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Author: Cheryl Rainfield
Publisher: Westside Book
ISBN: 1934813575
Pages: 248
Year: 2011-05-01
Teen girl cuts to cope with memories of sexual abuse
The Scar Book

The Scar Book

Author: Andrew C. Krakowski, Peter R. Shumaker
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 1496384814
Pages: 400
Year: 2017-02-08
Apply cutting-edge expertise to manage your patients’ scarring issues! Scarring and fibrosis affect millions of people worldwide, and can be devastating both physically and psychologically, whether they result from major trauma such as burns or common conditions such as acne. Put today’s most advanced clinical approaches to work for your patients with The Scar Book: Formation, Mitigation, Rehabilitation, and Prevention! A multidisciplinary team of leading world experts presents the state of the art in scar pathophysiology and treatment, breaking down the barriers between medical disciplines to provide unprecedented holistic guidance.
The Strength in Our Scars

The Strength in Our Scars

Author: Bianca Sparacino
ISBN: 0996487190
Year: 2018-09-06

Beautiful Scars

Beautiful Scars

Author: Kilee Brookbank, Lori Highlander
Publisher: KiCam Projects
ISBN: 0998521655
Pages: 296
Year: 2017-11-14
"Kilee’s spirit shines through her every word. Beautiful Scars is a down-to-earth primer on how to let our hearts define us, not our scars."- J.R. Martinez, Actor, U.S. Army veteran, bestselling author, and burn survivor A moment can change everything... Kilee Brookbank was a typical sixteen-year-old, but her last ordinary day erupted in an explosion that consumed her house, burning forty-five percent of her body and sending her to the brink of death. After thirty-eight days of surgeries, skin grafts, physical therapy, and excruciating pain, Kilee had to discover how to live again. With unwavering support from her mom, Lori, and the rest of her family, Kilee faced her journey with determination, strength, and a positive attitude that inspired not only her community, but people around the world. Told together by Kilee and Lori, Beautiful Scars is a story of recovery, healing, and hope, reminding us all that we’re never powerless, never alone, and that each challenge we face helps make us the people we are meant to be. Now a thriving college student, Kilee has become an author, advocate, and philanthropist focused on helping other young burn survivors and their families. She has met with individual survivors and their parents and spoken to school groups, burn camps and civic organizations across the country. Her charity, the Kilee Gives Back Foundation, has raised more than $170,000 for Shriners Hospitals for Children-Cincinnati, and Kilee has partnered with Shriners Hospitals to promote its national Be Burn Aware campaign. ... It’s what you do with each moment that defines you. "Beautiful Scars is a reminder that we don’t always get to choose the path we walk in life, but we can always choose the manner in which we walk it."- John O’Leary, bestselling author of ON FIRE: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life and inspirational speaker A portion of the proceeds from sales of Beautiful Scars: A Life Redefined will benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children-Cincinnati.
Alternative Accountabilities in Global Politics

Alternative Accountabilities in Global Politics

Author: Brent J. Steele
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136179275
Pages: 208
Year: 2013-02-15
In fields such as politics, international relations, public administration and international law, there is a rapidly growing interest in the topic of ‘accountability’. In this innovative new work, Steele shows how we might recognize how an alternative form of accountability in global politics has been present for some time, and that, furthermore, this form’s continued presence remains one of the most politically powerful, if not endurable, possibilities for resistance in the near future. This book argues that the physical and visually shocking outcomes of violence found on the bodies of humans, as well as the buildings and landscapes which surround us, specifically the scars they leave behind, remain one of our most compelling forms of accountability. Steele develops the theoretical argument on scars and exteriority utilizing insights from several philosophical and theoretical resources including Hannah Arendt, Erving Goffmann, and Richard Rorty. The work examines scars and their effects through several illustrations, including the accounts of Emmett Till, Iranian protestor Neda Agha-Soltan, the Syrian boy Hamza al-Khateeb, the massacre in WWII and then memorializing throughout the 20th century of the Lidice children in the modern-day Czech Republic, the particular architecturally destructive outcomes of the 2008-9 Gaza War, the loss of the Twin Towers in New York, as well as a variety of violent scars found on the landscapes of Europe and Southeast Asia. Emphasizing the importance of the space and ‘time’ of scars, the book illustrates how an alternative form of accountability in the scar can be a useful, disruptive, spontaneous, but also creative practice to challenge the discourses of violence which remain with us today.


Author: Jacqueline J. Worrell
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 161739159X
Pages: 64
Year: 2012-05
Most everyone has experienced a horrific event that left him or her with some sort of scar. Some tragedies, such as that author Jacqueline Worrell experienced, leave physical scars. Others leave, or become, emotional and mental scars. But the truth of the matter is, you have no control over the past and cannot let it dictate your future. Regardless of what has happened, you do not have to become bitter or angry like the person who hurt you. You can be better, if you open your heart and allow God to show you how those scars are a part of his purpose for your life. Join new author Jacqueline Worrell in Scars: The Beauty Within—an emotional account of one woman's struggle with beauty and self-esteem. Let Jacqueline's story inspire you to stop letting your scars keep you from fulfilling God's will for your life.


