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Ultimate Bugopedia

Ultimate Bugopedia

Author: Darlyne Murawski, Nancy Honovich
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426313764
Pages: 271
Year: 2013
An introduction to the hidden worlds of popular insects profiles their habits, habitats, and diets while providing thematic spreads that share additional historical and geographical fun facts.
ReMade: The Complete Season 1

ReMade: The Complete Season 1

Author: Matthew Cody, Kiersten White, E. C. Myers, Andrea Phillips, Carrie Harris, Gwenda Bond
Publisher: Serial Box
ISBN: 1682101282
Pages: 333
Year: 2017-04-25
In one moment the lives of twenty-three teenagers are forever changed, and it's not just because they all happen to die. "ReMade" in a world they barely recognize--one with robots, space elevators, and unchecked jungle--they must work together to survive. They came from different places, backgrounds, and families, and now they might be the last people on earth. Lost meets The Maze Runner in this exciting adventure from Serial Box Publishing. Team-written by some of today’s most exciting authors, ReMade is brought to you by Matthew Cody (Super), Andrea Phillips (Revision), New York Times Bestseller Kiersten White (And I Darken), Gwenda Bond (Girl on a Wire), Carrie Harris (Bad Taste in Boys), and E. C. Myers (The Silence of Six).
Pest Control

Pest Control

Author: Bill Fitzhugh
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press Inc
ISBN: 1615951296
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-01-01
Bob Dillon can’t get a break. A down-on-his-luck exterminator, all he wants is his own truck with a big fiberglass bug on top — and success with his radical new, environmentally friendly pest-killing technique. So Bob decides to advertise. Unfortunately, one of his flyers falls into the wrong hands. Marcel, a shady Frenchman, needs an assassin to handle a million-dollar hit, and he figures that Bob Dillon is his man. Through no fault — or participation — of his own, this unwitting pest controller from Queens has become a major player in the dangerous world of contract murder. And now Bob’s running for his life through the wormiest sections of the Big Apple — one step ahead of a Bolivian executioner, a homicidal transvestite dwarf, meatheaded CIA agents, cabbies packing serious heat ... and the world’s number-one hit man, who might just turn out to be the best friend Bob’s got.
Bug Girl

Bug Girl

Author: Benjamin Harper, Sarah Hines Stephens
Publisher: Imprint
ISBN: 1250106605
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-05-02
Nothing prepares a girl for battling the forces of evil like the first year of middle school... Amanda Price adores all things bug-related—from spiders to mantises—like, seriously loves them. Unfortunately most of her fellow sixth-graders do not share her invertebrate obsession. They’re grossed out by it. Especially Amanda’s ex-best friend, Emily, who thinks Amanda is creepy weird. But when mysterious invaders menace the town of Oyster Cove and take both Amanda and Emily’s mothers captive, Amanda unexpectedly develops amazing insectile powers! Newly equipped with antennae and a glistening exoskeleton she uncovers a secret that changes everything. Now Amanda has to act fast or her town and her mom are doomed! There’s just one complication...she needs Emily’s help. Suddenly Amanda’s worst enemy becomes her best ally, but working together may be even harder than saving their town from being squashed like a...well... BUG GIRL. She’s got the buzz. Sarah Hines Stephens and Benjamin Harper's Bug Girl is a funny and action-packed superhero adventure filled with green illustrations and sidebars featuring real bug facts! An Imprint Book “Bearing all the campy hallmarks and high drama of a classic superhero romp, this entertaining ... tale also features interesting entomological tidbits throughout.” — Kirkus Reviews “The villain is dastardly, the heroes are staunch, and the costumes are impressive, making this high-quality standard superhero fare with the added bonus of some poignant details of how even the closest friendships may fade amid the social pressures of middle school.” — Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books “Tucks both middle-school fashion advice and insect facts into a tale that scuttles along to a wildly destructive climactic battle.” — Booklist
The Bug Scientists

The Bug Scientists

Author: Donna M. Jackson
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0618432329
Pages: 48
Year: 2004-03-23
Bug scientists, called entomologists, present information on insects and explain how they use that information in their work.
Bug Hunt

Bug Hunt

Author: Isaac Hooke
ISBN: 1520711557
Pages: 310
Year: 2017-02-27
Starting an interstellar security consulting company was supposed to be easy.Rade got his ex-military teammates together and they pooled their savings to buy a ship and six mechs. The Argonauts were born.But it wasn't easy.Ruthless bankers breathing down their necks, vengeful warlords promising to pursue them across the galaxy, and now a mysterious new client who wants Rade and his Argonauts to escort her to a frontier planet. Problem is, the new client won't reveal her cargo. It's probably something illegal. Well, Rade needs the money, so a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. They arrive to find the frontier colony strangely deserted. When the shit hits the fan and the Argonauts face a possible alien infestation, it's time to pull out the big guns. Because if there's one thing Rade and his Argonauts really love, it's a good bug hunt.And this one looks to be the hunt of a lifetime.For fans of Old Man's War, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Armor. From a USA Today bestselling author.
The Bug Book

The Bug Book

Author: Sue Fliess
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399543813
Pages: 32
Year: 2016-02-23
Grab your bucket and join the search for all the cool bugs outside! This fun rhyming story lists all the bugs you can imagine—creep bugs, climb bugs, sticky-slime bugs! Discover the vast world of insects in this photo-filled book.
Big Book of Bugs

