Animal Movement

Author: Mevin B. Hooten
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466582154
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The book serves as a comprehensive reference for the types of statistical models used to study individual-based animal movement.

Animal Movement And Habitat Use In Heterogeneous Landscapes

Author: James D. Forester
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I used field studies and statistical modeling of Global Positioning System (GPS)
biotelemetry data to address how the movement patterns and habitat selection of
female elk vary with landscape characteristics at multiple scales in Yellowstone ...

Statistical Analysis Of Data From Marked Bird Populations

Author: Byron J. T. Morgan
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(2000) has used radio-telemetry data and capture- recapture data to study
movement, but used a different model from our model. Radio-telemetry has been
used extensively to study animal movement in recent years. It would be possible
to ...

Stochastic Foundations In Movement Ecology

Author: Vicenç Méndez
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642390102
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The recent affordability of GPS technology and satellite telemetry has
revolutionised the study of animal movement, allowing to follow individual
animals to remote places at high spatial and temporal resolution. The emergence
of highly resolved massive datasets on animal movement has raised new
questions and challenges to the field, compelling the need for new methods to
analyse and model movement data. It is in this context that the distinct term
movement ecology has emerged ...

Journal Of The American Statistical Association

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Related models based on band recoveries of exploited animals (Brownie,
Anderson, Burnham, and Rob- son 1 985) have been developed and widely
used to analyze band return data on migratory waterfowl and other animals. ...
Biologists began to use radio tags as a method of studying animal movements.
As the technology ... Pollock, Bunck, and Curtis (1989) used and modified the
Kaplan-Meier method widely used in medical applications of survival analysis for
wildlife telemetry.

Linkages In The Landscape

Author: Andrew F. Bennett
Publisher: IUCN
ISBN: 9782831707440
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MovementsofAnimalsThroughLinkages Thepurposeof this chapter is to examine
the useof linkages as pathways for the movement of animals through
inhospitable environments. First ... These examples are based on data ranging
from anecdotal observations through to detailed studies using radiotelemetry. ...
These include experimental studies, inference from statistical models, simulation
studiesandassociatedfielddata, and studies

Spatial Complexity Informatics And Wildlife Conservation

Author: Samuel A. Cushman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9784431877714
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Animal. Movement. Data: GPS. Telemetry,. Autocorrelation. and. the. Need. for.
Path-Level. Analysis. Samuel A. Cushman In the previous chapter we presented
the idea of a multi-layer, multi-scale, spatially referenced data-cube as the
foundation for monitoring and for implementing flexible modeling of ecological
pattern–process relationships in particulate, in context and to integrate these
across large spatial extents at the grain of the strongest linkage between
response and driving ...