Author: David Robertson
Publisher: Portage & Main Press
ISBN: 1553792289
Pages: 30
Year: 2010
Scars is the second book in the graphic novel series 7 Generations, which follows the story of one Aboriginal family from the early 19th century to the present day."--Pub. desc.


Author: Lynley Wayne
Publisher: Mlr Press
ISBN: 1608207609
Pages: 286
Year: 2012-09
Jace came home from the war scarred in more ways than one. The physical scars that he carries are nothing compared to the mental ones. Struggling with PTSD, he has closed himself off from the rest of the world. The last thing that he ever thought to do was fall in love... Nathaniel has lived on the streets since he was thirteen. When he wakes up in a strange apartment after being badly beaten, he has no idea how he got there. Little does he know that his rescuer, the large man with scars crisscrossing his face, could hold the key to healing the scars that they both have.
Shining Scars

Shining Scars

Author: Krystian Leonard
Publisher: Headline Books
ISBN: 0938467727
Pages: 31
Year: 2013-06-20
Krystian Leonard is a sophomore in high school and entered her first pageant at age 14. She wrote Shining Scars as a way to reach out to children healing with visible scars. Krystian developed and created her own non-profit organization Shining S.C.A.R.S. at age 15 as a result of the scars she endured. She spends countless hours volunteering and promoting her organization as well as competing in pageantry. Growing up she experienced first-hand the trials and self-esteem issues associated with visible scars. Healing with visible scars left Krystian feeling damaged and ashamed. She found the strength she needed to overcome her self-image and entered her first beauty pageant at the age of 14. One year later she summoned the courage to compete in the Miss America Scholarship Organization. As part of her application, Krystian was to choose a platform for which she would become an advocate. She wanted to choose a platform she could be passionate about, and thus Shining S.C.A.R.S. was born.
The Fading of the Scars

The Fading of the Scars

Author: Orrin Michael Carpenter
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1597810290
Pages: 488
Year: 2005-06-01
In the aftermath of nearly crossing paths with serial killer John Wayne Gacy, the author of the Fading of the Scars felt a spiritual urging to write a novel.
Circus of the Scars

Circus of the Scars

Author: Jan T. Gregor
Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.
ISBN: 1506903487
Pages: 150
Year: 2016-11-03



Author: Juan José Saer, Steve Dolph
Publisher: Open Letter Books
ISBN: 1934824224
Pages: 278
Year: 2011
Scars explores a crime committed by a 39-year-old labourer who shot his wife twice in the face with a shotgun by examining the circumstances of four characters who have some connection to the crime: A young reporter, Angel, who lives with his mother and works the courthouse beat; A dissolute attorney who clings to life only for his nightly baccarat; A misanthropic and dwindling judge who's creating a superfluous Dorian Gray translation; and her killer, Luis Fiore, who, on May Day, went duck hunting with his wife, daughter and a bottle of gin.
Battle Scars

Battle Scars

Author: Jason Fox
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1473563100
Pages: 304
Year: 2018-11-01
This is a true story. The events depicted took place during the last decade in an unnamed warzone. The names and locations have been redacted to protect the security of those involved and the practices of the British Special Forces. Out of respect for the KIA and survivors, everything else has been told as it happened... Jason Fox served with the SBS for over a decade, thriving on the close bonds of the Special Forces brotherhood and the ‘death or glory’ nature of their missions. Battle Scars tells the story of his career as an elite operator, from the gunfights, hostage rescues, daring escapes and heroic endeavours that defined his service, to a battle of a very different kind: the psychological devastation of combat that ultimately forced him to leave the military, and the hard reality of what takes place in the mind of a man once a career of imagined invincibility has come to an end. Unflinchingly honest, Battle Scars is a breathtaking account of Special Forces soldiering: a chronicle of operational bravery, and of superhuman courage on and off the battlefield.


Author: Jaimie Roberts
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 153479705X
Pages: 422
Year: 2016-07-04
I had the perfect school, the perfect friends-the perfect life ... At least, that's what I thought. But you changed all that. You are always there ... Always watching ... Always waiting in the shadows. You send me flowers and messages. You stalk me, trace my every movement... Until that one day, in a silly game of Seven Minutes in Heaven, when I finally get to feel you-have a taste of you ... It left me wanting more. One catastrophic day, my wish is granted. Just past my eighteenth birthday, tragedy strikes and I watch my family die before my eyes. You are there. You rescue me. You choose my life over my older sister's, and I hate you for that. I hate you for taking me and imprisoning me. You say it's for my sake, but I know it's for your own. You make me see that my life could be much worse without you in it... You make me see true darkness. It is in that darkness you make me desperate for your presence, your touch, your caress. You make me need you... You make it impossible for me to live without you... And then, eventually... You make me fall in love with you. Secrets will always wound the ones twisted within their web of lies... But the ones I'm tangled in ... are deadly. WARNING: Although this book (overall) is not a dark read, one chapter is an exception, and contains the following triggers: childhood sexual/emotional abuse with some intensity in one particular scene.
The surgery of scars

The surgery of scars

Author: John Ransom Lewis
Pages: 201
Year: 1963