Animal Movement

Author: Mevin B. Hooten
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466582154
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The book serves as a comprehensive reference for the types of statistical models used to study individual-based animal movement.

Stochastic Foundations In Movement Ecology

Author: Vicenç Méndez
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642390102
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The recent affordability of GPS technology and satellite telemetry has
revolutionised the study of animal movement, allowing to follow individual
animals to remote places at high spatial and temporal resolution. The emergence
of highly resolved massive datasets on animal movement has raised new
questions and challenges to the field, compelling the need for new methods to
analyse and model movement data. It is in this context that the distinct term
movement ecology has emerged ...

Statistical Analysis Of Data From Marked Bird Populations

Author: Byron J. T. Morgan
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(2000) has used radio-telemetry data and capture- recapture data to study
movement, but used a different model from our model. Radio-telemetry has been
used extensively to study animal movement in recent years. It would be possible
to use capture-recapture or tag-return methods together with radio-telemetry to
study movements within a meta-population system. For the models described
here, the decomposition of transition probabilities into survival and movement
probabilities ...

Spatial Complexity Informatics And Wildlife Conservation

Author: Samuel A. Cushman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9784431877714
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Animal. Movement. Data: GPS. Telemetry,. Autocorrelation. and. the. Need. for.
Path-Level. Analysis. Samuel A. Cushman In the previous chapter we presented
the idea of a multi-layer, multi-scale, spatially referenced data-cube as the
foundation for monitoring and for implementing flexible modeling of ecological
pattern–process relationships in particulate, in context and to integrate these
across large spatial extents at the grain of the strongest linkage between
response and driving ...

Journal Of The American Statistical Association

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Related models based on band recoveries of exploited animals (Brownie,
Anderson, Burnham, and Rob- son 1 985) have been developed and widely
used to analyze band return data on migratory waterfowl and other animals. ...
Biologists began to use radio tags as a method of studying animal movements.
As the technology ... Pollock, Bunck, and Curtis (1989) used and modified the
Kaplan-Meier method widely used in medical applications of survival analysis for
wildlife telemetry.

Mechanistic Home Range Analysis Mpb 43

Author: Paul R. Moorcroft
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 140084973X
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Over the same period that radio telemetry has provided a wealth of information
on the ways in which animals move, interact, and utilize their environment, a
separate mathematical literature on mechanistic models of animal movement has
developed based on the analysis of correlated random walks. These two areas of
research ... to many animal ecologists. As a result, the analysis of empirical home
range data has relied almost exclusively on purely descriptive statistical methods.

Proceedings Of The Biometrics Section

Author: American Statistical Association. Biometrics Section
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American Statistical Association. Biometrics Section ... Most of the estimates
based on telemetry data only have lower precision than the estimates in the
combined model since the information from the resightings of leg bands is
excluded for this model. Estimates from the ... In addition, the combined analysis
indicated a higher failure rate for the radios used in 1993 and also provided an
assessment of the equality of relocation rates for live and dead animals. One
advantage of a joint ...

Fifty Years Of Invasion Ecology

Author: David M. Richardson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444330004
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Research on animal-dispersed plants has progressed from directly observing
animal movement, to tracking the animals with radio-telemetry (see, for example,
Murray 1988; Westcott & Graham 2000; Spiegel & Nathan 2007). ... on global
positioning systems (GPS) have revolutionized the quality, quantity and scale of
animal tracking data in the wild; this, in turn, also improved the input parameters
inserted into models predicting the animal's seed dispersal ability (Campos-
Arceiz et al.

Geographic Information Systems In Fisheries

Author: William Lawrence Fisher
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... 59-60 spatially explicit individual-based models, 120 spatial modeling, 24, 25,
121-122 spatial resolution, 21, 123 spatial scales in offshore marine fisheries,
211 spatial statistics and models, 24-28 Spatial Tools and Animal Movement, 217
spatiotemporal analysis of resources and harvesting fisheries, 226-228
spatiotemporal movement domains in the animal world, 18-19 spatiotemporal
variability, 210-215 species abundance, 66 splines, 60, 89 standardization of
data, 35 statistical ...

Journal Of Mathematical Biology

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Conclusion Any statistical model of the successive locations of an animal induces
a corresponding model of the relative positions of successive locations. The
purpose of this note has been to illustrate ... Although these results are mainly of
theoretical interest, they do convey an important message: it is not possible to
separate the model for locations from the model for relative positions of
successive locations (and ultimately from the model of movements). Most direct
models of animal ...