. But with the arrival of the festive season comes a body. A young woman: naked, washed, her throat cut. Is this a copycat killer? Was the wrong man behind bars all this time? Or is there a more sinister, frightening explanation? McLean must revisit the most disturbing case of his life and discover what he missed before the killer strikes again . . . Praise for James Oswald: 'A star of Scotland's burgeoning crime fiction scene' Daily Record 'Crime fiction's next big thing' The Sunday Telegraph 'Literary sensation...James' overnight success has drawn comparisons with the meteoric rise of EL James and her Fifty Shades of Grey series' Daily Mail 'Fifty Shades of Hay' The Times 'Oswald is among the leaders in the new batch of excellent Scottish crime writers' Daily Mail 'The new Ian Rankin' Daily Record 'The hallmarks of Val McDermid or Ian Rankin: it's dark, violent, noirish' The Herald 'A good read' The Times 'An excellent start to what promises to be a fine series' Guardian
Adventures with Chocolate

Adventures with Chocolate

Author: Paul A. Young
Publisher: Kyle Cathie Limited
ISBN: 085783083X
Pages: 144
Year: 2012
Wolf Haas' Detective Brenner series has become wildly popular around the world for a reason: They're timely, edgy stories told in a wry, quirky voice that's often hilarious, and with a protagonist it's hard not to love. In this episode, Brenner-forced out of the police force-tries to get away from detective work by taking a job as the personal chauffeur for two-year-old Helena, the daughter of a Munich construction giant and a Viennese abortion doctor. One day, while Brenner's attention is turned to picking out a chocolate bar for Helena at a gas station, Helena gets snatched from the car. Abruptly out of a job, Brenner decides to investigate her disappearance on his own. With both parents in the public eye, there's no scarcity of leads-the father's latest development project has spurred public protest, and the mother's clinic has been targeted by the zealous leader of an anti-abortion group. Brenner and God is told with a dark humor that leaves no character, including Brenner, unscathed. Haas tells the story of a fallible hero who can be indecisive and world-weary, baffled and disillusioned by what he finds, but who presses forward nonetheless out of a stubborn sense of decency-a two-year-old is kidnapped, so you find her, because that's just what you do.
The War of Dreams

The War of Dreams

Author: Marc Auge
Publisher: Pluto Press
ISBN: 0745313841
Pages: 144
Year: 1999-06-20
Continues Augé's critical exploration of contemporary modernity with an examination of the role of dreams, myth and fiction in the age of satellite TV and the Internet.
Chinese Step-by-Step

Chinese Step-by-Step

Author: Brian Stewart, Adriano Lucchese
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 149931373X
Pages: 176
Year: 2014-04-30
Chinese Step-by-Step, Level One is the first volume of the Chinese Step-by-Step series. It is recommended for absolute beginners. No prior knowledge of Pinyin or Chinese characters is required for learners studying this textbook. Step by step, Chinese Step-by-Step, Level One gives students the strong foundation that is required to start learning, efficiently, the Chinese language. Using an originally designed repetition method and through a large number of exercises, Chinese Step-by-Step, Level One will make you never forget 200+ Chinese characters along with their structure, meaning, and sound. And, to make sure that it sticks, using what you have learned, you will read a short story written in Chinese, and translate it into English. REVIEWS "This is incredible! I learned more characters from this book in 15 minutes than in 15 years from my usual awful teacher (myself). Brian's clear, concise word-painting unlocks the meaning of the most baffling characters. Bravo." -Nury Vittachi, Author and Columnist "Chinese Step-by-Step, Level One makes learning Chinese characters painless, while including the elements that make character study effective: radicals, real-life examples, and a range of engaging practice exercises." -ChinaExpat.com
The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook

The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook

Author: Hamlyn
Publisher: Spruce
ISBN: 1846015014
Pages: 256
Year: 2015-08-03
A student cookbook with a difference, The Hungry Student Vegetarian not only gives more than 200 quick and cheap meat-free recipes that are so tasty, even hardened carnivores will keep turning up for dinner. There are also indispensable tips on budgeting, lunchbox ideas, healthy eating and how to get creative with leftovers. With chapters dedicated to Bring on Brekky, Comfort Food, Roasted and Baked, Made in a Flash and All the Carbs, there are opportunities for impromptu parties, end of the month budget creations and comfort foods for one. All the recipes in this book are balanced for a healthy vegetarian diet, and they each have an affordability stamp to help with budgeting as well as detailed instructions to make them accessible to even the most novice cook. Forget the textbooks, this is the only book you'll ever need to get through your first year!
The Conservation and Structural Restoration of Architectural Heritage

