A Computational Phonology Of Russian

Author: Peter Chew
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The principal theoretical outcomes of the work are as follows. First, I show that all of the phonological or morphophonological processes reviewed can be described by a grammar no more powerful than context-free.

A Computational Theory Of Writing Systems

Author: Richard Sproat
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521663403
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3.1.4 Summary of Russian and Be larusian The previous discussion has offered
a comparative analysis of a portion of Russian and Belarusian orthography and
the relationship of those orthographic systems to the phonologies of the
languages. Of course, a full evaluation of the model's applicability to these writing
systems awaits a complete description of the orthography, as well as a complete
description of the relevant phonological phenomena - something that is certainly
beyond ...

Mechanical Translation And Computational Linguistics

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Coding the Russian Alphabet for the Purpose of Mechanical Translation by John
Lyons,t School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London If we take
advantage of our knowledge of the phonological characteristics of Russian and
their orthographic representation, it is possible to introduce a number of simple
transformations operating on the text at input, the effect of which is to reduce the
number of affixes and simplify the morphological analysis. TABLE 1 Learning and

Mt Mechanical Translation And Computational Linguistics

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The N frame, with 36 positions, can contain any one of 2TM arrays of l's and O's;
since only a few dozen different arrays will appear in the grammar-code symbols
of Russian forms, those that do appear can be given abbreviated symbols and a
list of array-symbol pairs stored. The dictionary can furnish the abbreviated
symbol; the full array is needed only at the moment of code matching. Since the
conversion from array to abbreviated symbol requires binary search, whereas the

Russian Approaches To International Law

Author: Lauri Mälksoo
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198723040
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Provides a detailed analysis of how Russia's understanding of international law has developed Draws on historical, theoretical, and practical perspectives to offer the reader the 'big picture' of Russia's engagement with international law ...

A Reference Grammar Of Russian

Author: Alan Timberlake
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139449342
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Alan Timberlake refers to the literature on variation and trends in development, and makes use of contemporary data from the internet. This book will appeal to students, scholars and language professionals interested in Russian.

Logical Aspects Of Computational Linguistics

Author: Philippe de Groote
Publisher: Springer
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Russian is a case in point. Its basic constituent order is Subject- Verb-Object (
SVO), but stylistic inversion yielding Object- Verb-Subject (OVS) constituent order
is often found. Hetzron (1972: 252-3), citing an earlier claim by Roman Jakobson,
claims that in exactly those cases where the sequence of constituents Na V\, Nc
in the clause has a corresponding SVO clause Nc Vb Na that is also grammatical,
so that ambiguity arises between SVO and OVS interpretations of the same string
, ...


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and Fraser, Norman M. (1993). Network morphology: a DATR account of Russian
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