Big Book of Bugs

Author: Theresa Greenaway, DK Publishing, Inc
Publisher: D K Ink
ISBN: 0789465205
Pages: 32
Year: 2000
Text and detailed photographs offer facts about a wide variety of insects, including beetles, wasps, and stick and leaf insects.
TV Guide: TV on DVD 2006

TV Guide: TV on DVD 2006

Author: TV Guide
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 031235150X
Pages: 352
Year: 2005-10-01
Addressing the growing popularity of television series and programs available on DVD, a fan's guide to TV DVDs provides valuable lists of the shows and their DVD availability, along with a program overview; information on leading actors/characters, number of disks, episodes, and extra features; and ratings of the best series DVDs. Original.
Amusements - Love & Craziness At Cedar Point, Season #1

Amusements - Love & Craziness At Cedar Point, Season #1

Author: Alyssa Archer
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1312183950
Year: 2014-06-12
When eighteen year old Alyssa lands her dream job at Cedar Point, an amusement park and resort in Sandusky, Ohio, she is certain she will have an unforgettable and fun-filled season. But, things do not go quite as planned. Part One of a three-part series.
The Bed Bug Book

The Bed Bug Book

Author: Ralph H. Maestre
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1626367140
Pages: 208
Year: 2011-02-23
The definitive handbook on the detection, treatment, and prevention of bed bugs--a must have guide for every homeowner, renter, landlord, and traveler. Bed bugs were believed to have been eradicated by DDT and organophosphates in the 1950s, but they are now reaching epidemic levels. Some cities have seen a 1000% increase in bed bug infestations. Exterminators were unprepared for the resurgence of these tiny pests and the public is now scrambling for information on how they spread and how to get rid of them. The Bed Bug Book has the answers. A professional pest control manager and bed bug expert with over twenty-five years in the industry details: The complete history of bed bugs The biology of bed bugs--their life cycles with photos of each stage of growth A guide to prevention--what to look for when you're traveling and steps you can take to protect your home A guide to detection A guide to treatments--dusts, liquids, steam, etc., and how to choose the best solution for you and your loved ones How to choose a pest management company--what to expect and what it will cost 10 case studies from the author's own experience with clients who had bed bugs 104 essential things to know about bed bugs Extensive references to help you choose a pest control company, know your rights as a tenant or landlord, and suggestions for further reading Based on years of first-hand experience, Ralph H. Maestre tells you how to spot bed bugs in your home, hotel, or on the go, how to identify a bed bug bite, and most importantly, the steps you must take to get rid of these pests. Includes 104 essential things to know about bed bugs, handy tips for travelers, advice on buying vintage and second hand goods, what to expect when the exterminators come, and how to protect yourself against future infestations. Includes green methods and environmentally-friendly solutions. Remember, bed bugs can affect anyone—from newborns to the elderly, everyone is at risk. So don’t let the bed bugs bite! Spot them early, take action, and get on with your life.
Watching Fireflies

Watching Fireflies

Author: Jaycee Ford
Publisher: Lovebug Publishing
ISBN: 069224297X
Pages: 276
Year: 2014-08-13
Jordan Hawthorne thought she had it all until a surprise for her fiance turns into losing everything that she ever wanted. She flees her home in Charlotte, North Carolina to take a new job in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and make a new start where her ex-fiance can't find her. Jordan is just beginning to adjust to her new life in the middle of nowhere when a small town cowboy walks in and disrupts it all. Tom McCloud never had time for a serious commitment, always too busy with running his grandparents' farm. Everything changes when he stumbles upon a broken-hearted city girl and a steamy buzz ignites between them. But what happens when the city girl can't stay hidden in the country for long?
Bug in a Vacuum

Bug in a Vacuum

Author: Mélanie Watt
Publisher: Tundra Books (NY)
ISBN: 1770496459
Pages: 96
Year: 2015-08-25
Place of publication from publisher's website.


Author: Achim Hoerauf, Ramakrishna U. Rao
Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers
ISBN: 3805581807
Pages: 150
Year: 2007-01-01
Wolbachia are Gram-negative bacteria that form intracellular inherited infections in many invertebrates. They are extremely common, with 20-75% of all insects being infected. Transmitted to humans through mosquitoes and black flies, the majority of the disease-causing nematodes are hosts to the Wolbachia bacteria. Featuring the findings of internationally recognized experts in infectious disease research and insect biology, thie publication highlights their perpectives of Wolbachia's genome, evolution, symbiosis, biology, pathogenicity as well as its potential as a drug taraget.
Bug Out! Part 1

Bug Out! Part 1

Author: Robert Boren
ISBN: 1520244223
Pages: 217
Year: 2016-12-27
When society unravels, sometimes the best move is simply to Bug Out. Bug Out! is the story of Frank and Jane, who are living in Southern California. The State Government is on the verge of collapse. State Pensions are gone. Banking is disrupted. State jobs are eliminated, and it washes through the economy like a tidal wave. Violence Looting. Wholesale destruction of property. Frank and Jane know they must escape. But how? They have a Motorhome. They can Bug Out! Follow Frank and Jane as they fight their way out of California. What dangers are waiting for them outside? Why are military convoys and tanks moving south and west on the roads? Why are checkpoints being set up everywhere? Is Martial Law coming? Are the preppers right? What is going on across the southern border? Scary people are coming across. Soldiers from Venezuela. Islamic Fighters. US Army and Private Militia forces are waiting to take them on, and Frank and Jane must thread their way through the battles. They have the perfect Bug Out Vehicle. Will they survive? Can they bug out and find safety?