The Conservation and Structural Restoration of Architectural Heritage

Author: Giorgio Croci
Publisher: WIT Press
ISBN: 1853124826
Pages: 272
Year: 1998-01-14
Structural analysis of architectural heritage is a new and growing branch of engineering. Knowledge of the history of architecture, material characteristics, instruments and techniques for investigations, diagnosis and restoration are all vital aspects for the correct understanding of structural behaviour and the ability to make correct decisions for repair and strengthening techniques. Designed for use by all professionals involved or interested in the preservation of monuments, the purpose of this book is to contribute to the development of new approaches in the area. Many of the examples examined, including the Colosseum, the Tower of Pisa, the Pyramid of Chephren, the Tilla Kari Mosque in Samarkand, the temples of Angkor and Konarak, the Santa Maria Vieja Cathedral, the domes of St Peter, Hagia Sophia, the Pantheon, St Ignatio de Loyola and St Charles, are the result of projects and studies carried out during Giorgio Croci's distinguished career. The book features numerous black and white photographs and illustrations by the author.
The Lost Ship of Noah

The Lost Ship of Noah

Author: Charles Berlitz
Publisher: Fawcett Books
ISBN: 0449214915
Pages: 203
Year: 1988-02-12
It sits high on a mountain in Eastern Turkey, an object older than recorded history. It resembles a ship . . . but is it the ship Noah navigated through the Great Flood? Charles Berlitz, the foremost authority on modern mysteries and unexplained events, provides an in-depth look.
Step-Growth Polymerization Process Modeling and Product Design

Step-Growth Polymerization Process Modeling and Product Design

Author: Kevin Seavey, Y. A. Liu
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470292490
Pages: 475
Year: 2009-04-22
Understand quantitative model step-growth polymerization plans and how to predict properties of the product polymer with the essential information in Step-Growth Polymerization Process Modeling and Product Design. If you want to learn how to simulate step-growth polymerization processes using commercial software and seek an in-depth, quantitative understanding of how to develop, use, and deploy these simulations, consult this must-have guide. The book focuses on quantitative relationships between key process input variables (KPIVs) and key process output variables (KPOVs), and the integrated modeling of an entire polymer manufacturing train.


Author: Andrew Morton
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1429943521
Pages: 336
Year: 2010-07-31
The gripping true story of Angelina Jolie, from #1 New York Times bestselling biographer Andrew Morton. "I like to collect knives," says Angelina Jolie, "but I also collect first edition books." At first glance, she might seem to be someone without any secrets, talking openly about her love life, sexual preferences, drug use, cutting, and tattoos--and why she kissed her brother on the lips in public. And yet mysteries remain: What was really going on in her brief, impulsive marriages to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, and what was going on in her partnership with Brad Pitt? What's behind the oft-reported feud with her father, the Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight? What drove her to become a mother of six children in six years? And—perhaps most puzzling of all—what about the other side of Angelina: How did this talented but troubled young actress, barely 35 years old, become a respected Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations as well as the "most powerful celebrity in the world" (unseating Oprah Winfrey) on Forbes' 2009 Celebrity 100 list? The answers that Andrew Morton has uncovered are astonishing, taking us deep inside Angelina's world to show us what shaped her as a child, as an actress, and as a woman struggling to overcome personal demons that have never before been revealed. In this spellbinding biography, Andrew Morton draws upon far-reaching original interviews and research, accompanied by exclusive private photographs, to show us the true story behind both the wild excesses of Angelina's youth and her remarkable work with children and victims of poverty and disaster today.
Nondestructive Food Evaluation

Nondestructive Food Evaluation

Author: Sundaram Gunasekaran
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0824704533
Pages: 440
Year: 2000-12-06
This volume illustrates significant changes in optical, magnetic, ultrasonic, mechanical and biological nondestructive evaluation techniques for online automatic control of food quality evaluation, including X-ray tomography. It presents advances in computer vision, X-ray imaging, ultrasonics, biosensors, and data analysis.
Heat Convection

Heat Convection

Author: Latif M. Jiji
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 364202971X
Pages: 543
Year: 2009-11-09
Jiji's extensive understanding of how students think and learn, what they find difficult, and which elements need to be stressed is integrated in this work. He employs an organization and methodology derived from his experience and presents the material in an easy to follow form, using graphical illustrations and examples for maximum effect. The second, enlarged edition provides the reader with a thorough introduction to external turbulent flows, written by Glen Thorncraft. Additional highlights of note: Illustrative examples are used to demonstrate the application of principles and the construction of solutions, solutions follow an orderly approach used in all examples, systematic problem-solving methodology emphasizes logical thinking, assumptions, approximations, application of principles and verification of results. Chapter summaries help students review the material. Guidelines for solving each problem can be selectively given to students.
To Dance with Kings

To Dance with Kings

Author: Rosalind Laker
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 0307352552
Pages: 616
Year: 2007
The lives and destinies of four generations of determined women are set against the splendor of Versailles through the reigns of France's most spectacular Bourbon kings, from Marguerite, the peasant girl who becomes part of the royal court of the Sun King, to Rose, who becomes lady-in-waiting and confidante to Marie Antoinette. Reprint. 40,000 first printing.